Fans struggle to find tickets, accommodation for Taylor Swift's Australian shows

Taylor Swift's first Australian show has just got underway at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Thousands of Kiwis have flown over for a chance to see her.

And now the big day is here, issues with tickets and accommodation are making them more anxious, than excited.

After months, weeks, and days, the big night is finally here. 

There are just hours to wait until the biggest pop star on the planet performs the biggest show of her life.

And two young Kiwi girls Newshub spoke with couldn't be more excited.

But as for their aunty, Melissa Mobberly...

"The girls are going, and not yet me!" she told Newshub.

Mobberly had flown to Melbourne from Palmerston North for a seat - in the ticket line.

"We got flights and accommodation last year, not comprehending how hard it might be to get tickets."

Her four relatives all got hold of tickets last year, now she's waiting, hoping, wishing for some last-minute luck.

"Trying to find one more ticket for the Saturday show, anywhere, but just one more ticket," said Mobberly.

But it's not the line you want to be in.

"I'm very excited but I'm very nervous to actually get in the concert at the moment," said Sophie Edgecombe, a Swiftie from Wellington.

There's a problem - Edgecombe can't access her ticket. 

"You can't use an online version, you can't use a scanned PDF [file]. You need to have the app, but the app won't load the ticket," she told Newshub.

At least she has one.