MAFS AU: Two shock intruder weddings including former Home And Away actress lead to 'really bad vibes'

Two shock intruder weddings have shaken up the current season of Married At First Sight Australia, with one bride saying she was "getting really bad vibes" from her new groom.

On the latest episode, which plays in Aotearoa on Three and ThreeNow, Michael - the groom who was left jilted before his wedding had even happened - was finally matched with Stephen.

However, while the pair appeared to share a mutual attraction and electric chemistry, Stephen was shocked to learn from another guest that he had met Michael's "baby mamas" at the reception.

When he asked about it directly, Stephen learned Michael had been a sperm donor for two of his good friends.

"The fact that he's given this gift to his frends so that they can start their family and he's selflessly stepped back and let that unfold, I love that," Stephen said.

"It takes a pretty special person to do that and he ticks a huge, huge box." 

But he was less impressed to learn Michael had previously been matched with Simon in the experiment.

"Instantly I felt sick, I just felt like this is not a genuine match then. This is just a really last-minute slap dash 'you'll do' and that is a huge red flag."

In the episode's second surprise wedding, a former Home and Away actress is married off to a groom who left her feeling "really bad vibes" moments after the nuptials had concluded.

Madeleine Maxwell, who claims to be a psychic medium that can "audibly hear things and get psychic downloads from my guides", was married to Ash Galati. The ceremony was attended by Tori Adams, who on the show married "red flag alpha male" Jack Dunkley.

"I am Madeleine, I am 30, I'm really deep and weird and strange," Madeleine said to her new husband on meeting him, before revealing she was a medium.

Seconds after they had been married, Madeleine confessed: "I'm getting really bad vibes" about Ash before he revealed he thought he had been visited by a ghost the night before the wedding.

"I love that! That's pretty vulnerable for a man to be able to share an experience like that. I feel better now," she said before the two celebrated their union.

Full episodes of the current season of MAFS AU are streaming on ThreeNow and airing on Three at 7pm Sunday-Wednesday.