Odd News

us flag

Child arrested after refusing to stand for US Pledge of Allegiance

The 11yo also told his teacher the flag "is racist and the national anthem is offensive to black people".

Watch: Hordes of spiders covered the sky in Brazil last week.

Tarantula with enormous horn astonishes scientists

As if they weren't scary enough already.

Terrifying fake cats

AI creates cats that don't - and probably shouldn't - exist

It had no problem creating photorealistic human faces, but cats - nope.

Donald Trump speaks at the White House.

Trump complains he'll 'never' get Nobel Peace Prize

He also claims to have saved 3 million lives in Syria.


Japanese man missing for 40 years turns up in North Korea

He's married and living in Pyongyang with his wife and children, it turns out.

The mystery creatures.

Auckland man baffled after finding bizarre 'baby mice'-like creatures

Experts don't know what they are.

The Doncaster and Greensboro UFOs

UFO appears to 'warp' out of existence

A cigar-shaped object can be seen flashing in and out of vision in a new clip uploaded to YouTube.

How did 40 people win Lotto at once?

Kiwi student comes home to carpet covered in cash

They say have no idea how the notes got there.


YouTube won't tell you to watch flat Earth videos anymore

Nor will it recommend videos claiming 9/11 was an inside job.

Watch: A Kiwi living in Australia is urging parents to remove magnets from their fridges after his young son almost died after swallowing 30 of them.

The Jackass stunt involving a venomous fish that almost killed a man

Yes, he was drunk at the time.

sliced up eyeball

Why this woman's eye looks like sliced pizza

It's left optometrists shocked.

What a supermassive black hole might look like, close-up.

Scientists think black hole could be firing beam at Earth

"The radio jet is pointing almost at us."

The moment of impact.

Asteroid smashed into the moon during super blood wolf moon

New Zealand really missed out this time.

Vaccines work, snot-infested tissues probably won't.

You can now buy used tissues loaded with someone else's cold

But why?

Trackside or backside?

Giddy up! Pranksters horse around at Blenheim races with sexual stunt

Punters weren't sure whether to watch the hooves or the roofs.

Masazo Nonaka

World's oldest man dies aged 113

His replacement is also 113.

chocolate everywhere

Truck spills chocolate on highway

"This will be a sweet clean-up," the authorities joked.

The group have made headlines for their antics.

Rowdy tourist claims she was put in cell with armed robber

"I told her what I was in for and she burst out laughing."

Milo's paws were upside-down.

Dog born with upside-down paws

Milo the puppy had a ruff start to life, but he's showing dogged determination.

The horse was stuck for over an hour.

Forklift needed to rescue horse stuck in dumpster

Fire crews couldn't get the animal out by themselves.