Odd News

Donald Trump.

Trump 'just having fun' when he claimed to be the 'chosen one'

It was sarcasm, it was joking, we were all smiling. A question like that is just fake news."

A rolling stone and a Rolling Stone.

Rolling Mars rock named after the Stones

The Rolling Stones' newest member lives on a different planet.

Watch: Aerospace boss linked to NASA believes aliens live on Earth.

Top NASA astronaut accused of world's first space crime

It's alleged she hacked her wife's bank account while on the International Space Station.

Watch: The scooter rider speaks out.

'I had to get home to get my tea ready': Timaru scooter driver speaks out

A video of Charlie Durham leading police on a low-speed chase has gone viral.

A new study has found some people are just born with the right genes.

Practice doesn't always make perfect, study finds

It turns out some people are just born with the right genes.

Watch: The hilarious chase.

Watch: Timaru man on mobility scooter chased by police in hilarious 'pursuit'

"Hope pop hasn't escaped."

It was a bit breezy in Denver, Colorado on Saturday.

Watch: Wind sends dozens of air beds flying in 'giant mattress migration'

"We thought it was absolutely hilarious."


Man's penis turning to bone

On diagnosis, the patient walked out of the hospital and never came back.


Glowing planets our 'best bet' for finding alien life

E.T. might give itslef away by giving its planet a fluorescent glow, scientists say.

Trump "knows a thing or two about buying real estate", Larry Kudlow said.

Trump is serious about buying Greenland, White House official confirms

"The President... knows a thing or two about buying real estate."

Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn suggests Tories let him be UK Prime Minister

Some are considering the odd proposal as a last-ditch resort to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Greenland residents express their shock and confusion.

Sorry, Donald: Greenland is not for sale

He's suggested the US 'buy' the island country.

Joko Widodo explains his expensive request.

Indonesia's President wants capital moved to Borneo

Joko Widodo no longer wants to work in crowded, polluted Jakarta.

The flight cost the airline thousands.

Passenger gets private jet experience after no one else shows up

The flight was estimated to have cost Delta US$30,000.

The offending T-shirt was posted to Chinese social media.

Versace angers China by suggesting Hong Kong is its own country

Donatella Versace says she never meant to "disrespect China's national sovereignty".

spider cam

Spider photobombs NASA meteor camera

Time to welcome Earth's new arachnid overlords?

Don Grundmann at the Modesto City Council meeting.

Laughter at 'Straight Pride' activist's Freudian slip

He was laughed out of the public meeting after perhaps revealing the ugly truth.

Watch: All Black Nehe Milner-Skudder leaves teammates a stinky parting gift.

Council meeting disrupted after fart 'polluted the air'

The speaker demanded someone fetch "vanilla or strawberry" scented air freshener.

Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders vows to reveal truth about aliens

"My wife would demand that I let you know."

Jupiter with a fiery intruder.

Amateur astronomer records explosion on Jupiter

Initial reports said the flash was as big as Earth.