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When used correctly, some Empaths believe their ability can be harnessed into a superpower.

An evening with an Empath 'soul revealer' 3 hours ago

Empaths believe emotions can cross the boundaries of space, entering others' minds in an emotional ram-raid.

The crop circle's all that's left of a 5000-year-old monument.

Crop circle reveals monument older than Stonehenge

A drone has revealed a massive crop circle, but it wasn't aliens who made it.

The coffin is likely more than 2000 years old.

Egypt's mystery sarcophagus opened, revealing surprise find

It released an "unbearable stench".

Odd News

David Farrier's top five Dark Tourist destinations

He's travelled to some of the most extreme places on Earth - these are his favourites.

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Why your earliest memory could be a fake

There's a pretty good chance your earliest memory isn't based on a real event, researchers say.

Jeffrey Jetton poses as Putin atop Wall Street's famous bull statue.

Man dressed as Putin covers iconic NY statue in dildos

A noodle shop owner is claiming credit for the prank.

Watch: 'Big void' found inside Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza.

Huge Egyptian sarcophagus will be opened despite warnings from doomsdayers

Many fear it will unleash a curse.

The Shroud of Turin, and a digitally enhanced image of the face.

Shroud of Turin a medieval fake - study

New tests suggest it wasn't used to cover Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

A man has been sentenced with two counts of animal cruelty

Man who had sex with horse claims it consented

He says it gave permission with a wink.

The KFC tattoos have won a teenager a year's worth of chicken.

'Chicken Queen of Australia' wins a year's worth of KFC

She's been handed the prestigious 'Chicken Cheque'

There's enough energy in one hour of sunshine to power the Earth for a year.

How bacteria might one day power your home

Scientists have found a way to produce electricity with E. coli.


'Bulletproof' charms fail to save shot man

The traditional healer wanted to prove they worked - but they didn't.

The six-metre high Trump Babyballoon.

'Trump Baby' allowed to fly above UK parliament

A blimp over parliament portraying the US President as an orange, snarling baby has been given the go-ahead.

It turns out she'd developed a condition called onychomadesis.

Look what a fish pedicure did to this woman's feet

A New York woman who underwent a trendy 'fish pedicure' had her toenails split in half months later.

Mansplaining ad criticised

Aussie university slammed for 'mansplaining' ad

An Australian university has been criticised for a recent advertisement.

Mysterious tunnels are being excavated in Liverpool.

Mysterious tunnels uncovered below Liverpool

Volunteers have no idea why they were built.

A man clings for his life on car bonnet.

Florida man calls police from speeding car's bonnet

Footage shows him clinging on for dear life.

Zlatko Sikorsky.

Man charged with murder after barrel body manhunt

A 27-hour stand-off took place after the discovery of a teenager's decomposing corpse.

alien ship

Aliens might be stealing stars, astrophysicist claims

Kind of like how Māui caught the sun.

The vision shows Melissa Brunning right at the water's edge as one of the sharks swims in front of her.

Woman dragged into water by a shark admits she made a mistake

The ocean predator grabber her by the finger and pulled her in