Odd News

Typing in a password could soon be a thing of the past.

In five years we'll need 400 different passwords - expert

But few of us will have 400 different pets and mother's maiden names.

Watch: Former Prime Minister Sir John Key's son Max speaks out about online bullying, mental health and suicide.

Priest tells mourning parents their son won't get into heaven

The teenager committed suicide - a mortal sin - the priest said at the funeral.

Watch: Mum of terminally ill boy 'broken' by note left on car in disabled park.

Paramedics called 'a**holes' for blocking man's driveway

He left a note saying they made him late for work.

Vladimir Putin at a St Petersburg meeting with cultural advisers.

Putin launches war on rap music

The Russian leader's called rap a "path to the degradation of the nation".

The tomb is 10 metres long, three metres wide and just under three metres high.

4400-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt

It dates almost as far back as the Great Pyramid, and no one's quite sure what they might find in its depths.

Watch: Duncan Garner bashes Nelson's Māori Santa.

The age kids give up on Santa revealed

A new study's pinpointed the exact age most kids realise they've been lied to their entire lives.

Watch people step out into heavy traffic to get cash money.

Watch: Money spills out of armoured truck on busy highway

Police have issued a desperate plea for people to give the cash back.

Odd News

Man in costume hailed as 'modern robot'

Russian state TV was fooled by the $5500 outfit.

Should Christian traditions be taught in schools?

God didn't have consent to impregnate Mary, professor claims

A Satanic psych professor has sparked anger among Christians.

Watch Simon Bridges accidentally call Paula Bennett 'Paula Benefit'.

Simon Bridges in the lead... for Quote of the Year

He's gaining popularity, but not for his political skills.

Compare 2 Milly's moves with Fortnite.

Rapper sues Fortnite creators over dance move

2 Milly says Epic Games is making money with his dance, the Milly Rock.

The first sounds from an alien world.

Listen to the first sounds ever recorded on another planet

Don't worry - it's not an alien demanding to be taken to our leader.

An Otago University professor says some jobs are safer from being taken over by robots than others.

Amazon robot accident puts 24 in hospital

The robot punctured a can of bear repellent containing concentrated capsaicin.

Watch: The Pope last year spoke out against cellphones.

Satanic statue installed at US state capitol

It appears right next to a Christmas tree and a Jewish menorah.

Charles Neck McDowell

Charles 'Wide Neck' meets his polar opposite

"All necks matter."

A team of international scientists appear to have discovered why hot chips are so tasty.

Fries should come in servings of six, professor claims

He's urging people to give up the fries and opt for a salad instead.

Simon Bridges doesn't want a lady Santa.

Dumped Santa gets his job back

Christmas has come early for a Santa who was sacked after saying only men could portray the character.

A vegan café owner forced to close after refusing to serve dairy is planning to walk the length of the country in protest.

What dogs really think about veganism

"We miss meat, but we love our owners so we need to believe this is what's best for us."

Enough Is Enough says Starbucks has been "attracting paedophiles and sex offenders".

Porn site hits back at Starbucks

And so began the great coffee-porn war of 2018.

Odd News

Atlantis 'found' again, this time in Europe

Find out why this particular discovery has set off one expert's "bullsh*t detector".