Odd News

Watch: Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook has "too much power over speech" and has called for regulators to set some ground rules.

Fight over Facebook post leaves four dead

Police said the offensive post was done by hackers.

It responds to touch, just like real human skin.

'Creepy' human skin phone cover responds to touch

No one asked for this.

Ireland coach Joe Schmidt reacts to his team's defeat to the All Blacks.

Guinness 'officially done with the colour black'

The Irish beer's telling fans to drink Carlsberg instead.

E-6B Mercury.

War plane designed to survive nuclear attack taken out by a bird

The luckless avian did not survive.

Why are people flocking to this old mansion filled with dead animals?

Why are people flocking to this old mansion filled with dead animals?

The Art of Death exhibition is not for the faint of heart.

Some of the things on sale at Banksy's new shop.

How to get your hands on a Banksy for just $20

Can you answer the question, "Why does art matter?"

Watch: The Kaikoura Lights UFOs remain one of New Zealand's biggest mysteries.

Scientists reckon life from Earth might already be on other planets

But it's not humans going boldly where they haven't before.

The house owner says it could cost thousands of dollars to clean up.

Family's basement inundated with animal blood

It's like a scene out of a Stephen King novel.

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'I hate any song by Dave Dobbyn': Kiwis share their unpopular opinions

Kiwis have congregated to dish out their best roasts.

Watch: NZ's Rocket Lab 'leading the whole industry globally', CEO claims.

Going up: Astronomers propose riding an elevator to the moon

The cost of building it would be "within the whim of one particularly motivated billionaire".

Katie Christina Rakich, 27, pleaded guilty to causing hurt to a public servant.

Kiwi woman jailed after biting police officer in Singapore

She got into a drunken fight with her sister - and things got worse from there.

Watch the blob do its thing.

Zoo unveils bizarre living 'blob' with hundreds of sexes

"We don't really know what it is."

Watch: The hilarious exchange was captured by the 9yo's mum.

'10/10 for cleverness': Boy caught cheating on homework with Amazon Alexa

"Alexa is not how you do your homework, Bryce."

Dash cam footage captured the suspected meteorite lighting up the sky.

Suspected meteorite seen shooting over China

It was described as being as bright "as a white pheasant".

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NASA engineer invents physics-breaking new space engine

"If someone says it doesn't work, I'll be the first to say it was worth a shot."

Watch: CBS News report on the ease of climbing Trump's wall.

Eight-year-old girl climbs replica of Trump's border wall

She's shown just how easy it is to get over.

'Fiona' on The AM Show.

Wine reviewer 'Fiona' drowns sorrows after failing to win Auckland mayoralty

Comedian Tom Sainsbury's alter-ego has now set her sights on Parliament.

Darren Hickey.

Wedding venue manager killed by hot fish cake

He went to hospital, but was sent home and told to take paracetamol.

Watch: The baby koala caught a ride on what it thought was its new mum.

Watch: Koala joey mistakes pet dog for its mum

The dog wasn't too convinced by its new furry passenger.

Watch: The Kaikoura Lights UFOs remain one of New Zealand's biggest mysteries.

UFO enthusiasts travel to Thai hilltop for 'Buddhist aliens'

Local believers say they chat with extraterrestrial often.