Odd News

A modern-day ark replica.

Ark owners sue over rain damage

Noah's vessel survived 40 days and nights of rain, but a modern replica might not.

Watch: A mission to Bennu, an asteroid many believe will hit the Earth, is currently underway.

Asteroid with its own moon flies by Earth this weekend

An asteroid zipping by the Earth this weekend is so big, it has its own moon.

Watch: The Project's Jesse Mulligan talks about autism.

Why drinking bleach is a bad idea, according to scientists

It's being sold in New Zealand as a 'cure' for autism and AIDS.

Watch: How would Auckland cope if a volcano blew?

Massive volcano discovered under the sea

A Wellingtonian with a keen eye was the first to spot the evidence.

Chimpanzee Gia cracks open a tortoise.

Chimpanzees are turning on tortoises

They used to coexist peacefully, but now chimps have worked out how to eat them.

Two men put the joint up to the possum's mouth.

Watch: Horrifying moment 'inhumane' men make possum smoke joint

Their actions have been condemned as abuse.

Watch: Farage spoke to Newshub Nation last year.

Farage hides on campaign bus to avoid milkshake protesters

He might not have had a spare suit on hand.

City of Torrington Police Department Jose Simms

Fugitive tells police he'll only hand himself in if he gets 15k 'likes'

Police negotiated a peculiar deal.

Watch: The struggles of raising autistic kids in the provinces.

YouTube cracks down on videos claiming bleach can cure autism

It doesn't, but that hasn't stopped parents giving it to their children.

He was treated by micro-surgeons at Xiangya Hospital.

Man has penis chopped off during night on the town

He woke up with it hanging by "a bit of skin".

space pirate

'Space pirate' threat real, US Senator insists despite mockery

Ted Cruz is angry people are making fun of him.


The kilogram just changed

But don't expect your bathroom scales to show any difference.

Video: The Kaikoura Lights remain one of New Zealand's biggest UFO mysteries.

World's top UFO hunter dies without ever seeing one

But there's no conspiracy - he was 84.


Homeless man sleeping in a dumpster tipped into rubbish truck

His slumber was rudely interrupted.

Joachin B Olsen announced he was advertising his political campaign in a Facebook post.

'You have to be where your voters are': Politician advertises on Pornhub

"There is no limit to how far I will go for the nation."

The hotel where the bodies were found.

Triple-death crossbow mystery baffles German police

Evidence suggests no one else was involved.

Watch Putin's moves.

Putin scores eight goals in ice hockey match

The opposition unsurprisingly showed "little resistance".

Watch: Jacinda Ardern reveals hilarious and touching letters she's received as Prime Minister.

11yo tries and fails to bribe Ardern into funding dragon research

"I wish you all the very best in your quest for telekinesis, telepathy and dragons."

Watch: Teachers don't think they're getting paid enough, let alone having their money paid to other people.

Beneficiary paid teacher's salary by mistake

"It came up on the ATM as a salary. I thought, salary? I don't have a full-time job."

The tune is in a style called gamelan.

Sir David Attenborough - dance music pioneer?

The veteran nature broadcaster is hosting an unusual remix competition.