Odd News

New York architect Kai-Uwe Bergmann on The AM Show.

Floating homes: An answer to both climate change and the housing crisis?

As politicians bicker over efforts to stop rising sea levels, architects are already making contingency plans.

The duo are two of Sesame Street's most iconic characters.

Bert and Ernie 'gay' comments misinterpreted - writer

Mark Saltzman says if Sesame Street gets a gay couple, they should be human - not Muppet.


'Good Hitler' runs for Mayor in Peru

But he's got an opponent named Lennin to overcome first.

East German citizens climb the Berlin wall in November, 1989.

Officials tear down plan to rebuild part of the Berlin Wall

An artist wanted to erect 900 concrete slabs around a Berlin city block and set up visa checkpoints.

The cyst ended up going from her liver down to her bladder.

'Pregnant' woman has huge cyst removed

A woman who looked pregnant, but wasn't, has had a 9kg cyst removed from her stomach.

No one likes mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes help police catch booze thieves

They turned themselves in because they couldn't take the bugs.


Holidaymaker mistakenly tells officials she's a terrorist

She accidentally clicked the box that's "worst of all to click".

Odd News

Perth woman snapped using laptop while driving on freeway

The stretch of road has a speed limit of 100km/h.

A vegan café owner forced to close after refusing to serve dairy is planning to walk the length of the country in protest.

Can you make your dog go vegan?

It is possible, but don't expect Fido to be happy.


Ecstasy works on octopuses too, study finds

Separated by 500 million years of evolution, it turns out we have something in common.

sushi on a plate close up

Athlete downs 100 plates of sushi, banned from buffet

All-you-can-eat only lasts so long.

How did 40 people win Lotto?

The Lotto numbers to avoid to maximise your winnings

Forty people won first division Lotto on Wednesday, taking home a lot less than the usual $1 million.

Lion's manes north of Auckland.

Auckland, are you ready for this jelly?

Dozens of jellyfish have washed ashore on an Auckland beach, but there was one in particular that caught beachgoers' eyes.

The Kaikoura Lights remain one of New Zealand's biggest UFO mysteries.

Observatory shut down by FBI 'did not see aliens'

But Sunspot locals - including the police - still haven't been told what's going on.

One local told CBS News she doesn't mind people using marijuana, but it's "blasphemous" to say it's for religious reasons.

Cannabis worshippers smoke up as their church is raided

Police in California say it's an illegal marijuana dispensary, not a real church.

The book is yet to be distributed to students.

Pro-gay rights textbook stuns California conservatives

The book features a picture of a former Mayor, calling him a "champion for people's rights".

The victims had been at a restaurant when the shooting started.

Mexico gunmen dressed as mariachi musicians flee on motorbikes

The killers blended in with real mariachi musicians in a crowded tourist destination.

voodoo doll

The year's strangest scientific research honoured

Voodoo dolls, chimpanzees and human meat were all subjected to scientific study this year.

The controversial ad campaign has boosted Nike's sales.

Nike hoax fools the internet

A podcaster fooled people into believing he ordered 6500 pairs of shoes, only to have them delivered to a dump.

The dead rat found in the soup.

Dead rat in soup costs Chinese restaurant chain $290m

The pregnant woman was initially offered $1,109 in compensation.