Odd News

The KFC tattoos have won a teenager a year's worth of chicken.

'Chicken Queen of Australia' wins a year's worth of KFC

She's been handed the prestigious 'Chicken Cheque'

There's enough energy in one hour of sunshine to power the Earth for a year.

How bacteria might one day power your home

Scientists have found a way to produce electricity with E. coli.


'Bulletproof' charms fail to save shot man

The traditional healer wanted to prove they worked - but they didn't.

The six-metre high Trump Babyballoon.

'Trump Baby' allowed to fly above UK parliament

A blimp over parliament portraying the US President as an orange, snarling baby has been given the go-ahead.

It turns out she'd developed a condition called onychomadesis.

Look what a fish pedicure did to this woman's feet

A New York woman who underwent a trendy 'fish pedicure' had her toenails split in half months later.

Mansplaining ad criticised

Aussie university slammed for 'mansplaining' ad

An Australian university has been criticised for a recent advertisement.

Mysterious tunnels are being excavated in Liverpool.

Mysterious tunnels uncovered below Liverpool

Volunteers have no idea why they were built.

A man clings for his life on car bonnet.

Florida man calls police from speeding car's bonnet

Footage shows him clinging on for dear life.

Zlatko Sikorsky.

Man charged with murder after barrel body manhunt

A 27-hour stand-off took place after the discovery of a teenager's decomposing corpse.

alien ship

Aliens might be stealing stars, astrophysicist claims

Kind of like how Māui caught the sun.

The vision shows Melissa Brunning right at the water's edge as one of the sharks swims in front of her.

Woman dragged into water by a shark admits she made a mistake

The ocean predator grabber her by the finger and pulled her in

A marijuana user attempts to light an oversized joint during a 420 Day celebration on 'Hippie Hill' in Golden Gate Park.

'Green Saturday' fever hits California

As new marijuana rules come into force, retailers are being forced to sell off non-compliant stock at low prices.

Woman fleeing police falls through ceiling.

Woman fleeing police falls through ceiling

Police got the drop on the bumbling crook.

The poor soul's skeleton was discovered by archaeologists in Pompeii.

Falling rock didn't kill world's unluckiest man, say archaeologists

But the true cause of his death sounds even worse.

Thousands of skulls have been found.

Enormous rack of skulls found in Mexico

The racks, known as tzompantli, shocked even the brutal Spanish conquistadors.

Zuhoor Assiri drives her car in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi men fear carnage now women are allowed to drive

"God help us the first month," one said.

Alice Roberts with her 2.0 double.

Is this the perfect human body?

This is what the human body should look like, according to a new science show.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

White House spokeswoman kicked out of restaurant

The owner refused to serve her because of her boss.

James J Rynerson.

Wife drives her husband - an escaped prisoner - back to jail

He was mistaken for another inmate and allowed to leave - until his wife found out.

The hole - the dark patch in the middle - was inoperable.

Boy burns a hole in his eye with a laser pointer

The damage was so bad, doctors decided against even trying to operate.