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Women's Health

Piers Morgan labels unshaven women 'lazy and revolting'

But the 53-year-old man says the grooming rules don't apply to himself.

Women's Health

Gin Wigmore's 'Girl Gang' soundtrack motivating women to get active

Women often feel out of place when it comes to exercise, a study says.

Women's Health

Chrissy Teigen's vaginal steaming upsets parents

"Too many families watching, honey. Not cute."

Shailene Woodley says young women should be taught how to masturbate.

Shailene Woodley - 'Teach young women to masturbate'

The Divergent star wants to write a book about self-pleasure.

Watch: Hundreds march for women affected by violence after Grace Millane's death.

I choose freedom: On being a young woman who travels alone

Bad things happen to us because we live in a society that ignores it, writes Jihee Junn.

WATCH: Otago researchers have made a surprising discovery which could improve survival rates for people who suffer a heart attack.

Woman's unusual heart attack symptom serves as warning to others

"I never had chest pain. It wasn't what you read in pamphlets."

Wiki and Malcolm Mulholland on The AM Show.

Breast cancer sufferer wants Pharmac inquiry

Wiki Mulholland is a "little shy" of the $77,000 she needs to get access to a life-extending drug.

Women's Health

Young Kiwi women are lowering their voices, and no one really knows why

A new study suggests celebrities are to blame.

Newshub asked all 121 MPs which way they would vote on abortion law reform

Spike in abortions linked to skyrocketing housing costs

Abortion rates for young Aucklanders are rising, but everywhere else they're static.

Watch: 'Drunk' Waikato doctor who abused patient placed on leave.

Drunk doctor botches C-section, killing mother and baby

He asked the police to protect him from the family's retaliation.

Research from Otago University shows Kiwi girls as young as eight are menstruating, and half will get their period before they go to high school.

Labour keen to subsidise sanitary products - report

It comes after a KidsCan survey revealed the reality of period poverty in New Zealand.

Research from Otago University shows Kiwi girls as young as eight are menstruating, and half will get their period before they go to high school.

One in four women can't afford sanitary items - survey

KidsCan CEO Julie Chapman says the results "confirm concerns".

Andrew Little on Newshub Nation.

Andrew Little backs legally unrestricted abortions up to 22 weeks

The Justice Minister is backing the third option recommended by a recent review.

Watch: Calls for sanitary bins in primary schools as 8yos getting periods.

I tried New Zealand's first brand of period proof undies

Two women in Te Atatu have made a dream a bloody reality.


'Alarming' rise in C-sections worldwide - study

Doctors say in many cases the use of the medical procedure is unjustified.

Kylie Matthews and Michelle Wilson.

Kiwi duo invent new undies that help manage periods

They do the work of two tampons.

Watch: Stillbirth risk four times higher if pregnant women sleep on back - study.

Rotorua woman forced to give birth to stillborn child alone

A DHB is now investigating the "absolutely disgusting" incident.

The cyst ended up going from her liver down to her bladder.

'Pregnant' woman has huge cyst removed

A woman who looked pregnant, but wasn't, has had a 9kg cyst removed from her stomach.

This video shows the extent of the world's air pollution.

Fossil fuel pollution: Study shows unborn babies not safe

Soot has been found inside human placentas for the first time.

Women's Health

More FM's Lana reveals how one pill 'almost killed her'

She's taking a leave of absence to undergo a hysterectomy.