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Research from Otago University shows Kiwi girls as young as eight are menstruating, and half will get their period before they go to high school.

Labour keen to subsidise sanitary products - report

It comes after a KidsCan survey revealed the reality of period poverty in New Zealand.

Research from Otago University shows Kiwi girls as young as eight are menstruating, and half will get their period before they go to high school.

One in four women can't afford sanitary items - survey

KidsCan CEO Julie Chapman says the results "confirm concerns".

Andrew Little on Newshub Nation.

Andrew Little backs legally unrestricted abortions up to 22 weeks

The Justice Minister is backing the third option recommended by a recent review.

Watch: Calls for sanitary bins in primary schools as 8yos getting periods.

I tried New Zealand's first brand of period proof undies

Two women in Te Atatu have made a dream a bloody reality.


'Alarming' rise in C-sections worldwide - study

Doctors say in many cases the use of the medical procedure is unjustified.

Kylie Matthews and Michelle Wilson.

Kiwi duo invent new undies that help manage periods

They do the work of two tampons.

Watch: Stillbirth risk four times higher if pregnant women sleep on back - study.

Rotorua woman forced to give birth to stillborn child alone

A DHB is now investigating the "absolutely disgusting" incident.

The cyst ended up going from her liver down to her bladder.

'Pregnant' woman has huge cyst removed

A woman who looked pregnant, but wasn't, has had a 9kg cyst removed from her stomach.

This video shows the extent of the world's air pollution.

Fossil fuel pollution: Study shows unborn babies not safe

Soot has been found inside human placentas for the first time.

Women's Health

More FM's Lana reveals how one pill 'almost killed her'

She's taking a leave of absence to undergo a hysterectomy.

Watch: How to make a living from Instagram.

Not-so-squeaky clean: Why Instagram's 'wellness culture' is a scam

It's time we viewed the restrictive philosophy peddled by 'influencers' as the manipulative crap it is, writes Arie Faber.

Women's Health

Russian watchdog rules small breasts a 'physical defect'

It's prompted outrage.

Dozens of women are believed to have died.

Auckland DHB finally sorry for 'unfortunate experiment'

The apology comes 30 years after Herbert Green's malpractise was exposed.

North Scotland to give away free tampons.

Council in north Scotland to give away free tampons

It's the first local council in Britain to do so.

MP Louisa Wall says making a health case as is the best hope of bringing down the cost of sanitary products for Kiwi women.

Make 'tampon tax' health issue to bring down costs - MP

But Pharmac hasn't been convinced to cheapen women's hygiene products yet.

Kim Goodwin explains her mansplaining flowchart.

How to tell if you're mansplaining from one simple chart

The simple chart differentiates being helpful from being condescending.

Due to the heavier workload, ACC is now asking health providers to let clinical psychology interns and recent graduates counsel assault survivors, rather than leaving it to senior staff.

Sexual violence claims up 88 percent since 2013 - ACC

The #MeToo movement is partly behind rise in reporting, ACC says.

alcohol pregnant

Many Kiwi mums-to-be don't stop drinking - study

Nearly a quarter of Kiwi mothers continue to drink alcohol when they're pregnant, a new study has found.

Women's Health

Supporting beneficiary mums 'best way' to improve lives

Investing in mothers key to addressing child poverty, Genter says.

The benefits go beyond their own personal achievements, to making huge lifestyle changes.

The wāhine workout that's transforming lives

A group of Papakura women are feeling the transformative benefits of a gym class.