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women shopping, on holiday and having sex

Women prefer shopping, holidays to sex

A new study shows most women would rather get away than get it on.

All pregnant women are meant to undergo a blood test to check for the infection early in their term.

Kiwi babies dying from syphilis

Since 2017, there have been four cases of congenital syphilis, including two stillbirths.

The Hui's Mihingarangi Forbes asked a panel of experts whether this milestone is reflective of the achievements of Māori women in 2018.

Is feminism relevant to Māori women?

"It comes with a ready-made package interpreted by another culture. It doesn't work."

18yo Liv Redman missed surgery for suspected endometriosis because of the strike.

Teen patient supporting nurses despite excruciating pain

18yo Liv Redman missed surgery for suspected endometriosis because of the strike.

Jacinda Ardern - Prime Minister and soon-to-be mother.

Ardern is proof women's baby plans aren't an issue - top lawyer

Mai Chen says attitudes towards women in pregnancy are changing.

Watch: A prostate steaming treatment is helping Australian men with an enlarged prostate.

Woman gets vagina built from fish skin

Jucilene Marinho was born without a vagina, cervix, uterus or ovaries.

Mary-Therese Kinsella and Roman Travers went head-to-head on the topic of abortion.

Ex-Catholics go head-to-head on abortion in fiery AM Show debate

"The people who made the vote were able to make the vote because they weren't aborted."

The Irish government has indicated it's likely to change the law by the end of the year.

Abortion debate: 'Progressive' Ireland set to leapfrog NZ

Pro-choice advocates say Catholic-majority Ireland is leaving NZ behind when it comes to updating abortion laws.

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Otago Uni proctor admits removing 2000 copies of 'menstruation' magazine

The editor of Critic originally thought a religious group might've been behind it.

Halsey attends Pre-Grammy Gala and Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Debra Lee at The Beverly Hilton on February 11, 2017 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA.. Photo By Lionel Hahn/ABACAPRESS.COM

Kiwi doctor praises Halsey's openness about endometriosis struggle

The singer-songwriter revealed she had a miscarriage while on stage.

Pink Packets provides young women who can't afford sanitary items with the basics.

'Pink Packets' help young women in period poverty in Marlborough

Socks, toilet paper and tissues have been used as alternative liners.

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Tauranga photographer to document women's trauma in new book

Charmaine Marinkovich wants to remind females going through hard times "they're not alone".

Watch a registered nurse explain why she supports the use of medicinal cannabis.

The endometriosis sufferers turning to cannabis for relief

The condition causes chronic pain, and can go undiagnosed for years.

Portrait of a smiling, pregnant East Indian woman holding her belly

A couple of drinks when you're pregnant really isn't that bad

Pregnant women endure a barrage of advice, but much of the evidence doesn't hold up, writes Maggie Wicks.

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Report slams Twitter's response to online harassment

The '#toxictwitter' report calls out social media giant over response to online abuse of women.

The NZ College of Midwives says the country needs places like Lumsden Maternity Centre.

Midwives fight closure of Southland birthing unit

The NZ College of Midwives says the country needs places like Lumsden Maternity Centre.

Ms Marroquín is released from prison.

Woman released after 14 years in prison for stillbirth

She was a victim of El Salvador's harsh anti-abortion laws.

Research shows women aged 55 and over ranked high in life and job satisfaction and their work-life balance.

Middle-aged women have best work-life balance, research suggests

But younger men and women are struggling.

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Radio stars Sharyn and Bryce Casey share their baby story

They tried for five years before they were able to have a baby.

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Women take to social media to share worst period stories

The tales come as a doctor compares the pain of menstruation to a heart attack.