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Complaints over ad depicting menstrual blood dismissed in Australia

More than 600 complaints were made by viewers.

Mobile Pnone Shopping Online With A Debit Card

Women behind 'Gifting Circle' pyramid scheme warned by Commerce Commission

The group promised "empowerment, wisdom and sisterhood".

The burglary is being investigated by police.

Women's refuge 'shocked and disappointed' after burglary

"We can't work out who would do something like this."

Watch: Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow' video.

Cardi B's practical reason for getting a boob job

It's probably not what you think.

Andrew Little on Newshub Nation.

'Full-term' abortion claims are 'fictional' - Little

He's hit back at claims from abortion opponents that viable babies will be "murdered".

Watch: Christine Rankin on The AM Show.

Full-term abortion 'murder' - Christine Rankin

She believes proposed changes to the abortion law would allow for it.

pot steaming

'Vagina steaming' leaves woman with extreme burns

Doctors are once again being forced to warn against the controversial procedure.

Willie Jackson and Judith Collins on The AM Show.

'Complete rubbish' to have referendum on abortion - Collins

"Tracey Martin got done over on this," the Papakura MP told The AM Show.

Winston Peters denies he's at odds with his colleague Tracey Martin.

Public 'more competent than MPs' on abortion - Peters

Peters says party's founding principle is using referendum on such issues.

Watch: Andrew Little announces the Abortion Legislation Bill.

Opinion: Men shouldn't get to vote on abortion

Time for the male grip on women's anatomy to finally loosen, writes Sophie Bateman.

There is a new ovary graft procedure available.

New surgery offers chance to delay menopause by up to 20 years

"A late menopause does have its risks."

Terry Bellamak on The AM Show.

Pro-choice activists give 'props' to Government's abortion reform

"They've already surpassed every previous Government since Muldoon."

From right to left, sisters Lauren and Renee Simons both have endometriosis but differences in their care has resulted in very different outcomes.

'It's a disgrace': The Kiwi women being ignored by NZ's health system

A brutal condition affects one in 10 women.

When should you talk to your kids about sex?

Why you should be having 'the talk' with your kids

If you're not ready for grandkids yet - get talking.

The example is part of a Victorian education programme for children.

'No thanks, Grandma': Sexual consent course for kids says Grandma's kisses should be consensual

"They can respectfully say 'no thanks Grandma, let's have a hug instead."

Watch Ruwani Perera's report.

How the Mothers Project is helping women behind bars

The Hui meets women helping others get their lives back on track.

Watch: A woman forced to give birth on side of road is among those calling for better rural maternity services

'Deeply concerned': Rural women's group unhappy with Southland maternity reviews

It says something needs to be done before there's a tragedy.

Watch: One gynaecologist says New Zealand women have been "butchered" by the use of surgical mesh.

Surgical mesh victims get to have their say

Forums are being held across the country so affected men and women can participate in restorative justice.

Pensive hispanic mature woman looking through a window

Why we need to talk about menopause

Anxiety, sleeplessness, chin hair - women go through a lot when the ovaries deactivate.

Watch: A woman who gave birth in the back of an ambulance calls for better maternity services.

Lumsden unequipped for latest birth outside hospital, midwife says

A woman didn't make it to Invercargill Hospital in time, and was forced to use the hub.