Christmas comes early for chocolate lovers as Cadbury combines iconic Caramilk and Twirl

If you're obsessed with Caramilk, you'll be stoked with the news Cadbury has combined it with Twirl into one bar.

While it's just in time for Christmas, the combo won't stick about long and is available for a limited time only. In other words, get your backside down to your local dairy when it comes out later this week.

In more good news, the chocolate maker says there are plans to keep on coming up with new treats for its customers.

"Twirl Caramilk does not disappoint," said Will Papesch of Cadbury New Zealand, in a statement Kiwis are sure to hold him to.

The bar will hit grocery stores, dairies and petrol stations across the country later this week.

In a press release, Papesch said Twirl is one of New Zealand's "most loved" chocolate bars.

"We couldn't think of a better flavour combination than pairing it with Caramilk."

Cadbury brought back its Caramilk chocolate to New Zealand and Australia in September and there were some mixed reactions. While most were excited, one Aussie bloke posted a video on social media of himself burning sixteen blocks of it.

In an Instagram post, Bruno Bouchet said he burned the chocolate because "no human deserves the pain of eating it".