Millennials aren't having sex because they're frauds - Mark Richardson

The AM Show sports reader Mark Richardson has blamed social media for millennials having less sex, claiming young people are sex frauds.

The unusual claim came after host Duncan Garner brought up the 'millennial sex recession', research showing millennials, people in their mid-20s and 30s, are having less sex than older generations. 

The research found while millennials have more sexual partners, they are having less sex than their parents. 

"These millennials, they're not having sex like their parents had sex... they're a bit fussy, too busy looking at themselves. They're not in relationships, they're too important for that," Garner said on Monday. 

Richardson had other ideas as to why young people are having less sex, suggesting social media is to blame. 

"Maybe it's the realisation that they take all these booty shots, they photoshop themselves on Facebook, they live off social media and then when it comes to actual physical contact they realise that they are a bunch of frauds and they turn each other off."

Richardson also suggested that perhaps young people don't actually have less sex and just want something to complain about.

"Millennials bitch and moan about everything, maybe they are having normal amounts of sex, but it's just another thing they want to bitch and moan about."

Newsreader Amanda Gillies said regardless of why, if it means young kids aren't having sex, she's okay with it.