US TikTok star shares hilarious video of her matching with her own brother on dating app

The brother and sister said they're "suing" the dating app.
The brother and sister said they're "suing" the dating app. Photo credit: TikTok/@ladyefron.

Any singles heading back to their hometown for the holidays will be able to empathise with this one. 

A TikTok star has shared the awkward moment she was perusing dating app Hinge while at home with her family in Pennsylvania and was notified of a "compatible" match - which turned out to be her own brother, sitting in the very same room. 

In the hilarious video, Brook Averick - who has over 600,000 followers - says she'll be "suing" the dating app for ruining her family holiday. 

"Something I'm most thankful for is my 'most compatible with' on Hinge has been updated. Let me show you, here he is... super cute if you ask me," she narrates, turning the camera to face her brother. 

"And we agreed, and we are already spending Thanksgiving together, and it's going well, let me show you.

"And here he is and the fact of the matter is: this is my brother. And it's for that reason we will be suing Hinge."

Averick's brother then tries to jokingly kiss her on the cheek - something the star doesn't find at all amusing. 

Luckily commenters did see the funny side.

One social media user suggested "Hinge knew it's a pandemic and you gotta stick to the household to be safe." 

"Is Hinge sponsored by Alabama state?" another questioned. 

"I am convinced I am single because I'm an only child," another wrote.