Trainer reveals the perfect addition to your home workout is the dish cloth in your kitchen

With a little creativity, you can have a gym-worthy workout in the comfort of your home.
With a little creativity, you can have a gym-worthy workout in the comfort of your home. Photo credit: Instagram/ @lydiarees.

With Auckland in COVID-19 alert level 3 and the rest of the country in alert level 2 this week, many gyms and fitness studios have been closed, meaning Kiwis seeking an endorphin rush have had to get creative. 

But one UK trainer has shown you don't need fancy equipment, yoga mats and weights to work out at home - instead, one of the best tools for getting a sweat on is probably sitting in your kitchen. 

Fitness trainer Lydia Rees recently posted a video to Instagram of her "dish towel workout".

Rees showed that if you have a hard floor, using a dish towel or two can turn a basic workout into an extra toning and challenging one. 

She posted a video of herself performing a range of exercises with the homemade sliders, including lunges, glute bridges and knee tucks. 

"Mix up a few of these towel exercises to create a full-body workout or add your favourites into your regular workout routines!" she captioned the post. 

Not only are the exercises said to be great for toning muscles, they create a soft surface that's apartment friendly, meaning neighbours don't hear lots of banging and jumping. 

Rees told The Sun dish towels "are a simple, convenient, and NO-cost way to stay in shape from the comfort of your own home". 

"We have all seen the expensive sliders you can buy and heard the wonders they can do for your core strength," she said. "You can use dishcloths and tea towels in the same way! As well as drying the dishes!"

Alternatively, if you have carpet, Rees says you can perform the same exercises with paper plates to give the same sliding effect. 

New Zealand trainer Kirsty Godso posted a similar lockdown-appropriate workout on her Instagram, showing how leg exercises can be done wearing socks on hard surfaces in the kitchen and living area.