Internet split over bride begging for someone to attend wedding as friend's date

Man taking stranger to friend's weddign
Is this rude or thoughtful? Photo credit: Getty.

A bride has been slammed for her social media post seeking a date for her fiance's friend for their wedding. 

Posting in Facebook group '2022 Brides', the woman wrote that she was taking a break from wedding planning to "play matchmaker".

"Does anyone have any single girl friends in the [New Jersey] area?" she writes in the post. 

"Our friend needs a date for our wedding. He is really my fiance's friend but he is super nice and hilarious!

"He is 31, has a job and a side job and his own house! He also has an adorable lab who he cares for so much it's adorable!"

The woman added that their friend "has been having such bad luck finding girls and we feel bad for him!"

Internet split over bride begging for someone to attend wedding as friend's date
Photo credit: Reddit.

"Let me know if anyone is interested," she finished the post, along with the 'crying-laughing' emoji. 

The post was screenshotted, presumably by a fellow bride, and posted into a Reddit's wedding-shaming forum, under the heading 'Foul friends'.  

The 'matchmaking' bride also included photos of their unlucky-in-love friend, but they were blurred out for the Reddit post. 

Most commenters thought the post was the move of a terrible friend, calling it "disgusting", "embarrassing" and "completely f**ked up" 

"I'm perpetually single, and if someone did this to me, I'd be beyond humiliated," commented one person. 

"I get it. I'm single and I can't find anyone to love me. No need to broadcast it all over the f**king internet," agreed another. 

"I find the 'must have date' thing SO confusing. Why do you want a random stranger at your wedding?" another questioned. 

But others pointed out it might lead to a good result for the friend, with one woman revealing she was approached by a stranger once in town, asking her to be his date to a friend's wedding. 

"The next day I showed up in a nice dress and got free steak and wine. Not a bad gig," she revealed.