Man claims wife hacked his Facebook to fire co-worker after argument

She took matters into her own hands, in the most bizarre way possible.
She took matters into her own hands, in the most bizarre way possible. Photo credit: Getty.

A man has turned to the internet for advice after his wife bizarrely took matters with his job into her own hands, allegedly firing one of the staff at the restaurant he works at.

Posting in popular 'Am I the Asshole?' sub-Reddit, the husband asked if he was in the wrong for "blowing up" at his wife after explaining he had been working at a family friend's restaurant since 2016. 

He had recently been getting more responsibilities like "overseeing day to day operations, handling customers complaints, providing service, managing shifts and putting together schedules and so on". 

He was not the manager, he made clear, but had some "limited authority". 

But his wife, who he called his "biggest supporter", went on to tell everyone that her husband is now the manager of his workplace. 

"[She] even posted about it on social media but I told her to take it down immediately."

She's then said to have taken things a step further, showing up at the restaurant with five other friends and ordering a table full of dishes.

"Then she embarrassed the waitress by refusing to pay, telling everyone that she's the wife of the manager and she shouldn't pay," the man said.

The wife apparently got into an argument with another waitress, before heading home.

Two hours later, the man said he got a call from the waitress wanting to know why she had just been fired.

"I was shocked... I had no clue. She showed me the message that was sent from my Facebook but I swore I didn't do it," Rob said.

"It turned out my wife sent the message on my behalf and 'fired' the waitress claiming her behaviour was rude and unprofessional."

The man said he was "livid" and "blew up" at his wife. 

"I got berated by the manager after he found out and I begged and explained that it was a mistake, a misunderstanding and was able to give an alibi as to when this message was sent. Thankfully he was patient and graceful."

The post has racked up over 600 comments from shocked Reddit users, most of whom were quick to assure the man he was completely in the right to yell at his wife.

"I'm sorry to say this, man, but your wife didn't just cross the line, she sprinted across while cackling,"' one person wrote. "Even if you had management authority, your wife does not and she had no right, even if the waitress had spit in her face at the restaurant, to act in your name."

"I wouldn't even give her a severance package," another said

"Seriously. What the hell is wrong with her? Sounds like something a child would do," another wrote.

But the story gets worse - the man added he had since received an angry phone call from his in-laws demanding to know why he was so angry at Stacey.

"After they insisted I mishandled this argument I just stopped talking to them," Rob added.

"I'm now required to visit soon as possible and bring flowers and apologise to my wife for yelling but I haven't done anything yet."