TikTok trick shows how putting tinfoil in your dishwasher will 'clean and polish' silverware

sparkling cutlery through tiktok hack
The incredible easy hack will reportedly leave your cutlery looking brand new. Photo credit: Getty.

If you're looking for tips and tricks to make home life easier, TikTok is a great place to find them. 

Over the last year it's been a mine for cleaning hacks including easily cleaning the microwave without scrubbing and hanging a whole basket of laundry without having to bend down. 

Now one Aussie mum has shared a trick for leaving your silverware sparkling at the end of your wash, using something you probably already have sitting in the kitchen.

"This dishwasher hack will leave your silverware sparkling," Carolina Mccauley captioned a recent video on TikTok.

Showing some spoons that had become tarnished over time, she then showed her incredibly easy solution: Rolling up a ball of tinfoil and throwing it in the cutlery holder. 

You then just then put the cycle on, wash the load as usual and the cutlery will come out sparkling like new. 

The video has now been viewed almost 180,000 times with people promising to try the easy hack out. 

But how does it work?

According to 9 News, the foil itself doesn't do anything to enhance the cleaning, instead it's a chemical reaction from the foil and a dishwasher tablet that does the hard work.

"Aluminium foil can be used to remove rust, polish and bring back the shine of chrome," the article reads.