Podcast sparks online debate over whether to wear underwear beneath gym leggings

Composite: Khloe Kardashian Instagram selfie in workout clothes, inset photo of podcast host Steph Claire Smith grimacing
"Do you wear undies with your workout gear?" Photo credit: @khloekardashian / Instagram, @kicpod / Instagram

The internet is home to many a debate, from whether it's acceptable for toddlers to swear to relationship rules - even how to shower correctly has prompted a parley or two. The latest topic up for contestation? Whether or not one should be wearing underwear beneath their workout gear. 

The debate was initially prompted after Australian fitness influencers Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw brought up the topic on the most recent episode of their joint podcast, Keep It Cleaner. 

"Do you wear undies with your workout gear?" Henshaw, 30, asked Smith in a clip from the podcast, which was later shared to Instagram.

''Yes! I had to ask you this too, I know people who don't. Wait - are you about to tell me you don't?" the 29-year-old replied.

"I would get thrush [if I didn't]," Henshaw responded matter-of-factly. 

"I agree, thank you - I don't understand how that's possible," Smith continued. "Like - no."

Turning the question to their listeners, Henshaw spoke into the mic: "How many of you wear underwear with your leggings and if you don't, how do you? I have dreams about forgetting to wear underwear - nightmares."

"If it's a look thing, like you don't want the lining of your undies [visible], is it because you haven't found the right seamless [pair], or do you actually find it more comfortable not wearing underwear?" Smith weighed in. "That's what I'm not sure about."

"Imagine jeans," her co-star added, prompting the two to burst into giggles.

It didn't take long for fans of the podcast to start sharing their two cents in the comments, although the verdict on going bare down there was ultimately split. 

"Undie-free since 2017! Soooo much more comfy than having a constant wedgie! I don't wear them in everyday life either (skirts and dresses if above the knee, yes)," one said, with a second adding: "It's both the look and the comfort - and I'll add in less laundry too."

Content creator Paige Kennedy was strongly against camp commando, writing: "I couldn't even imagine not wearing them - I can understand people that say they're more comfy etc, BUT what about the hygiene? I can't imagine."

"Leggings nowadays are so seamless that I don't need to wear undies. It helps with getting wedgies or fixing undies mid-run (hate doing that)," another pitched in, with one argued: "Undies all the way! I'm a runner and get very sweaty, plus the undies stop the seam of my tights rolling up my butt or bits."

Australian athlete and Olympic finalist Genevieve Gregson noted that underwear are "made for this reason", while model and influencer Ellie Gonsalves piped up that she was firmly team bare-butt  - thanks to a certain famous reality star. 

"I don't! So much more comfortable, no lines under my pants… @khloekardashian told me to do it so I did and I haven't looked back," she said.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian supposedly works out sans underwear. Photo credit: Instagram

According to several medical experts who have spoken on the topic over the years, it's perfectly acceptable (and safe) to go commando under your leggings, with many options on the market already featuring built-in liners. If you prefer to wear undies, a breathable, absorbent cotton pair is your best bet.

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