New app lets you get rid of your unwanted Xmas gifts for free

  • 03/01/2019

Post-Christmas, thousands of people are downloading a new app that lets you sell second-hand goods within New Zealand - for free.

The AllGoods app is struggling to keep up with demand, with five times more growth compared with two months earlier.

Chief executive Levi Fawcett says it has a simple interface.

"You take a photo of what you want to sell, add a price and description and you list it, and it goes onto the marketplace for people nearby to look at."

The app launched in October, and by November had hit the top trending spot in the Google Play Store. It currently has a 4.8-star rating.

Mr Fawcett says they only allow New Zealanders so shipping times can be quick.

"We only allow Kiwi sellers so anything on the site can be shipped really fast. We have a 24- or 48-hour timeframe that stores have to ship things."

Mr Fawcett says it makes for a more tailored experience.

"We've got almost five times more growth than we had eight weeks ago. We're getting 3000, 4000 downloads a week."

When Mr Fawcett spoke to Newshub in March when AllGoods launched, they were only getting 15 or 20 people a day using the site, which is free to use.

"We've got pages and pages of feedback from our users saying this is better than Trade Me in every way," he said at the time.