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Watch: Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell says those with money in KiwiSaver shouldn't "mess" with their accounts.

Government gatekeeper shocked over skyrocketing KiwiSaver fees

Management fees have gone up 13.5 percent in the past year.

Frances Cook spoke to The Project.

Is your money situation a financial mess?

Whatever your situation, it's easy to get in a financial funk.


GST cuts 'certainly not something' on Government's agenda - Grant Robertson

The Finance Minister says any decisions about tax cuts will be made next year.

The Salvation Army and the Manukau Ward Councillor have issued warnings about the seminars.

Kiwis warned to 'stay away' from SkyWay Invest seminars

"We advise people not to hand over their money."

Mobile Pnone Shopping Online With A Debit Card

'Tidal wave' of scams hitting NZ

Scammers are not just targeting the elderly - those aged 35 to 44 are also in their sights.

Watch: Simon Bridges and Grant Robertson respond to proposed "fiscal watchdog".

Bridges reveals why he doesn't support 'fiscal watchdog'

Grant Robertson said he's "hugely disappointed" in Simon Bridges' view.

Low OCR means low interest rates, which means now is an ideal opportunity to review spending and channel extra savings into paying off debt.

How small cuts in frivolous spending get you ahead much faster

Here's how you can stick to a budget and achieve your financial goals.

What would happen if interest rates were zero or negative?

What would happen if interest rates fell to zero or negative?

People should re-calibrate to the new normal of low interest rates, says an expert.


The secret to getting a bank loan

How to make yourself more attractive to banks.

Mortgage rates are already at record lows and banks are moving quickly to cut them even further.

Elderly expected to be hit by OCR cut

The financial situation of some retirees could change dramatically.

Credit Cards

House-hold debt may be higher now than during GFC - expert

Sam Stubbs cautions against overspending in an environment of lower interest rates.

Watch: National's Paul Goldsmith questions the Finance Minister in Parliament about dropping business confidence.

Economist warns firms 'expecting to cut jobs' as confidence drops

The Finance Minister insists global conditions are having an effect on New Zealand.

"It was very sad".

'I'm really upset': Linwood business owners knock Government's sudden U-turn

The offer for support comes too late for many.

Are you in the market for a new home?

What $750K buys you around the country

Here are some unconventional housing options.


Top five money traps and how to avoid them

“Banks and other lenders are not unlike drug dealers.”

Pretty Penny advertises a 1 percent daily interest rate.

'It is shocking': Pretty Penny Loans under investigation

Community Law says desperate people do desperate things.


'Preying on the vulnerable': Moola accused of irresponsible lending practises

It's angered the Commerce Commission - and ordinary Kiwis.

Watch: Simplicity managing founder Sam Stubbs spoke to The AM Show about the Reserve Bank's proposal.

Reserve Bank proposal would hit mortgages, academic warns

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says it's about "striking a balance".

Paul Goldsmith on The AM Show.

National's new Finance spokesperson wants to cut costs for families

Cutting regulation and repealing taxes are on the table.

Watch Simon Bridges' full press conference with Paul Goldsmith.

National reshuffle: Paul Goldsmith gets Finance portfolio

New portfolios have been announced for a number of MPs, including National's newest.

Watch: A Newshub report on the incident.

Financial bosses on watch after Hisco's shock departure - expert

It was revealed the ANZ CEO wrote off personal expenses on the business.

National leader Simon Bridges says Makhlouf's position is "untenable".

Gabriel Makhlouf's next job at Ireland's top bank under threat

"We need to make sure that someone in the highest position in the Central Bank has proper judgement."


Why couldn't $25m be spent on Kiwi women battling breast cancer?

It's insensitive, mean and hopelessly out of touch, says Duncan Garner.


State Services Commissioner considering allegations Treasury Secretary misled Finance Minister

Misleading a minister is a serious offence.


National's Budget drops could be Govt's greatest crisis

A witch-hunt is underway at Treasury to find out who's responsible.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and National's drug reform spokesperson spoke to The AM Show about the recreational cannabis referendum.

Should you buy into New Zealand's first weed IPO?

Investors could make a lot of money - or lose it all.

Watch the Finance Minister's full speech.

As it happened: Finance Minister delivers pre-Budget speech

The Government will deliver Budget 2019 at the end of this month.

Watch: How did one Lotto draw end up split 40 ways?

24yo American man wins massive NZ$1.1 billion Lotto jackpot

He's already quit his job, and says he wants to help the world.

The Finance Minister defended extending the chair of the Tax Working Group's contract.

Robertson defends extending Cullen's '$1k-a-day' contract

David Seymour says the expense to the taxpayer is "outrageous".

The Prime Minister and National leader debated the Tax Working Group's recommendations.

Watch: PM and Bridges in fiery debate over Māori CGT exemptions

"I question the motivation behind this line of questioning."