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Tax calculator.

Woman sentenced to house arrest after claiming over $66k in false refunds

"She was trying to get money she knew she wasn't entitled to."

Netsafe chief executive Martin Cocker talks about how to protect yourself from scams.

Kiwis warned about 'convincing' email scam

More than 900 reports of the hoax have been received.

Watch: The ACT Party's rolled out its new policy platform.

Tax overpayments show IRD 'taking advantage' of Kiwis - Seymour

The department is refusing to hand it the money it took back.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern ruled out a capital gains tax.

IRD says 950,000 Kiwis paid too much tax, won't get it back

But the 550,000 who underpaid tax will have to pay it back.

Watch: Grant Robertson reveals the Wellbeing Budget.

Government's tax-take billions of dollars above forecast

Treasury is putting it down to a transition to a new Inland Revenue system.

Watch: Auckland woman mistakenly paid $12 million by Inland Revenue

Woman paid $12 million by IRD regains access to accounts

Taihia thought the $12 million was the $12,000 she was expecting.

The IRD made two blunders this week, now sending letters to infants in regards to their 'earnings'.

IRD apologises after sending letters to infants wanting to review 'their earnings'

The botch-up comes as the IRD is trying to simplify the tax system.

Savana Taihia says IRD has frozen her account after the payout.

Woman mistakenly paid $12 million by IRD

She says IRD has frozen her account after the payout.

The full story by Mike-Wesley Smith on Newshub Nation.

Pregnant by rape and forced to pay child support

The harrowing story of a young woman retraumatised for nearly a decade.

Inland Revenue

Inland Revenue closes for a week to instigate $1.6b upgrade

Tax refunds will soon be automatic and online.

Watch: A The AM Show report on the previous method of getting a refund, which still applies for all previous tax years.

Why your tax refund will be different for 2019

The IRD is getting ready for a busy financial year.

Eric Watson last year

Judge rules Eric Watson must pay $51.1 million in back taxes

He could also owe interest and costs of $60m.

A report on previous scams.

IRD scammers asking for iTunes gift cards

They're telling targets there's a warrant out for their arrest.

Jacinda Ardern speaks to The AM Show.

Digital services tax 'right thing to do' - Ardern

"We need a tax system that's fair."

Calculating numbers for income tax return with pen and calculator

Businessman served home detention for unpaid taxes

Hayden Jones didn't hand over $381,325 in PAYE deductions.

Refunds will be sent out automatically.

IRD touts 'biggest tax change in 20 years'

Refunds will be sent out automatically.

Inland Revenue

Inland Revenue workers to strike - again

Close to 3000 workers will down calculators.

Inland Revenue

IRD warns of sophisticated email scam

They have had about 700 notifications about the scam.

The Inland Revenue logo.

Thousands of Government staff prepare to strike on Monday

The Public Service Association said people will see delays due to the strike.


Strike on the cards after 'bizarre' pay offer

More than 4000 MBIE and Inland Revenue workers will walk off the job next month.

Inland Revenue

New 'IRD' phone scam threatens victims with police action

Police are warning Kiwis to ignore the calls.

Libor Lasek, 47, was sentenced on 44 charges relating to building service companies.

Chch builder jailed for stealing $1.5m in employee tax

All five of the companies he involved in the offending are now in liquidation.

IRD restructure could affect up to 4000 staff, says union

They have serious concerns for thousands of staff working for Inland Revenue

money new zealand ird inland revenue charity donations

Donated to charity? IRD could owe you money

If the money is unclaimed, it goes into the Government coffers.

New Zealand money (AAP)

Two men as wealthy as 30 percent of Kiwis

Oxfam says big businesses and the "extremely wealthy" are driving inequality.

Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce

Australia-based Kiwis target of student loan crackdown

Kiwis living across the ditch who are defaulting on student loan repayments are being warned to pay up or expect a knock on the door by debt collectors.

Steven Joyce (file)

Joyce to students: Time to pay up

Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce says for every dollar the Government spends chasing down student loan defaulters, it gets back $15.

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Shewan report on foreign trusts wins over sceptics

Tax lecturer Deborah Russell says a review of NZ's foreign trust rules has delivered "exactly the outcome we needed" to fix our damaged reputation.

New Zealand's reputation is at risk from the Panama Papers revelations (Getty)

Opinion: Panama Papers a flop

If we are allowing some people to avoid paying tax in their country then that's a tax haven, isn't it? But has the sky fallen in here? Nope.

Prime Minister John Key (Getty)

Key doesn't hold a grudge against lawyer

John Key has revealed he met his longstanding lawyer Ken Whitney at antenatal classes more than 20 years ago.