Money guru David Boyle spoke to Duncan Garner about the insurance industry.

Govt targets banks, insurers in major financial services crackdown

They'll be forced to "treat their customers fairly" - or else.

Coastal Wellington

Flood risk has to be factored into premiums for coastal homes - insurer

Climate change is making the Kiwi dream of having a sea view less attractive.

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Former NFL player trashes own restaurants in fake 'hate crime'

Edawn Coughman has since bonded out of jail.

Contents insurance covers careless damage and damage to others' property

Tenants need contents insurance following new law change - industry expert

How contents insurance covers tenants for careless damage, include damage to others' property

A claim form

Kiwis encouraged to dob in insurance fraud via hotline

"It's not a victimless crime; the victims of the crime are every other policy holder."


Experts' climate change warning to laidback Kiwi homeowners

Shorter mortgages and higher premiums could come a lot sooner than sea level rises.

Thousands of Kiwis potentially affected by protests in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong protests: Will travel insurance cover disrupted plans?

If you haven't booked insurance yet, it may be too late.

The payout threshold has increased by $50,000.

EQC levy jumps by $60 per year

It will pay for a $50,000 increase to the cap for homes damaged by a natural disaster.

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Australian woman charged $2600 after breaking nail in Hawaii

After paying one bill upfront, she kept receiving charges.

Just 8 percent thought they were getting a fair deal.

Most New Zealanders don't trust insurance companies - survey

Just 8 percent thought they were getting a fair deal.

The payout threshold will increase by $50,000 next month.

Former Earthquake Commission head says EQC caps should increase to $400,000

The payout threshold is set to increase by $50,000 next month.

A modern-day ark replica.

Ark owners sue over rain damage

Noah's vessel survived 40 days and nights of rain, but a modern replica might not.

Thompson and Clark came under scrutiny in December.

Investigators didn't break law recording earthquake victims' meeting - police

Police say the meetings weren't private as defined by law.

Insurance companies are hiking prices due to the earthquake risk.

Wellington apartment owners abandoning insurance as premiums spike

Companies are hiking prices due to the earthquake risk.

Kris Faafoi on Newshub Nation.

'Soft' banking and insurance sales commissions to be banned

The Govt wants them to stop up-selling customers products and services they don't need.

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How Easter can cost dog owners dearly

It's not just chocolate you have to keep your pooch away from.


Aussie with severe spasms 'not disabled enough' for benefit

"I just cried for two days... I don't want to go out in public like this."


IAG not withdrawing from Wellington market

However it's 'changing its approach' to insurance after feedback.

A poll last year found most New Zealanders take climate change seriously.

The devastating cost of climate change revealed

A new report highlights the "sheer magnitude of devastation" sea level rises can cause.

Money guru David Boyle spoke to Duncan Garner about the insurance industry.

Govt vows harsher life insurance regulation after damning report

They're promising strong penalties for breaching duties.


Family's 'shattered heart' after young Aussie dad's 'accidental' Bali death

Chris Taylor's family are now crowdfunding to bring his body home.

Gerry Brownlee on RadioLIVE.

'Spying' isn't what Southern Response did - Gerry Brownlee

He says it's the "wrong" term.

HANMER SPRINGS, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 14: Large cracks are seen on Highway 7 following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on November 14, 2016 near Hanmer Springs, New Zealand. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck 20km south-east of Hanmer Springs at 12.02am and triggered tsunami warnings for many coastal areas. (Photo by Matias Delacroix/Getty Images)

Exclusive: Inquiry finds private spies snooped on quake victims

A Newshub probe revealed multiple private meetings of insurance claimants were infiltrated.


Extreme weather: Insurers stung by second-highest claims since 1969

Either we invest in change now, or wait for climate change to send us the bill.


Dame Silvia Cartwright to head inquiry into EQC's claim handling

The inquiry will have the full powers of a Royal Commission.


Abby Hartley's family to donate leftover Givealittle funds

They're now trying to get back to 'normality', saying "it's what mum would've wanted".

The tragic case of the Kiwi mum dying in Bali has other people worried.

Abby Hartley case causes spike in customers discussing pre-existing conditions with insurers

The tragic case of the Kiwi mum dying in Bali has other people worried.

The fine print is there for a reason.

How to avoid travel insurance traps

The fine print is there for a reason.

Bridges says last week he was contacted by "concerned New Zealanders" with deep pockets.

Simon Bridges says he's arranged for Abby Hartley to come home

He was contacted by "concerned New Zealanders".

A smoke alarm with smoke surrounding it.

Concerns over lack of fire safety in tall buildings

The Insurance Council says alterations could make buildings more unsafe.