Revealed: The top ten most investable vinyls world-wide

Revealed: The top 10 most investable vinyls world-wide

Which vinyls are most likely to hold their value?

Watch: Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell says those with money in KiwiSaver shouldn't "mess" with their accounts.

Government gatekeeper shocked over skyrocketing KiwiSaver fees

Management fees have gone up 13.5 percent in the past year.

Bonus Bonds : what are  your chances of winning?

Bonus Bonds: What are your chances?

How does the chance of winning Bonus Bonds compare with Lotto Powerball?

NZ recession 10-15 percent likely within next year - experts

NZ recession 10-15 percent likely within next year - experts

Overall, things are still in pretty good shape.

Options for investing

What are your options for investing a bucket of cash

Balancing risk and return in a low-interest environment

Christina Leung, Chris Tennent-Brown, Judith Collins and Willie Jackson on The AM Show.

Why the inverted yield curve doesn't mean NZ is headed for recession

Kiwi investors have nothing to fear from the ominous sign, experts say.

What would happen if interest rates were zero or negative?

What would happen if interest rates fell to zero or negative?

People should re-calibrate to the new normal of low interest rates, says an expert.

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell says those with money in KiwiSaver shouldn't "mess" with their accounts.

How to stop your Kiwisaver investing in weapons, gambling and alcohol

You don't need to sacrifice returns for ethics.

Watch: All-time high rental prices push families to breaking point.

Landlord group backs tenant who won carpet fight

Her refused to return a tenant's bond unless she paid for carpet cleaning.

Watch: Finance Minister Grant Robertson announces the Wellbeing Budget

More than $1b for mental health 'massive step forward'

The Government is investing $1.9b in improving mental health services.

Watch: Economist Cameron Bagrie speaks to The AM Show about the April figures.

House sales to foreign buyers dry up

Sales went down more than 80 percent in the March quarter compared to 2018.

Cameron Bagrie on The AM Show.

Why NZ can't borrow and spend to fix the housing shortage

That's despite record-low borrowing costs.

Andrew King on The AM Show talking about letting fees.

We'll back the CGT if it applies to family homes - property investors

"It would be fair - it would be across everybody."

Simon Bridges on The AM Show.

Bridges won't commit to rolling back 'brightline' CGT

But he wants to stop the "unfairnesses" he says the Tax Working Group's recommendations will introduce.

Sir Michael Cullen, Judith Collins, Kris Faafoi and Christina Leung on The AM Show.

'They are going to make Simon Bridges the Prime Minister'

Judith Collins has issued the Government a stern warning on capital gains taxes.


Taranaki cannabis company raises $1.3m in crowdfund campaign

Greenfern Medical Marijuana is selling its shares for $1 each.

Restrictions were also eased in January 2018.

LVR restrictions eased for both low-deposit buyers and investors

It's now easier for first-home buyers to get a bank a loan - but investors have been thrown a bone too.


Investor confidence up, but probably not for long - ASB

Twenty-three percent of respondents still view their homes as the best investment.

350 Aotearoa breaks down just what it means if our banks are funding the fossil industry.

Is your bank funding the fossil fuel industry?

Australian-owned banks in New Zealand have loaned the industry more than NZ$21 billion.

KiwiBuild homes can now be flipped for capital gain inside the first three years.

Property investors back KiwiBuild house-flipping flip-flop

They're thrilled the Government has eased penalties on selling KiwiBuild homes quickly.


Anglican head branded hypocrite for Amazon comments

The church has also been criticised for other companies it invests in.

The Overseas Investment Amendment Bill as passed into law on Wednesday night.

Banning foreign buyers is a 'point of principle' - Parker

The Trade Minister has admitted he has no idea what effect on house prices the foreign buyer ban will have.


Could kiwifruit growers switch to cannabis?

A Kiwi start-up reckons they can make way more money.


Is NZ missing out on a digital gold rush?

The $200b global industry is a "literally unlimited economic opportunity", says Green MP Gareth Hughes.

Debbie Roberts of Property Apprentice says while long-term capital growth is always going to be better in the main centres, the regions offer their own benefits.

How investing outside of Auckland can turn into a 'nightmare'

A property expert reveals the towns to avoid.

CEO Brooke Roberts says you can get your money out within two to five working days.

New platform makes investing accessible to the everyday Kiwi

The minimum buy-in is just $5.

David Ross.

Ponzi victim wants bigger share of the pie

Barry Prince wants those who withdrew early to get less money because they had a financial advantage.

Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett says bitcoin will 'come to a bad end'

The world's second-richest man thinks it's a giant bubble.


Homeless man stands in rain for hours to guard stranger's cash

James John McGeown is about to be hugely rewarded for his efforts.


Poll: Are you considering alternative investment options due to the housing crisis?

Vote in The AM Show poll.