Watch: Paula Bennett blasted proposed penalties on high-emissions vehicles, claiming they're just another tax on hard-working Kiwis.

Former NZ First candidate labels proposed car tax 'bloody stupid'

New Zealand First says the view doesn't reflect the position of the party.


Tax set to hit Kiwis’ prized possessions - our SUVs

Farmer Bob's Ford Ranger will be hit, while latte-sipping Fabio from Ponsonby with his VW Golf Electric will get a discount, writes Ryan Bridge.

Watch: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern promised no more fuel taxes while she's Prime Minister.

Hamilton still wants regional fuel tax by 2020

But the Prime Minister has ruled out extending it beyond Auckland.

Nigel Murray spent more than $120,000 on travel accommodation.

Former Waikato DHB boss won't face criminal charges

He was criticised last year for overspending taxpayers' money.

Watch: National's Simon Bridges refuses to say he will overturn new petrol tax increase.

Fuel tax hike: How much it might cost you

It might be less than you think. Or perhaps more.


Congestion is getting worse as Aucklanders continue to pay more tax

Cancelled roading projects and band-aid solutions - Aucklanders are being mugged, writes Duncan Garner.

Monday's legislation amendments could impact you directly.

What Monday's law amendments mean for you

Almost everyone nationwide will be affected by tomorrow's sweeping law changes.

Jacinda Ardern on Newshub Nation.

Ardern still wants a capital gains tax, despite ruling it out forever

"Did I believe in it? Yes. Still do."

Watch: The ACT Party's rolled out its new policy platform.

Tax overpayments show IRD 'taking advantage' of Kiwis - Seymour

The department is refusing to hand it the money it took back.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern ruled out a capital gains tax.

IRD says 950,000 Kiwis paid too much tax, won't get it back

But the 550,000 who underpaid tax will have to pay it back.

When sugary drinks are made more expensive, or sugar-free alternatives made cheaper, sales fall.

What stops kids drinking sugary drinks and what doesn't

The Government is being urged to ditch its refusal to implement a sugar tax.

Watch: Magic Talk's Ryan Bridge speaks to Organise Aotearoa's Justine Sachs.

'Tax the rich' advocate grilled over what defines a wealthy person

"I'm not a novice - I've researched this."

Donald Trump.

US' tariffs on Mexico may not go ahead

Donald Trump's threatened tariffs should come into force next week.

Bridges was on The AM Show

Bridges refuses to say he will overturn new petrol excise tax

It's on the cards, but he's wanting to wait and see.

Jacinda Ardern said the Cabinet agreed to progress work on how to ensure businesses pay their fair share.

Government releases 'Facebook tax' options

But experts warn it could cost Kiwis more.

Watch: Grant Robertson reveals the Wellbeing Budget.

Socialist group slams Labour with 'tax the rich' motorway banner

"A true Wellbeing Budget would have prioritised housing over prisons."

The IRD made two blunders this week, now sending letters to infants in regards to their 'earnings'.

IRD apologises after sending letters to infants wanting to review 'their earnings'

The botch-up comes as the IRD is trying to simplify the tax system.

President Donald Trump's former lawyer takes a parting shot at his former boss.

Trump's tax figures reveal more than $1b in losses - report

Tax returns show his businesses were more exposed than was ever made public.

NZ Dental Association sugary drinks spokeswoman Donna Kennedy on The AM Show.

Kiwis are drinking more sugar than ever, despite the damage

Researchers are calling on the Government to implement a sugar tax.

Watch: The Prime Minister announced the Government will not be implementing a capital gains tax.

How KiwiBuild destroyed the capital gains tax

A capital gains tax could have affected KiwiBuild as house prices begin to fall.

Earlier this month, a Newshub poll found a large majority of New Zealanders don't want a capital gains tax.

Place your bets: The odds of another wealth tax in New Zealand

With the CGT dead in the water, Max Rashbrooke looks at the alternatives - and how likely they are to be implemented.

Shamubeel Eaqub on The AM Show.

Why petrol prices are at a six-month high

And what you can - or can't - do about it.


Ardern canned CGT to protect herself - Bridges

He said National's strong opposition "embarrassed" the Government.

Watch: National leader Simon Bridges  announces taxpayers would save $650 million a year if National is elected in 2020, by linking income tax to inflation.

Bridges submits Member's Bill to link income tax with inflation

The National leader believes Kiwis deserve a fairer tax system.

Watch: The Prime Minister announced the Government will not be implementing a capital gains tax.

How the rich and powerful won the capital gains tax debate

They were motivated to destroy the idea, not fix its holes, writes Jesse Mulligan.

Watch the Prime Minister discuss Wednesday's capital gains tax announcement.

As it happened: PM takes questions after shock CGT decision

The Prime Minister is in Hastings visiting Waitapu Marae.

Shamubeel Eaqub on The AM Show.

The tax that's better than a CGT, according to economists

A CGT won't solve the housing crisis, says Shamubeel Eaqub, but this might.

James Shaw and Kirk Hope on The AM Show.

Greens still determined to 'even up the playing field' after CGT dropped

"Some things take time, as the guy in the cheese ads used to say."

Watch: Jacinda Ardern compared to Bernie Sanders on US Today show

Bernie Sanders releases taxes, admits he's a millionaire

The Senator's hoping Trump will follow suit.

A backdown of epic proportions: the capital gains tax (CGT) is dead., reports Newshub political editor Tova O'Brien

'Farmers are relieved': Rural groups welcome CGT decision

They say there would have been wide-ranging ramifications if it had gone ahead.