Lime scooters spotted in Balclutha, 80km away from Dunedin

Lime scooters have been spotted in Balclutha, nearly 80km south of where they should be - Dunedin.

A photo sent to Newshub shows an e-scooter in the south Otago town. It comes after a number of sightings of the popular e-scooter in Balclutha in the last week. 

Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan has condemned the scooters being illegally brought to his district.

"I think the concept's a beauty. But what was a novelty [in Clutha] is now wearing a bit thin as a joke. People should pull their heads in," he told The Otago Daily Times.

Lime scooters, popular but controversial, were first introduced to Dunedin at beginning of January. 

In November last year two Lime scooters were spotted more than 300km away from Christchurch in Blenheim and Picton. 

Lime scooters were first launched in Christchurch and Auckland in October.

A recent online survey by the Christchurch City Council found that during the first three months of Lime scooters being in the city, more than 400,000 scooter trips have been taken with more than 100,000 people taking at least one ride.

A Lime spokesperson told Newshub they are working with local police to investigate the scooters being outside of the Dunedin service area. 

"Balclutha is outside the Dunedin service area and it is not permitted to take Lime scooters there.

"We are working with the local police to investigate this on a case by case basis, and people who do this will be fined."


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