Livestream: Jordan Peterson talks to Sean Plunket ahead of New Zealand tour

  • 14/02/2019

The livestream has now finished.

Ahead of his New Zealand tour, professor Jordan Peterson is talking with Magic Talk afternoon host Sean Plunket about his best-selling book, Twelve Rules for Life, and his often controversial views.

It follows an interview on Wednesday between Plunket and Auckland Peace Action spokesperson Iris Krzyzosiak, who opposes Prof Peterson's views and claims he is homophobic, misogynistic and racist.

Prof Peterson first became well-known after posting a series of YouTube videos about refusing to use preferred pronouns of some of his students. He has also made comments on gender relations, relationships in the workplace, and how people can take full control of the direction of their lives.

Despite the controversy, there remains a keen interest in his thoughts, with his self-help book becoming an international best-seller.

His first show in New Zealand will take place on Monday at the Auckland Town Hall. He will also speak in Christchurch and Wellington next week.


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