Social media users outraged at Domino's for 'bringing tipping culture' to New Zealand

A Reddit post with 1.5k comments has brought attention to Domino's 'tip the driver' feature.
A Reddit post with 1.5k comments has brought attention to Domino's 'tip the driver' feature. Photo credit: Getty

Social media users are outraged at Domino's new online tipping feature, accusing the pizza chain of "bringing tipping culture" to New Zealand.

A Reddit post complaining about the new 'tip the driver' feature has received over 1500 comments, mostly from Kiwis disapproving of tipping culture.

After selecting a pizza to order, customers are taken to the payment page where they are given an option to tip the "delivery expert".

Tips of $3, $5 and $8 are suggested, but are not required to complete the purchase.

"Dominoes are trying to bring tipping culture to NZ - pay your staff properly instead please," the Reddit post was captioned.

One commenter said: "Tipping culture DOES NOT belong in NZ."

Another replied: "I love how it asks like 3 times if you want to tip.... no, I want you to pay people properly."

Other Redditors called tipping culture "vile", "exploitation" and "capitalism at its finest".

A Domino's spokesperson told Newshub that sometimes customers want to acknowledge the delivery expert's work by offering a monetary tip.

"With the ongoing need to practice social distancing, many customers have been unsure of offering a tip in person.

"To facilitate this in the safest way possible during COVID-19, we have introduced a secure and contactless way for customers to tip their driver.

"It's important to note that this is completely optional and there is absolutely no obligation to do so."

Users were also sceptical about the fine-print on the 'tip the driver' page, which says: "Minus applicable government charges, taxes, and third party fees."

"They either get the whole tip or they don't," one user commented.

Tips are included in the delivery drivers' weekly pay, a Domino's spokesperson told Newshub.

The tipping feature has been rolling out over the past couple of weeks and is available in selected Domino's stores.