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Man charged with kidnapping after house goes up in flames

He's also been accused of possession of an offensive weapon and threatening to kill.

Malcolm Rewa has finally been convicted of Susan Burdett's murder.

Malcolm Rewa: Third time lucky for justice system

A law professor is taking no comfort in the decades-long process to convict Susan Burdett's killer.


Kawerau shooting throws town back under crime cloud

"In a small town everyone has some small connection to what happened yesterday".


Paul Wilson should die in prison

Our system still gives these monsters the benefit of the doubt, writes Duncan Garner.

Paul Tainui, previously Paul Wilson.

Revealed: How David Bain's double-murdering groomsman 'duped' the prison system

"He pulled the wool over their eyes."

Thee mugshots.

Two of three men arrested over roofing scams appear in court

The pair were charged with illegally using false documents.

Malcolm Rewa had to backtrack in court after the Crown caught him out.

Malcolm Rewa backtracks in court after Crown catches him out

The claim he'd had sex with Susan Burdett in a truck he owned came into question.


'Nobody responds': Mangere Bridge resident's plea to stop boy racers, drunken parties

It comes days after a shock shooting in the area.

police car

Teens arrested after criminal joyride across Southland

They eluded capture a number of times, but couldn't escape police forever.

The rifles seized in the raid.

Drugs, guns seized in Matamata police raid

A 34-year-old man was arrested and charged with drug and firearm offences.

Auckland District Court

Man charged after allegedly peeking through people's windows

The 42-year-old is facing two counts of unlawfully being on a property.

The Auckland District Court.

Two brothers to plead not guilty to roofing scam

The UK men face fraud charges totalling more than $20,000.


Rewa trial: Court shown video of bizarrely tidy murder scene

Whoever killed Susan Burdett left her home in an orderly state.

Watch: Clementine Ford told Newshub why she tweets about killing men.

Clementine Ford slams Otago Daily Times for 'disgusting' rape article

Some Kiwi journalists say she's got a point.


Woman arrested for stealing medication from elderly people

Victims say she pretended to be from the Waikato DHB.

He says he won't go back to jail - and promises the public has nothing to worry about.

Arthur Taylor speaks out on first day of freedom

He says he won't go back to jail - and promises the public has nothing to worry about.

Arthur William Taylor was released from prison on Monday morning.

Notorious career criminal Arthur Taylor released from prison

The "jailhouse lawyer" says he will miss some of the good guys on the inside.

He was caught with a knife, duct tape and pepper spray at a teen's house.

NZ man shot by girl's mum in US charged with kidnapping and child porn

He was shot while trying to break into a house of a 14-year-old he met online.

Ngati speaks to Newshub.

'Drug Court judge is my bro' - repeat offender

"I'm a different man today. I have got so much love for life."

Watch: Australia's set to toughen its already strict immigration laws.

Australia deporting 'New Zealander' who's never even been here

A man who's never stepped foot in NZ is being deported here.