Family Court

Viagogo is under investigation worldwide.

Case against Viagogo case likely to succeed - lawyer

"If Viagogo have done what the commission says they've done, well..."

Gay cake

Baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake back in court

This time he's accused of refusing to make a blue and pink transgender-themed treat.

Massey High principal Glen Denham defends teaching kids drug-use safety.

'Social carnage': P, LSD, firearms seized in Nelson drug sting

Police warn they'll hold those responsible to account.

A gavel.

Specialist support to be trialled for sexual violence court cases

A support group says it could lead to more convictions.

Family Court

Jay-Jay and Dom speak out about indecent assault trial

"It has been a tough three days."

He will be tried over the 1992 murder of Susan Burdett.

Malcolm Rewa trial will be traumatic for victims - expert

He will be tried over the 1992 murder of Susan Burdett.

Family Court

Rapper Scribe admits breaching bail

He will spend two months in a drug rehab centre in Christchurch.

An alarming amount of drink drivers being caught in North Canterbury.

Canterbury police disappointed by number of daytime drink drivers

Targeting rural areas has proven alarming.

Judge holding gavel in courtroom

Judge admits mistake bailing teen who went on to beat a woman

"It was against my better judgment."

Her victim delivered a moving impact statement in a UK court.

Bikini model's racist tirade after missing train

Her victim delivered a moving impact statement in a UK court.

Francisco Huizar (left) slept with a married woman. Now he's paying Keith King (right) for it.

Husband wins $13m from wife's lover using old adultery law

He slept with a married woman. Now he's paying for it.

Two men have been arrested in Wellington after stealing coins from parking meters.

Time expired: Arrests made after parking meters hit by thieves

The Wellington pair stole the coins from 25 meters over the past three weeks.

Family Court

Auckland cop charged with illegally tasering a woman

He is facing a charge of assault with a weapon.

Mitchell Paterson was found dead under the McLaren Falls Bridge on July 13.

Three more face manslaughter charges over Mitchell Paterson homicide

Two men have already been charged in relation to his death.

Tini Owens.

English woman trapped in 'loveless marriage' refused divorce by court

Five judges ruled her grounds for divorce were not adequate.

Family Court

Police footage shows Cory Jefferies crying about impact of mum's death on kids

He is currently on trial over the alleged murder of his partner, Kim Richmond.

Family Court

Tegel stalls controversial consent hearing

It had applied for consent to develop a factory to house around 1.3 million chickens.

North Shore District Court.

Aucklander jailed for poisoning co-workers with weed-laced cake

Eight colleagues were hospitalised after eating it.

Police have now transported Skinner from VCU Medical Center to the medical unit at Henrico Jail East in New Kent County where he awaits trial.

Attempted rape, murder-accused Kiwi released from US hospital

Troy Skinner was in intensive care after being shot in the neck in an armed break-in.

Family Court

Kiwi company wins major court battle over amphibious boats

Staff say they can now get on with their jobs.