Family Court

Fish and chips.

Aussie fish and chip shop owner convicted for overcharging customers $280k

He received a prison sentence for his actions.

David Seymour on Newshub Nation.

Nazis and racists 'offensive' but shouldn't be arrested - Seymour

He's proposing cutting the Human Rights Act to give people more rights to insult and offend.

Victims attended the court hearing.

'Memories come back': Emotional scenes unfold as Tarrant faces court

"He will play the game; drag it along and play with families lives."

Timothy Jones Jr.

Death sentence for man who killed his five children

As the jury gave the verdict, he showed no emotion.

Measles have been an issue in Canterbury.

New York bans parents using exemption to dodge vaccinating school kids

Children must have measles vaccinations to attend school in the state.

Family Court

Brenton Tarrant pleads not guilty to all charges

He made his third appearance in the Christchurch High Court.

British kitten in autumn park, fallen leaves

'Not acceptable': Dunedin man sentenced for beating cat to death

The piece of wood he used as a weapon was one metre long.

Jamie Rathburn was arrested in May.

US mother to appear in court after entering school and screaming at children

She says her son was bullied.

Watch: David Parker, standing in for Andrew Little as Acting GCSB Minister, provides a timeline of the Budget leak scandal

Why the Treasury non-hack may still have been illegal

"is there a defence along the lines of “Well, you didn’t do enough to stop me”?

Watch: Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show New Zealand's relationship with China has its challenges.

How will China react to a damning NZ court decision?

Our countries' relationship could be in jeopardy, law professor Andrew Geddis writes.

Lina Di Falco says she asked for water several times.

Woman sues airline claiming she was refused water

She says one glass with a meal was not 'adequate'.

Shining a laser at an aircraft can cause temporarily blind the pilot.

Man arrested over laser strikes on Otago Rescue Helicopter

He faces up to 14 years in prison.

Mandy Gray outside the court.

Kiwi labelled 'gold-digger' in fight over $38.6m

His ex-partner says he looked to her for enrichment.

The Kiwi man's friend says Robert Courtney may still be alive if police acted quicker.

Son of Kiwi shot dead in Darwin hopes shooter forgiven

"The grief comes in waves."

Family Court

Watch: Terrifying footage of Melbourne teen in fake ambulance speeding through the streets

He used an app to find out where emergencies were.

HIV positive blood test.

Man convicted in HIV data leak case

He faces a long prison sentence.

Family Court

Photos of alleged Christchurch shooter's face no longer suppressed - court

A court ruling for his face to be pixelated has been lifted.

Watch: Yolanda Tu'uheava says murdered husband 'admired' Comanchero gang

Woman describes being shot twice in head

She was shot moments after seeing her husband gunned down.

Family Court

Timaru woman gets home detention for lying about needle in strawberry

She said she had found it, but she put it there herself.

BERLIN - MAY 16:  Escort girls await customers at Berlin's exclusive Night Club Bel Ami on May 16, 2006 in Berlin, Germany. Escort girls across Germany are anticipating booming business in June as soccer fans from around the world will descend upon the country for the World Cup.  (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Hundreds of suspected sex workers stopped at NZ border

But that still isn't stopping them from coming here.