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The first hint of the royal baby's name was actually back in October when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in New Zealand.

The uncanny 'fluke' that links Kiwi family to the royals

"We've always just really loved those names."

Watch: Teachers don't think they're getting paid enough, let alone having their money paid to other people.

Beneficiary paid teacher's salary by mistake

"It came up on the ATM as a salary. I thought, salary? I don't have a full-time job."


Moa footprints discovered in South Island for the first time

And they appear to be millions of years old.


Dog missing for a year in Otago mountains returns to owner

"I'm still in a bit of shock... I couldn't honestly tell you how he survived."


Why Otago Uni students reckon cheap bars would encourage safe drinking

They want Dunedin City Council to change its alcohol laws.


Queenstown ski fields boosted by $35m upgrades

There's just over a month until the Central Otago ski season opens.

The Government's decision to end offshore oil and gas exploration could cost nearly $8 billion in lost tax over 23 years, MBIE warned.

Outrage over Austrian oil giant's NZ drilling plans

Greenpeace said the company's "flipping a big middle finger to Jacinda Ardern".


'I never say it anymore': Nek Minnit guy on life after his viral catchphrase

Levi Hawken's life changed forever the day he and his friends found a broken scooter in 2011.

Dave Bodger speaks to The AM Show about opening in the South Island.

Gull to open in the South Island

The company has driven down petrol prices in the North Island.

Watch:Scientists aim to predict New Zealand's next big earthquake.

Quake shakes Fiordland

It could be felt across Otago and Southland.

The water reached to above power lines.

Watch: Spectacular Dunedin pipe burst creates geyser-like water surge

A worker was seen backing away due to the force of the water.

Rain maps show heavy falls are on their way.

'Atmospheric river' bringing monster storm to New Zealand this week

Flooding and slips are anticipated.

Quad bike

Quad bike accident kills two

An investigation into what happened is underway.


Eight involved in serious Otago quad bike crash

Helicopters have been sent to extract people.


Fatal crash in Otago

Only one vehicle was involved.

The latest discovery is not causing as much concern as the recent fruit fly finds.

Exotic insect discovered in NZ for the first time

The poplar sawfly has taken up residence here - but should we be worried?

Firefighters have managed to contain a large fire on Christchurch's Port Hills.

Fires burn across South Island

Firefighters are being kept busy with a string of scrub blazes.

Noble was one of the stars from the 2018 season.

MAFS NZ star's gruesome injuries after brutal bottling attack

He narrowly avoided losing an eye in the vicious assault.

Watch: German shepherds Frieda and Levi are putting their noses to work.

Watch: Meet New Zealand's first cancer-sniffing dogs

Frieda and Levi love nothing more than a good sniff.

Queenstown has leapfrogged Auckland as the country's most expensive place to buy a house.

Queenstown homes now more expensive than Auckland

Prices are flat in the big city, but skyrocketing in the picturesque south.

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