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Otago local wins $22 million.

Lotto: Otago local wins ginormous $22 million

It's the largest prize ever won on MyLotto.

There's no space for Grandma's knitted jumpers at this special event.

Rural wool fashion event celebrates high-end design

There's no space for Grandma's knitted jumpers at this special event.


Teaching couple ditch jobs for new life

We "don't get treated as professionals, we don't get treated with respect."

Cyclists on the Otago rail trail.

Map: Where Otago's new $13.2m cycle trail will go

The project is expected to create 329 jobs and link 30 communities.


Australian climber trapped on Mt Aspiring rescued

Lieutenant Terry Harch is being airlifted to Dunedin Hospital.

Shirley Cranstoun brings her unique songwriting talent to local businesses as a thank you for excellent service.

Ukulele-wielding lady targets retail workers with songs of pure joy

Let Shirley Cranstoun entertain you.

Matt Wallis' helicopter went down at Lake Wanaka just over a week ago.

Family and friends gather for funeral of helicopter pilot Matt Wallis

Hundreds are expected to celebrate his life at Wanaka Airport today.


Goat euthanised after being tasered by Oamaru police

An animal rights group says police should be prosecuted over the newly released footage.

Matthew Wallis was reported overdue just after 1pm on Saturday.

Police find helicopter wreckage of missing pilot Matthew Wallis

They found the wreckage 47 metres below Lake Wanaka.

Matthew Wallis was reported overdue just after 1pm on Saturday.

Brother of missing helicopter pilot hopeful he will come home

The Lake Wanaka search has entered its third day.


Search for overdue helicopter at Lake Wanaka suspended for the night

An oil slick was observed north of Stevenson Island along with wreckage.

Working dogs in Australia

Bugger! MPI's tightening of dog on ute law

One farmer is rubbishing the change saying "it's ridiculous".


Selwyn College apologises, shuts down obscene voting ceremony

Selwyn College residents were rated on their breasts and oral sex potential.


South Island to be blasted with bad weather

The North Island is expected to escape the blast.

NEW ZEALAND - 2004/01/01: Subantarctic New Zealand, Auckland Islands, Enderby Island, Hooker's (new Zealand) Sea Lion Colony, Beach Masters. (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Floating plastic could cause a threat to Antartica's wildlife

"We thought Antarctica was isolated."


Otago Uni students' obscene voting topics exposed

Selwyn College residents secretly rated girls' breasts and oral sex potential, reports university magazine Critic.

New Zealand could be heading for an obesity epidemic.

BMI scale - How accurate is it?

"They can be useful... but shouldn't be taken as gospel."

A floating hotel has been proposed for Oamaru.

Proposed floating hotel in Oamaru a New Zealand first

"It's an experience - when people book accommodation, they want something a bit unique."


Dunedin City Council orders family treehouse removed

The homeowner says the move is "ridiculous".

The regional fuel tax has upped prices by an extra 11.5c per litre in Auckland.

South Islanders to Auckland: Quit whinging about the fuel tax

"Oh mate it's a little bloody ridiculous, innit?"

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