Live Updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 1 - Dame Val Adams, Maddie Wesch in shotput final, equestrians tackle cross-country

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What you need to know

Dame Valerie Adams is a four-time Olympic medal winner after securing a stunning bronze in the shotput final.

The Kiwi Olympic legend threw 19.62 with her third of six throws, with fellow Kiwi Maddison-Lee Wesche finishing an excellent sixth. 

The equestrian team is fourth after the cross country stage, with Tim Price fourth, while Julia Ratcliffe has qualified for Tuesday's women's hamer throw final.

Tonight Hamish Kerr competes in the men's high jump final.

Live Updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 1 - Dame Val Adams, Maddie Wesch in shotput final, equestrians tackle cross-country

Live updates

What a dramatic finish to the event - how do you top that?

Join us tomorrow, when we'll try...

12:39am - Athletics: Tamberi misses, so we have a jump-off for the gold medal.

NO WAIT, they've decided to share the gold medal. That's incredible, what drama!

12:38am - Athletics: Nedasekau misses a third time, but he will take the bronze medal.

12:36am - Athletics: Harrison is finally out and will now concentrate on tomorrow's long jump final. Three jumpers left, but Barshim misses again.

12:33am - Athletics: Starc is also out and Tamberi misses a second time.

12:28am - Athletics: Woo misses and goes out, but he's become a fan favourite with his 2.35m clearance and enthusiasm. Nedasekau has missed again, Starc and Tamberi to come...

12:24am - Athletics: Barshim misses again, his run-up seems to have deserted him and he's taking off too far out.

12:19am - Athletics: No-one has cleared 2.39m yet, with some of these jumpers passing at 2.37m in a bid for medals. Tamberi can take the lead here... he also misses.

12:14am - Athletics: Barshim has his first miss of the competition.

12:08am - Athletics: Tamberi is over too, so he's still in the hunt.

12:03am - Athletics: Akimenko's gamble doesn't pay off and he's out with a clearance of 2.33m

11:58pm - Athletics: Barshim clears first time again. Nedasekau, who passed his last two attempts at 2.35m, has succeeded at 2.37m, so great tactical move.

11:56pm - Athletics: The bar has gone to 2.37m, with the other jumpers passing at 2.35m, They've figured out they'll need to clear the next height for a medal, so they're bluffing they'll be able to clear that - mind games.

11:52pm - Athletics: Tamberi is over too, but trails Barshim because he took the opening height, while Barshim passed.

11:50pm - Athletics: Woo is over again - a huge PB. So is Starc.

11:46pm - Athletics: Barshim is over 2.35m on his first attempt.

11:42pm - Athletics: Kerr is up now... and he's out too. Good performance to get this far and 2.30m is a great clearance. He'll finish 10th.

Next height is 2.35m.

11:41pm - Athletics: Ivanyuk is out of the compeition, the demise of the world No.1. Starc soars over.

11:39pm - Athletics: Still only five over 2.33m, with Harrison to come... he's over too, that's ridiculous!

11:38pm - Athletics: After waiting for an 800m race to pass, Kerr also rattes the bar off and will have another go.

11:36pm - Athletics: Starc rattles the bar off and will need a third attempt.

11:34pm - Athletics: Woo is also over a new personal best height at 2.33m.

11:32pm - Athletics: Ivanyuk misses a second time, but Akimenko is over.

11:31pm - Athletics: So far, Barshim and Nedasekau are the only jumpers to clear 2.33m so far, but Tamberi joins them. The medallists are perhaps starting to sort themselves out.

11:28pm - Athletics: Good attempt by Kerr, but he takes the bar off.

11:27pm - Athletics: Woo fails, Starc follows, Kerr is next...

11:24pm - Athletics: Ivanyuk tips the bar off with his hamstrings, but Nedasekau is over again.

11:21pm - Athletics: The bar goes to 2.33m, which would be Kerr's personal beat. Barshim is well over first time.

11:20pm - Athletics: Here comes Kerr... and he's over 2.30m. He lives to jump again!

11:18pm - Athletics: Gale has missed his third attempt and will leave the competition. McEwen follows...

11:17pm - Athletics: Harrison grazes the bar with his calf, but leaves it on this time. He's a talent!

11:13pm - Athletics: Kerr is so close, but grazes it off again with his butt. He'll need another third attempt.

Harrison will step off the runway, while a medal ceremony takes place in the background. In fact, it's the women's shotput ceremony, with Dame Val Adams featuring.

11:11pm - Athletics: Akimenko is also over 2.30m on his second attempt. McEwen takes the bar off, here comes Kerr...

11:07pm - Athletics: Harrison slithers over the bar, but tips it off with his heel. Six have cleared 2.30m first time, so six others will take their second - Ivanyuk is over this time.

11:04pm - Athletics: Starc is over and Kerr is next... he clips it with his butt on the way down.

11:02pm - Athletics: Korean Woo is well over his personal best height, but he's only the third to succeed so far, with Starc on the runway. 

11pm - Athletics: A couple of others are starting to struggle now, as Gale, McEwen and Akimenko follow Ivanyuk as missers.

10:57pm - Athletics: Barshim is over easily, but Ivanyuk has his first miss. Ndasekau, who missed his first attempt at 2.19m, clears this first time.

10:55pm - Athletics: So only one has fallen at 2.27m, as we head to 2.30m.

10:54pm - Athletics: Harrison is over too - he looks rough, but tremendsouly explosive. He's also in the long jump final tomorrow.

10:53pm - Athletics: Tobe misses his third... but Kerr soars over. Great jump!

10:52pm - Athletics: Harrison misses too, so all three will take one more attempt.

10:50pm - Athletics: Tobe misses again, Kerr is next... but he'll need a third attempt.

10:49pm - Athletics: Three jumpers have missed their first attempts at 2.27m - Kerr is one, along with American Harrison and Japanese Tobe.

10:45pm - Athletics: Starc jumps flat, but high enough to clear, grazing the bar on the way over. Kerr knocks the bar off and doesn't look on his game tonight.

10:41pm - Athletics: Tobe is the only jumper to miss so far, five have cleared. Mc Ewen makes no mistake this time.

10:37pm - Athletics: This height will start to sort out the stragglers of this field and Barshim is not one of them, although he takes off a little far out and grazes it on the way over.

10:35pm - Athletics: McEwen is well over on his last attempt - he lives to attempt the next height of 2.27m.

10:33pm - Athletics: American McEwen is the only jumper to miss at this height, here comes his second attempt - he takes it off with his heels. One more attempt.

10:30pm - Athletics: Kerr is over safely, but looked lazy.

10:29pm - Athletics: American McEwen becomes the first to miss 2.24m, but will have two more attempts.

Aussie Brandon Starc - the jumper in front of Kerr - is way over.

10:26pm - Athletics: Tobe is far more convincing at this height, so we have four jumpers over so far.

10:23pm - Athletics: Barshim will come in here and cruises over 2.24m. Ivanyuk of ROC is also over.

Just to recap, jumpers can take as many jumps as they need, but can not have three consecutive misses - whether that's at one height or different heights.

10:21pm - Athletics: Nedasekau clears easily and Tobe rattles the bar, but is over. The bar goes to 2.24m now.

10:19pm - Athletics: Ten of the 13 athletes have cleared 2.19m at their first attempt - Barshim has passed, and Nedasekau and Tobe must take further attempts.

10:15pm - Athletics: Barshim - the best jumper in this field - has passed at 2.19m. Australia Starc has cleared, as has five others... and Kerr has cleared too.

10:14pm - Athletics: First jumpers will open their accounts at 2.19m, which they all cleared to qualify for the final. Nedasekau of Belarus and Tobe of Japan have missed their first attempts.

10:11pm - Athletics: New Zealand has already had a great day at the track, with Julia Ratcliffe qualifying for the women's hammer final and, of course, Dame Val Adams winning a fourth Olympic medal, with bronze in the shotput.

10:02pm - Athletics: Welcome back to our live coverage, where Hamish Kerr is about to contest the men's high jump final at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

Kerr qualified for the medal rounds two days ago, when he cleared 2.28m on his first attempt, and will come into the competition with a best height of 2.31m. Twelve other jumpers have reached this stage - eight have jumped higher this season.

7:19pm - Sailing: Awesome result for Finn sailor Josh Junior. The Kiwi has won Race 10 - the final race before the 10 boat final - leaving him in fourth spot overall.
Heading into Tuesday evening's double-points medal race, Junior sits eight points off bronze and 10 points off silver. The gold medal is all-but wrapped up by Brit Giles Scott.
Points: Great Britain 28, Hungary 37, Spain 39, New Zealand 47

6:07pm - Sam Meech finishes 10th and last in the medal race of the Laser class for a 10th place finish overall. 

6:01pm - Sailing: Josh Junior scores an 8th place finish in Race 9 of the men's Finn. The Kiwi remains in fifth spot - 13 points off a medal with the final race and then a double-points medal finale to come. 

5:24pm - Sailing: The men's 470 crew have recorded an 8th place finish in Race 8. Snow-Hansen and Willcox started the day in third spot, but have slipped to fifth.  They are five-points outside the medal spots. 

5:18pm - Sailing: The Nacra 17 crew of Wilkinson and Dawson have finished 14th in the final race of the regatta for a 12th place finish overall. 

4:49pm - Golf: Kiwi Ryan Fox had a great day today. He shot a seven-under 64 for the second best round so far. Fox finishes the tournament at five-under in a tie for 41st at this stage.
American Xander Schauffele leads at -18 - two shots up on Slovakian Rory Sabbatini midway through their rounds. 

4:31pm - Sailing: The Nacra 17 crew have recorded  their equal best result of the regatta in Race 11. Wilkinson and Dawson remain 12th overall with the final race - then the medal race - to come. 

4:01pm  Sailing: Paul Snow-Hansen and Dan Willcox in the men's 470 have finished 13th in Race 7 - that drops the Kiwi crew out of the medal spots. They are in 5th spot with three races and the medal race to go. But they are just three points back from the silver medal spot though so it's all on. 

3:39pm - Sailing: The Nacra 17 crew of Micah Wilkinson and Erica dawson have finished 18th in Race 9. The Kiwi team  is 12th and out of the medal hunt.

3:12pm - Dame Valerie Adams is as emotional as she has ever been post her bronze performance. Says this is the highlight of her career.

"This means so much more to me than winning my two gold medals," Adams tells Sky Sport.
"I have worked so hard to be here to win a medal for my family, for myself and for New Zealand.
"My two children have inspired me to this moment - I kept looking into the stands and imagined they were up there.
"I want to inspire woman that you can go away and have children, but then comeback and compete with the very best in the world.
"I can't explain why this means more to me - it just does."

Live Updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 1 - Dame Val Adams, Maddie Wesch in shotput final, equestrians tackle cross-country
Live Updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 1 - Dame Val Adams, Maddie Wesch in shotput final, equestrians tackle cross-country

2:48pm - Amazing from Dame Val - a fourth Olympic medal - just magnificent from one of the greatest Olympians New Zealand has ever produced. 

Shotput final - New Zealand's Dame Valerie Adams & Maddison-Lee Wesche

Final result

3rd - Dame Valerie Adams
6th - Maddison Lee-Wesche

2:44pm - Shotput final: And that's a bronze for Adams as she throws a 18.76 on her last - she finishes with 19.62 for third spot. China's Lijao Gong gold and American Raven Saunders silver. 

2:42pm - Shotput final: At least a bronze for Dame Val as she steps up for her final throw. 

2:39pm - Shotput final: Wesche steps up for her final throw and lands a 18.47. She will finish in 6th. 

2:35pm - Shotput final: China's Lijao Gong steps up and smashes out a 20.53 for a PB and extends her lead over American Raven Saunders. She's almost a metre ahead of Dame Val. 

2:34pm - Shotput final: Dame Val steps out with her fifth throw - again not quite getting it right. She remains 3rd with a 19.62. One throw to go. 

2:31pm - Shotput final: Wesche a little short on her fifth throw - records an 18.50. She is still 6th with an 18.98. 

2:28pm - Equestrian: All done in the Cross Country. Tim Price is fourth, Jonelle Price is 12th and and Jesse Campbell is 27th. New Zealand fourth overall with the Show Jumping set for tomorrow.

Live Updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 1 - Dame Val Adams, Maddie Wesch in shotput final, equestrians tackle cross-country

2:25pm - Shotput final: Foul for Dame Val with her fourth throw - she wasn't happy with that and stepped out of the circle. The Kiwi remains in the bronze medal spot. 

2:23pm - Hammer Throw: Lauren Bruce is out of the women's event. Her 67.71 not enough to advance to the final, but fellow Kiwi Julia Ratcliffe will quailify for the final in two days time. 

2:22pm - Shotput final: Wesche steps up and throws 18.18 - she stays in 6th spot with two throws to go. 

2:21pm - Hello folks - Brad Lewis here for the afternoon. Lets go Kiwis.


That's the end of the first round of three attempts, and both of the Kiwis have advanced as part of the top eight to throw three more times each.

Dame Val currently on the podium with a best attempt of 19.62m.


Germany's Gambetta knocks Wesche down to ninth. She needs a PB to advance to the next round.

And she may have it! Effortless throw with the Ray Bans in tact. 18.98 and she's into the next round.

Clutch throw from the youngster.


Lauren Bruce currently 10th in Group B of the hammer throw qualifying. A berth in the final looking unlikely.


Ramsey rounds out a highly disappointing outing with a third consecutive foul. Her Olympics is over.


Gong lets out a gutteral scream, as she sends the shot out to 19.98m. Still sitting pretty in the gold medal position.


Dame Val up for her third. Continues her gradual improvement, 19.62 consolidates her bronze medal position.

Three attempts to come after the first round of eliminations, with the top eight to advance.


Saunders up for her third, sporting the two-tone buzzcut. 19.62m, she remains in second behind China's Gong.


Wesche into the circle. 18.42m, that'll lift her into eighth and in line to progress through to the next round of three attempts.


Update from the hammer throw qualifiers - Lauren Bruce in eighth after her first attempt (68.35)


Dame Val up for her second attempt. She likes that one! 19.49, moves her into the bronze medal position.

The op eight for the first three attempts advance to throw three more times each.


Saunders open the second round in the same fashion she did the first, hurling one well over 20m, only to receive a red flag for overstepping. Fortunate break for the rest of the field.


Fanny Roos of Sweden closes out the first round of attempts with 17.99.

Dame Val sits fourth, Wesche in 11th.


Kiwi Maddison Lee-Wesche enters the circle.

The reigning world junior champion lets it rip, drops just short of the 18m mark. 17.45m it is, puts her ninth.


China's Song hurls an 18.11m. Dame Val still sitting fourth with five throwers left on their first attempt.


US' Jessica Ramsey, another favourite, starts with a whimper. No throw, she's wide left.


China's Gao Yang shows why she's one of the favourites - 19.95m and straight to the top of the table.


Here comes Dame Val, attempt one. 

She doesn't look too pleased with that effort - 18.62 it is. One metre behind early leader Saunders.


Raven Saunders sets the tone with a throw of 19.65. Mean mugging early, puts the pressure on her rivals immediately.


The women begin to make their entrances, introduced individually. American Raven Saunders comes out with 'Hitman Hart' shades flexing like a WWE hopeful. Early W.

Quiet kisses blown to the crowd by Dame Val, who looks focused and composed.

Wesche sports a big smile, opts for the double-hand wave. A  classic.


Conditions are sweltering on the Tokyo Stadium field, the throwing circle sitting right in the thick of the sunshine.

Temperatures inside the stadium are flirting with 40 degrees. Challenging, to say the least.


"None of them felt like I really hooked one," says NZ hammer thrower Julia Ratcliffe, referring to her solid effort in Group A of the qualifiers.

She's confident she has some distance in her yet, as she sits 4th on the table with Group B still to throw at 1:40pm.


Dame Val is third on the line-up for the final. Wesche will throw 10th. 

1pm - Athletics

Julia Ratcliffe finishes 4th in Group A of the hammer throw, still in line to qualify for the final as a top-12 finisher.

Group B is up at 1:40pm, which includes Kiwi Lauren Bruce.

12:53pm - Equestrian 

Rough outing on the saddle for Jesse Campbell, who's stung a 14-second time penalty, dropping the NZ team down to fourth. 

12:50pm - Athletics

Final attempt of the day for Ratcliffe, drags that one to the right for 70.87m.

She still sits in fourth place and within that all important top 12.

12:46pm - Athletics

Ratcliffe has slipped to fourth in the hammer qualifying. Still well within the top 12 qualifying range with one attempt remaining, but we do have another group to follow this, which includes our own Lauren Bruce.

12:45pm - Equestrian

So far, so good for Campbell. Yet to concede a penalty.

12:36pm - Athletics

Ratcliffe slings her second attempt in the hammer throw. Release not as clean as her hefty opening attempt, lands at 68.89m.

Still sitting pretty in second place, however.

12:33pm - Equestrian

NZ's Jesse Campbell is about to begin his cross-country run.

12:17pm - Athletics

Great start for the Kiwi Ratcliffe, who lets one rip to the tune of 73.20m - just 30cm short of the automatic qualifying mark.

Nevertheless, that should be enough to clinch her a berth in the final as a top 12 finisher.

She's currenmtly second behind defending Olympic champion Anita Wlodarczyk, who made a statement with a monster throw of 76.99.

The final is scheduled for Tuesday at 11:30pm.

12:15pm - Athletics

Italy's Fantini steps up and sends one clear over the 70m mark. Poland up next, then the Kiwi Ratcliffe.

12:01pm - Athletics

Kiwi Julia Ratcliffe will be up for her hammer qualification throw at 12:10pm.

The reigning Commonwealth Games champion has been in great form this year, setting an Oceania record at the national champs in Hastings back in March. 

11:36am - Equestrian

Price gets the NZ team off to a tidy start, into third position they go.

Next Kiwi up is Jesse Campbell at 12:30pm.

11:32am - Equestrian

Price finishes with 32.70, with two time penalties. Strong trot to close. She ranks fifth in the early going.

11:28am - Equestrian

No time penalties conceded as yet for Price, who's riding Grovine De Reve.

11:24am - Equestrian

Here comes Kiwi Jonelle Price, steady start here. Clears and into the water, sharp turn and away crisply.


Some unfortunate news to start the day, with Kiwi weightlifter Megan Signal forced to withdraw from her Olympics debut in the women's 76kg later this afternoon due to a shoulder injury.

Another brutal blow for the Auckland-based Signal, who suffered a similar fate at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


Morena, sports fans! We've hit the midway mark in Tokyo, as we get set for a big Sunday of action.

We'll kick off proceedings in the eventing, with Jonelle Price preparing to hit the cross-country at 11:21am.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the Tokyo Olympics, where New Zealand's big medal hopes today probably lie with Dame Val Adams in the women's shotput.

But first up, the equestrian eventing team take on the second of their three disciplines - the gruelling cross-country at the Sea Forest course.

After the dressage stage, Tim Price sits in fifth place, with Jesse Campbell 15th and Jonelle Price 17th, while the NZ team are third behind Great Britain and Germany.

Traditionally, cross-country is where our horses excel, but one slip can spell the end of their competition and medal chances.   

Hammer throwers Julia Ratcliffe and Lauren Bruce face qualifying at the athletics track, where Dame Val and Madde Wesche contest the shotput final, and Hamish Kerr the high jump tonight.

Laser sailor Sam Meech has made the medal race of his class, but is probably too far back to challenge for the podium. Still, the medal race counts for double points, so anything is possible. 

Sunday, August 1


Women's hammer qualifying - Julia Ratcliffe 12:10pm NZ & Lauren Bruce 1:40pm NZ

Women's shot put final - Dame Valerie Adams & Madison-Lee Wesche 1:35pm NZ

Men's high jump final - Hamish Kerr 10pm NZ


Eventing cross-country - Jesse Campbell 3:30pm, Jonelle Price 11:21am & Tim Price 1:45pm NZ


Men's individual stroke play, round 4 - Ryan Fox 10:30am NZ


Men's Laser medal race - Sam Meech 5:33pm NZ

Men's Finn, Race 9 & 10 - Josh Junior 6:05pm NZ

Men's 470, Races 7 & 8 - Paul Snow-Hansen & Daniel Willcox 3pm NZ

Mixed Nacra 17 Foiling, Races 10, 11 & 12 - Erica Dawson & Micah Wilkinson 3:05pm NZ

Burling, Tuke take control of Olympic 49ers, gold theirs to lose (again)

Kiwi yachties haven't found the Tokyo Olympics plain sailing, but Peter Burling and Blair Tuke have finally seized control of the 49er class, entering the final double-point medal race on top of thier classification.

The defending champions began their campaign with a wobbly 12th, raising doubts over how they might handle shifty conditions off the Japanese coast over the week.

But that's as bad as it got for the America's Cup heroes, who finally moved into a clear lead on Saturday, moving away from their nearest rivals - Brits Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell, and Spaniards Diego Botin le Chever and Iago Lopez Marra.

Blair Tuke and Peter Burling in action at Tokyo
Blair Tuke and Peter Burling in action at Tokyo. Photo credit: Getty

All three crews entered the day tied on points, but with the Kiwis ahead on countback. Fifth, second and 11th over their final three races were enough to build a four-point buffer into Monday's decider, where they can now cover their opponents for victory. 

"We were definitely a little frustrated with that last race, but we still gained four points on everyone around us today," says Burling. "It's a massive honour putting on that gold bib for the first time going into that medal race.

"It definitely feels like a few things haven't rolled our way this week, but we have been battling back and getting ourselves in the hunt. It's been a really fun battle this week and we're just excited to round it out with one more good race."

The pair have a rest day on Sunday, before their final outing the following day.

Meanwhile, fellow Team NZ sailor Josh Junior has also continued his move up the Finn fleet, making the biggest ground to sit in fifth with two more races and the medal event to come. 

"It was really important for me to get some good results today," he says. "I haven't had many of them, so I needed to start racking them up and try to go into the medal race with a chance of winning a medal. 

"I was trying to be a bit more proactive, and really make clear decisions and take the opportunities I have. I think I got lucky a couple of times today, but sometimes that happens."

Laser sailor Sam Meech enters Sunday's medal race in eighth, with an outside chance of grabbing a medal - but he would need to win and hope others struggle in the conditions.