Live updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 7 - Lydia Ko eyes golf medal, Carrington & K4 chase more canoe gold, cyclists take to velodrome

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No medals for New Zealand on Friday, but we already have our best medal haul ever, beating the 18 from Rio five years ago. One more gold needed to match the best result from Los Angeles 1984.

That gold could come from canoeing, golf or cycling today. Lydia Ko is tied for third in the golf, entering a final round that may not be played, if the storm forecast proves accurage.

Lisa Carrington will attempt her fourth gold medal of the Games with the K4 crew, while track cyclists Ellesse Andrews, Campbell Stewart and Corbin Strong will feature at the velodrome. 

Live updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 7 - Lydia Ko eyes golf medal, Carrington & K4 chase more canoe gold, cyclists take to velodrome

Live updates

11:21pm - Athletics

Buscombe is in the home straight and may just beat her season best of 32m 12 - she finishes 20th with 32m 10.49s and will be happy to finish, if nothing else.

That's the end of the Kiwis in action tonight - join us tomorrow for the men's marathon at 10am.

11:14pm - Athletics

Gidey takes them through 9km in 27m 02s, but that kilo was slower at 3m 06s. Buscomb risks being lapped twice, as the leaders get the bell.

Hassan sprints, Gidey drops off and the Dutchwoman wins in 29m 55.33s.

11:11pm - Athletics

8k arrives in 23m 56.5s, with Gidey still ahead, with Hassan and Gezahegne of Bahrain the only survivors. That was the fastest kilometre at 2m 55s.

Buscombe clocks 25m 46.1s and sped up that kilo too, with 3m 16s.

11:08pm - Athletics

Gidey continues to turn the screws up front, clockin 21m 01.3s through 7km. Hassan is on her shoulder.

Buscomb clocks 22m 30.8s in 22nd.

11:05pm - Athletics

Sweden's Lahti is lapped and pulls out immediately. Gidey clocks 18m 04.3s through 6km, Buscomb is 67s back and about to be lapped.

11:02pm - Athletics

Dutchwoman Cummins and Norwegian Grovdal have also pulled out.

At halfway, Gidey still leads with 15m 08.3s and the front bunch is down to five, including Dutch Hassan. Buscomb clocks 15m 55.1s in 24th.

10:59pm - Athletics

At 4km, Gidey still leads in 12m 10.4s, with Buscomb still 24th, but slowing down - 12m 38.9s, but that was her slowest split so far.

10:56pm - Athletics

Through 3km, Ehtiopian Gidey leads in 9m 10.5s, with Buscomb 12 seconds back in 24th (9m 22.7s).

10:53pm - Athletics

Buscomb still in 25th at 2km, as the field splits. She's clocked 6m 11.1s, seven seconds behind Hironaka still leading.

10:50pm - Athletics

After 1000m, Buscomb has been shuffled back to 25th in 3m 06.4s, but Ethiopian Gebreselama has already pulled out. Japanese Hironaka leads, three seconds in front of Buscomb. 

10:45pm - Athletics

Twenty-nine athletes will line up for the women's 10,000m, with Kiwi Camille Buscomb drawing the inside lane to start. Her season best is the slowest in the field, but she settles mid-pack.

9:04pm - Last Kiwi athlete tonight will be Camille Buscomb in the women's 10,000m in athletics, scheduled for 10:45pm.

9:03pm - Track cycling

Only the double points for the last sprint to come. Britain take the final sprint and promote themselves to the silver medal, behind Denmark.

NZ well back.

9pm - Track cycling

Belgium have blown the field apart and NZ have fallen back. In fact, Belgium have lapped them.

Belgium take the sprint.

8:59pm - Track cycling

Denmark and Belgium catch Spain, Switzerland are out of the race. Belgium make their move and win the sprint.

8:56pm - Track cycling

Spain making a big move up front, Italy chasing hard, NZ may get a point here.

Spain take the sprint and NZ get their first points. Those three points put them in ninth.

8:53pm - Track cycling

NZ trying to take a lap here, but the field close them down. Switzerland try to break away.

Germany have fallen and are not getting up. Switzerland take the sprint.

8:50pm - Track cycling

NZ well placed at the bell. but can't crack the points again - Demark win that one and retake the lead.

8:48pm - Track cycling

Germany take that sprint, after the bunch catch France.

Ireland have also withdrawn and Austria are down a lap.

8:45pm - Track cycling

France take another sprint and take the lead overall.

8:42pm - Track cycling

France still half a lap up, Denmark and Britain chasing. France take the sprint, NZ out of points again.

8:39pm - Track cycling

Denmark take a sprint and now trail Britain by just one point - still no points for NZ at halfway.

Australia and Canada have been pulled out, and both USA riders have crashed - they won't continue.

France make a big break, looking for a lap. They take a sprint and NZ miss out on points, as they slingshot.

8:35pm - Track cycling

USA wil that sprint, Britain next, no points for NZ.

8:33pm - Track cycling

Belgium take another sprint, NZ nowhere to be seen - they're leaving their run late.

8:31pm - Track cycling

You wonder if NZ are looking for a chance to take a lap - they lurk near the front again.

8:29pm - Track cycling

Here come NZ around the outside again, they'll get the bell and trail Spain around. Italy take the win, but NZ miss out again.

8:26pm - Track cycling

NZ make a big move to the front of the bunch, so watch out for them at this next sprint. They get the bell, but no points for NZ, as Denmark win the sprint.

8:23pm - Track cycling

Poland crash, they run into the back of Switzerland at a change, but recover.

NZ near the back of the bunch, as Belgium take a sprint, but Britain next, so they lead overall.

8:21pm - Track cycling

NZ out of contention with a lap to the next sprint, the Dutch take that one.

8:19pm - Track cycling

Another close shave for the Kiwis, as a Dutch rider cuts off our man, who loses his pedals momentarily, but recovers. 

Britain win a sprint, no points to NZ.

8:17pm - Track cycling

NZ back up near the front for the second sprint, but they're shuffled back, as France extend their lead.

8:14pm - Track cycling

The Kiwis have already fallen - Strong went down, but immediately got back up. That will set them back, but it's early.

France win the first sprint.

8:10pm - Track cycling

Stewart and Strong were silver medallists at last year's world champs, so they know what they're doing. Strong is in this event, because of Aaron Gates' crash in the pursuit.

8:07pm - Track cycling

Sixteen teams in this races, two riders per team, 200 laps, which is 50km, and 20 sprints. Britain won the womens' event by getting out front and winning almost every sprint.

NZ were lapped twice, but hopefully this will be a different proposition.

7:46pm - Track cycling

Webster back out on the track for his repechage, he's midfield at the start, as the pacemaker gathers speed. First two progress...

Webster takes the lead as the pacemaker turns off, he's sprinting full on with one lap to go. Close at the line, but he dips out by 0.004s and is eliminated.

Next up for the Kiwis is the men's madison - riders whirling around the track, ducking in and out of the race, craziness! Campbell Stewart and Corbin Strong are both world champions though, so we're a chance in this.

7:33pm - Track cycling

Webster in the third heat of keirin repechage - he didn't show much in his heat, so will need a better ride this time.

Programme is running behind, after the crashes and reruns.

7:27pm - Track cycling

Andrews back on the track, with a tough task to survive in this sprint competition.

Andrews leads out and looks over her shoulder with two laps to go. Andrews is one lane out and finishes fast, but Starikova comes over both her and the Chinese to win.

That's the end of Andrews' Olympics, but what a find for NZ cycling!

7:15pm - Track cycling

Callum Saunders now on the track in his keirin heat, sitting at the back of the field for now.

Sanders can't budge from the back, he looks for an outside line around the last lap and maybe grabs second on the line...

He does, straight through to the quarter-finals.

7:09pm - Golf

Touching moment after the medal ceremony, when Lydia Ko dedicated her bronze to her deceased grandmother, who died about a week ago. The Kiwi broke down in an interview with The Golf Channel.

7:03pm - Track cycling

Big crash in the second heat of keirin, so sore bodies and protest decisions to be made.

Andres will have to beat Zhong of China and Starikova of Ukraine to stay alive in her sprint - Starikova has already beaten her once in this competition.

Heat two of the keirin will be rerun.

6:57pm - Track cycling

Sam Webster out on the track for heat one of the keirin. He's on the front of pack, but is taken around the outside and must now fight for his position.

Webster out the back of the field and can't crack the first two, so Webster goes repechage.

6:36pm - Track cycling

Andrews and Mitchell are circling the track, Andrews leading off.

Mitchell takes the inside line and has the drop, but Andrews takes the lead down the backstraight, but Mitchell just gets there on the line.

Andrews to the repechage.

6:19pm - Track cycling

Andrews will line up in heat two of the 1/8 round, against Canadian Kelsey Mitchell at 6:33pm NZ - winner progresses to quarter-finals, lose to repechage.

5:13pm - So we will have about an hour break until the track cycling programme kicks off with Ellesse Andrews in the women's sprint final eight at 6:30pm.

Women's Golf tournament - Round 4 

Silver medal playoff: Lydia Ko v Imani Mone
Result - Lydia Ko finishes third and wins bronze medal 

5:11pm - It'll be a bronze medal for the Kiwi as she just pushes her putt to the left of the cup. 

5:09pm - Inami from the edge of the green and she gets very close and will tap in for par. Lydia needs to hole this to keep the playoff going.

5:08pm - If Inami sinks this monster putt she will win silver, but the smart play here is to play for the two-putt and get close to the pin than Ko. 

5:07pm - So Ko is 10 -15 feet short of the green - she will look to land this as close to the pin as possible. Nice shot - she will have a 10-foot putt for par. 

5:04pm - Inami can put the pressure on here if she can get close to the pin.  Decent shot for Inami, and she should be able to two-putt from there ... a good 40-feet from the hole but Ko is yet to reach the green. 

5:03pm - Ko from the bunker is just short of the green. Hell of a shot that.

5:02pm - Ko is going to have to lay this up - so best chance for her from here is par. 

4:59pm - Ko is in the bunker with her tee-shot so she's in trouble from there.

4:58pm - Inami to tee-off first and she goes straight down the middle that earns a "great shot" from Ko. 

4:56pm - So to the 18th hole they go for the silver medal playoff. 

Final Results 

1 - Nelly Korda                                -17  (F)
T2 -  Mone Inami                             -16 (F)
T2 - Lydia Ko                                    -16 (F)     
[Imani wins silver medal playoff   ]   

4 - Aditi Ashok                                -15  (F)
5 - Hannah Green                           -14 (F)

4:46pm - Golf 

Nelly Korda taps in and wins her gold medal - well done to the American. Playoff coming up for silver and bronze between Lydia Ko and Mone Imani.

4:45pm - Golf 

Ko sinks it and will playoff for silver!

4:44pm - Golf

Ashok misses her birdie putt and unless Ko misses her par putt, the Indian will miss the medals. 

4:43pm - Golf 

Korda will win gold - she has a one-foot putt for par aftre coming up just short on a long putt.

4:42pm - Golf 

Lydia lining up her birdie attempt ... at least 25 feet.  She is short and will have four-five feet to save par and playoff for silver.

4:40pm - Golf 
Ko is off to the right with her approach shot and has a huge putt for a birdie and a silver medal - a par will get her into a playoff. 

4:39pm - Golf 
Korda does well and will have two-putts for the gold medal 

4:38pm - Golf 

Ashok will have a monster putt for birdie after a decent approach shot from the rough.

4:33pm - Golf 

Inami wide with her par putt and will have a tap in for bogey - and tie with Ko for second. 

4:30pm - Golf 

Inami has a long par putt coming up on the 18th green.

4:29pm - Golf 

Korda crushes her tee-shot but the ball bounces into the slight rough.

4:28pm - Golf 

Ko goes straight down the middle with her tee-shot.

4:27pm - Golf 

Inami into the sand with her approach shot so unlikely to birdie from there. 

4:24pm - Golf 

So six players currently on the 18th - the leaders group waiting to tee-off with the second group about to play their second shots. Inami has a real chance to birdie this hole after a stunning tee-shot.

4:23pm - Golf 

Korda and Ashok par and we have a tie for the lead, with Lydia one shot back.

4:21pm - Golf 

Ko with a monster eagle putt is just to the right, but she will sink that for a birdie and is alone in third spot. 

4:17pm - Golf 

Inami lands a long putt on the 17th and ties Korda for first spot.

4:12pm - Golf

Play back underway in three minutes.

3:57pm - Golf 

So play will resume at 4.20pm if the rain doesn't return - the storm pattern looks like it has passed over. 

3:50pm - Golf 

There is the option to return tomorrow if the rain sets in.

3:33pm - Golf

They will review the situation at 4pm. 

3:29pm - Golf 

Play is suspended with a major storm pattern coming in. 

3:26pm - Golf 

Ko with a great Tee-shot and will have a long putt for eagle as the hooter goes and the players are heading back to the sheds with the storm coming.

3:25pm - Golf

Ko misses her birdie putt at 16, Korda and Ashok par. Lydia back to a tie for third. 

Women's K4 400 Canoe Sprint final 
(Lisa Carrington, Alicia Hoskin, Caitlin Regal, Teneale Hatton)
Result - New Zealand finish fourth 

Wrap - The New Zealand crew just ran out of steam - Hungary win from Belarus and Poland. 

Finish - Fourth place finish for the Kiwis and they miss the medals. 

250m - The Kiwi girls back in fourth at the halfway mark.

Start - Good start from the Kiwis - but it's super close. They have a slight lead. 

3:17pm - Canoe Sprint: Crews approaching the start gates.

3:15pm - Golf

Ko with a nice recovery shot out of the rough, but will have an awkward length putt to save par. 

3:12pm - Golf

Shocking tee-shot on the par three 16th for Ko - way out to the left and she will do well to save par from there. 


Not too far away from a start in the K4 500 final where the NZ crew will sprint for gold. 

3:04pm - Golf

Korda two-putts for par .... Ko from six-feet nails the birdie to get within one-shot. Ashok pars.

3:01pm - Golf 

Ko drills a lovely approach shot and has a very makeable birdie putt .... Korda and Ashok both underhit their shots, so advantage Ko on this hole.

2:58pm - Golf  

Inami birdies the 15th - her fifth straight - and takes second spot again. 

2:55pm - Golf 

Two par threes and two par fours to go - Lydia has just one birdie on these last four holes in the tournament so far. 

2:52pm - Golf 

Ko from 15 feet drills it! Huge putt for the Kiwi to stay in the hunt. Korda misses her birdie putt to remain at -17 and Ashok sinks her birdie putt to join Ko and Inami at -15.

2:48pm - Golf

Ashok plays a lovely shot from the bunker and will putt for birdie from five feet. Ko from the rough overhits it and she will have a tough putt from their for birdie. Korda lays up nicely and has a makeable birdie putt. 

2:44pm - Golf

All three with poor approach shots - Lydia probably in the best spot, but she's missed the chance to putt for an eagle. 

2:42pm - Golf

Inami birdies the 14th and jumps to second spot by herself with the leading group on the same hole. 

2:37pm - Golf 

Ko, Korda and Ashok smack their drives straight down the middle on the par five 14th.

2:28pm - Golf

So to recap, Ko is in a three-way tie for second at -14 with Ashok and Inami. .... Emily Pederson a shot further back and a hole ahead of Ko ad Ashok.

2:25pm - Golf

Ashok nails a 12 foot putt for birdie...... Ko follows suit, but so to does Korda and she keeps her three-shot lead. 

2:22pm - Golf 

Ko with a superb approach shot at the 13th, which is bettered by Korda who is two feet from the hole. Ko should sink from where she is though to join Inami in 2nd. 

2:20pm - Golf

Mone Imani birdies the 13th to go clear second at -14. 

2:17pm - Golf 

Korda, Ashok and Ko straight doen the middle with their drives on the 13th.

2:13pm - Golf 

Ko from 9ft can sink it and she will have simple putt for par. Korda misses her birdie putt so status quo with all three holding. 

2:08pm - Golf 

Korda lays up superbly on the 12th and will have a very makable birdie putt for potentially a four-shot lead. Ko and Ashok with much tougher shots. 

2:06pm - Golf

Hello folks, Brad Lewis taking you through till 5pm. Pederson drops a shot on the 12th, so a four-way tie for second. 

2:01pm - Golf

Ko off the tee, much better effort this time around. Long and straight.

1:53pm - Golf

Ko up and over, relatively good save for the Kiwi out of the rough. Minimal green to work with but she's left herself a hefty putt from the edge to save par.

Well weighted but it's just wide. Second straight bogey for Ko, who'll drop back to third alongside Ashok.

Korda rims her putt out to drop a shot.

1:49pm - Golf

Decisions here for Ko, who ponders whether to hit low through the trees or go the long way around. Goes high, she's still in a rough lie but has a decent look to the green.

Fortunately both Korda and Ashok are in similar strife.

1:44pm - Golf

Another rough start to the hole for Ko, who shanks her drive wide to the adjacent fairway. That could be hugely costly.

1:41pm - Golf

Ko's putt for par rims out. Ouch. Her first bogey of the day, now three shots off the lead in a three-way tie for second. 

1:37pm - Golf

Ko at least has a bit of space to work with, she's not too close to the bunker face.

And what a recovery it is, clearing the lip and rolling three feet to the cup. 

Korda has rediscovered her her mojo, makes her third-straight birdie to extend her lead to two shots.

1:33pm - Golf

Ko off the tee at the 10th and.... into the bunker. Both Korda and Ashok are on the green. This will be a challenging recovery for the Kiwi, that bunker is steep.

1:28pm - Golf

Ko putts for birdie, testing eight-footer... stops inches short for a tap-in for par.

Korda with a brilliant putt, reclaims a one-shot lead into first place. Ashok completes a bogey, drops back to third. Ko outright in second.

1:22pm - Golf

Ko lines up her approach, 136m to the hole. Lands it above the hole, gets a kind roll and she's well positioned for a crack at a birdie.

Korda lays one up nicely, but Ashok has left herself a difficult chip here. The Indian falls short of the green again.

1:17pm - Golf

Back to the Kasumigaseki Country Club, where Lydia Ko and her rivals at the top have all made birdies on the eighth. They're still locked in a three-way tie for first.

Rowing - NZ in women's Kayak Four 500m semi-final (Carrington, Hoskin, Regal, Hatton)

We're off! Great start for the Kiwis, noses ahead early.

Half a boat length lead at the halfway mark for NZ.

Back to third gear they go, as the line approaches. NZ finish second to secure a place in the final at 3pm. A fourth gold in Tokyo for Carrington? This is getting silly.

1:11pm - Kayak

We'll take a brief interlude from a red-hot Ko now to heat to the Sea Forest waterways, where the Kiwi women's four look to cement their place in the final later this afternoon.

1:03pm - Golf

Ko finds the fairway on the eighth, while Korda continues to struggle with a wayward tee shot into the bunker. 

Ko 233m from the pin on the par five - low and straight and well set for her approach.

12:57pm - Golf

Leader Korda can only watch in horror as two of her chips shots fall on the crest of the hill and roll directly back to her feet. Brutal double bogey.

Ko makes a great effort with her 10-footer, which stops just wide for a tap-in for par.

Game on now, as Ko moves into a three-way tie for first in the hunt for gold.

12:52pm - Golf

Ko tees off on the par-three seventh. Lands it three-feet from the pin but doesn't get the backspin she was after, rolls to the edge of the green.

But her Ashok is in the bunker and Korda off the green, still an opportunity here for the Kiwi. 

12:43pm - Golf

Weather forecast is much more encouraging today, with the scheduled storm set to swerve Saitama.

Ko underhits her putt, tap in for par breaks her four-hole birdie streak.

Ashok birdies, and Ko is back to a two-way share of second.

12:37pm - Golf

Ko with 91m to the pin. Dead on line, just a little too much backspin but still a reasonable putt to birdie.

12:27pm - Golf

Four in a row for Ko! Another birdie moves her to 14-under, two shots shy of leader Nelly Korda.

12:24pm - Golf

50m approach for Ko, stops it on a dime. Four-foot putt for birdie.

12:09am - Golf

Tricky chip shot from the edge of the green for Ko, she almost went for the putter.

Nothing but net! Astonishing shot from Ko, who curls her mini-chip around and down for her third straight birdie. 

Outright second place now for the Kiwi. Three shots off the lead.

12:03am - Golf

Ko a little off line with her opening shot on the the par-three fourth hole, lands the ball right on the edge of the green. Korda and Aditi in similar predicaments.

11:59am - Golf

Down it goes for Ko. Her hot start continues, two birdies through the first three holes to move into a two-way tie for second with India's Ashok.

Korda still four shots clear in No. 1.

11:53am - Golf

Another laser-guided approach shot for Ko, who'll have a superb chance to pick up a stroke with a fairly straightforward putt here.

11:48am - Golf

Right down the fairway for Ko, who's picking up where she left off yesterday.

11:41am - Golf

Straight into the green for Ko on her approach shot. Leaves herself a makeable putt for birdie.

Korda sends an early statement on the same green as Ko, holing a monster putt to extend her lead to four shots (16-under).

Ko follows suit with her own stellar putt, picking up a shot to move into a two-way tie for third.

11:36am - Golf

Right down the middle off the second tee of the day for Ko.

11:30am - Golf

No sign of the inclement weather at the Kasumigaseki Country club - yet.

Ko putts for birdie, three-footer is too strong. A great chance to move back int the top three goes begging.

11:24am - Golf

Japan's Mone Inami has picked up a couple of shots this morning to claim outright third, pushing Ko down to a three-way tie for fourth.

Superb approach shot on the opening hole for Ko, who lays it up for a three-foot putt.

11:20am - Golf

Morena, sports fans. Well here we are, the penultimate day of the Tokyo Games. Gone too soon?

Third-placed Lydia Ko has just teed off in the leading group in her pursuit of another medal.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Tokyo Olympics, where the penultimate day of competition will see Kiwis chasing medals in golf, canoeing and cycling.

By shooting one of the low scores on Friday, golfer Lydia Ko has vaulted back into medal contention, after claiming silver at Rio 2016.

Her five-under 66 was the lowest of the medal contenders and when Japanese Mone Inami bogeyed the last hole, Ko was elevated into a fourway tie for third, which may prove crucial, if the expected bad weather prevents play on the fourth day.

Golf will tee off an hour early, as organisers try to beat the inclement weather, and if no play is possible on Saturday, they may consider playing Sunday - but that's expected to be just as bad, so the tie for bronze may come into play.

Later in the day, golden girl Lisa Carrington and her team return to the water for the K4 500 semis, with a final - and another possible medal, maybe gold - looming. If they manage gold, that would equal New Zealand's biggest previous gold haul of 18 at Los Angeles 1984.

With silvers already to their names, cyclists Ellesse Andrews and Campbell Stewart return to the velodrome, with Andrew progressing to the 1/8 round of sprints and Stewart teaming with Corbin Strong for the men's madison.

On the track, Camille Buscomb will contest the women's 10,000m tonight.

Saturday, August 7


Women's 10,000m final - Camille Buscomb 10:45pm NZ


Women's K4 500 semis & final - Lisa Carrington, Caitlin Regal, Teneale Hatton & Alicia Hoskin 1:14pm NZ & 3:19pm NZ


Women's sprint 1/8 & quarter-finals - Ellesse Andrews 6:33pm NZ & 7:39pm NZ

Men’s Madison 7:55pm NZ


Women's individual strokeplay, round 4 - Lydia Ko 11:42am NZ

Ko surges into medal contention after brilliant third round of Tokyo Olympics golf

Lydia Ko has rocketed into medal contention at the Tokyo Olympics golf tournament, with a stunning third round at Kasumigaseki Country Club.

Beginning the day in ninth position, Ko carded a blemish-free round to end her third day with a five-under 66. That sees the Kiwi at 10-under after three rounds, in a tie for third a short time after the end of her round.

Opening her third round with four pars, Ko birdied the fifth hole as part of a blemish-free front nine, before rocketing up the leaderboard on the back nine.

The Rio de Janeiro silver medallist birdied the 10th hole, and added two more on the 12th and 13th holes to move to nine-under for the tournament - one shot back from the medal positions.

Ko made even par from 14-16, before another birdie on the 17th took her to five-under for her round and 10-under overall, where she'd finish with one last par on the 18th.

As she finished her third round, Ko trailed leader Nelly Korda by five shots and was one shot back of India's Aditi Ashok at 12-under.

Lydia Ko at Tokyo Olympics
Lydia Ko at Tokyo Olympics. Photo credit: Getty

Unlikely to catch Korda, the best result for Ko would be to win silver, equalling her achievement of 2016.

Ko will start her final round in a four-way tie for third place, alongside Japan's Mone Inami, Denmark's Emily Kristine Pedersen and Australia's Hannah Green.

The only potential threat to Ko's hopes of playing for a medal could be the weather, with organisers cautious over a potential storm that would wipe away any hope of a fourth and final round. 

Organisers have outlined that the fourth round will be postponed to Sunday, if required.

New Zealand has already won 19 medals from the Tokyo Olympics, so far taking home seven gold, six silver and six bronze, bettering the return of 18 from Rio 2016.