Public reacts to new Labour leader Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern has taken over leadership of the Labour Party, weeks out from the general election - is it a step towards victory, or a hospital pass?

Ms Ardern has been tipped out as a future Labour Party leader - and Prime Minister -  ever since she entered Parliament in 2008.

She is now the sixth person to lead the Labour Party in the space of just nine years, and victory against National Party leader Bill English would make her New Zealand's second-youngest leader ever.

Ms Ardern has gotten results quick. Since she stepped up, donations to the Labour Party have soared, with party general secretary Andrew Kirton saying $250,000 had been donated since midday on Tuesday and 1000 people had signed up as volunteers by midday on Wednesday.

Her resume includes working for future Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and then-Prime Minister Helen Clark, as well as being President of the International Union of Socialist Youth in 2008.

But does the public think she's ready - and are they confident she can win?

Will Ms Ardern make a good leader - and do you think she is experienced enough to represent NZ internationally?

And most importantly, can she win the election?

We hit the streets to find out.