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Newshub 6pm

Samantha Hayes and Mike McRoberts anchor a team of award winning journalists presenting comprehensive coverage of local and global news.

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Newshub 6pm

Missing 21yo Wairarapa man found dead

1 minute ago

Andrew Rance was last seen at a function on Saturday night.

Watch: A Rangiora mother is pleading for other Cantabrians to get vaccinated against measles.

Passengers flying to Christchurch exposed to measles

6 minutes ago

Anyone who was on the flight is advised to check they're immunised - and quarantine themselves if not.

Watch: UK Prime Minister Theresa May pressured to quit over Brexit mess.

Man jailed for egg attack on UK Labour leader

29 minutes ago

He didn't quite obtain the hero status Australia's egg boy did.

Newshub 6pm

UFC superstar Conor McGregor announces retirement

39 minutes ago

It's not the first time he's claimed to be leaving the sport.

Newshub 6pm

Inappropriate searches of prisoners 'akin to assault' - lawyer

1 hour ago

The department has formally apologised to 15 women and paid them $25,000.

Newshub 6pm

Teina Pora 'doing it tough' after Malcom Rewa sentencing - investigator

1 hour ago

Tim McKinnel says 21 years of wrongful imprisonment have taken a huge toll.

Watch: A US fashion brand's attempt to reclaim the swastika fell flat in 2017.

'What were you thinking': Smith and Caughey's sorry for 'Lynch Mob' coat

2 hours ago

New Zealand designer Salasai chose a dark-skinned woman to model the garment.

Nathan Nukunuku.

Black Sox legend eyeing historic milestone

2 hours ago

Nathan Nukunuku is set to play in his seventh world championships.

Newshub 6pm

Ordeal not over yet for Susan Burdett's family

2 hours ago

Malcolm Rewa has lodged an appeal against his murder conviction.

The remnants of Cyclone Trevor team up with another front.

Cyclone Trevor brings 'new rain-maker' to New Zealand next week

3 hours ago

The South Island is set to get hammered by rain again - and this time, the North will too.

"I am not afraid to say I feel Mossad is behind this."

Jews outraged after mosque leader blames Mossad for Christchurch attack

3 hours ago

"These conspiracy theories are dangerous lies."

WATCH: Kieran Fowler in action at the World Gumboot Throwing Championships.

Dunedin man takes world gumboot throwing title

3 hours ago

And he's revealed the secret to mastering the gumboot throw.

Newshub 6pm

State of Emergency declared in Westland

3 hours ago

Bridges have collapsed and tourists are trapped as the region takes a drenching.

Newshub 6pm

Aussie with severe spasms 'not disabled enough' for benefit

3 hours ago

"I just cried for two days... I don't want to go out in public like this."

Jacinda Ardern said she had been in contact with Facebook since the alleged Christchurch terrorist live-streamed the ordeal online.

Australian PM's legal threat to social media companies

Executives could face jail time if they fail to remove content quickly enough, he warns.

Two girls, with very different experiences of suicide, have stopped others from taking their own lives. One isn't here any more, but Jazz Thornton is determined to make Jessica's life count.

'People die rather than ask for help' - suicide survivor

Documentary Jessica's Tree has already saved lives.

Watch: Christchurch residents are mucking in and helping to share their love for the Muslim community.

Muslim group wants $2m donation for Christchurch victims sent elsewhere

The Chinese donors are urged to hand that sum to their persecuted countrymen instead.

Newshub 6pm

Watch: Bridge destroyed by surging South Island storm

"Have you ever seen anything like it?!"