European flight struck by severe turbulence, flight attendant thrown in air

Terrifying video has emerged of an extreme bout of turbulence on board a plane flying from Kosovo to Switzerland.

The plane from Bulgarian-based ALK Airlines encountered severe turbulence 30 minutes before landing in Basel on Sunday, leaving several passengers injured.

The violent video shows a flight attendant being thrown against the ceiling of the plane while oxygen masks and debris rained down on screaming travellers.

Frightened passengers were hurled forward, with some violently smacking their heads on the seat in front of them.

Several of the passengers on board were scalded due to the beverage cart flying through the air.

Swiss news outlet 20 Minuten spoke to Mirjeta Basha, the poster of the video.

"I was convinced we would fall off. I was scared to death," she said.

"People started screaming and crying. A flight attendant slammed her trolley on the ceiling," Basha told 20 Minuten.

Idriz Brahimj, a passenger on board the Boeing 737 flight told 20 Minuten he suffered a concussion.

"I think I was unconscious for a brief moment," he said.

The flight landed safely at EuroAirport 25 minutes after the turbulence began, 20 Minuten reports.

A spokeswoman for EuroAirport confirmed emergency services attended the scene.

"A Boeing from Pristina landed at EuroAirport with 121 passengers on board at 20:07. 10 people were taken immediately after landing with minor injuries in a hospital in Basel," the spokeswoman said.

The Aviation Herald reports the ALK Airlines flight had encountered a strong downdraft and  the pilot had requested an immediate descent, but no emergency was declared.