US TikToker travelling NZ shares bizarre things Kiwis believe are 'uniquely American'

  • 21/03/2023

Aotearoa and the US have plenty of cultural differences, but an American sharing her travels around New Zealand has shared a video cataloguing the sometimes bizarre things Kiwis tell her are 'uniquely American'.

Carly Koemptgen from Seattle, whose TikTok username is @chasing.carly, won a promotion to land the "world's best job" travelling Aotearoa and Australia creating content for six months while getting paid NZ$5000 per month to do so.

She flew into Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland on February 22 on a working holiday visa and has been travelling in a fully-furnished van since to show how seamless remote work can be.

Koemptgen posted a video after asking "the locals things they think are uniquely American".

While some of the answers are predictable enough, one or two have baffled commenters.

Pickup trucks - generally known as utes in New Zealand - were the first item on the list.

"They're just a lot smaller and less common than they are in the US," Koemptgen said.

Corn dogs, fraternity parties, ranch dressing and the Grand Canyon were all mentioned by the TikToker as being uniquely American according to locals she spoke to, but one thing stood out in particular.

"A love of guns. This is embarrassing," she said.

Fake IDs came up as well as something more common in the US.

"I did not even think about this, but the drinking age is 18 in most of the world so it makes sense why they wouldn't have a need for fake IDs."

However, golden retrievers appears to have been the most confusing item to make the list and Kiwi TikTokers have gone wild in the comments.

"We have golden retrievers lol - that one is the most concerning," one commenter wrote.

"We have corn dogs but we call them hot dogs. And what you call hot dogs we call American hot dogs," said another commenter.

American flags weren't off the table either.

"The sheer amount of American flags everywhere, how big the flags are, Disney adults, hot sauce obsession, patriotism, so many things," said another TikToker.

Koemptgen won out of thousands of content creators who applied from around the world for the job with US company Deel.

"This is my dream job! It combines my passion for creating content and my love of travel," she said upon winning.

She said she brings a unique perspective to the role as she was a social media manager for seven years, and last year she drove a "huge hotdog" across the US.

The 'digital nomad' also gets an allowance for food, healthcare, petrol, parking, and other expenses.

Koemptgen is also hosting polls on her social media accounts allowing viewers to vote on where she goes and what she does next.