CCTV captures California man licking stranger's doorbell

Bizarre CCTV footage has captured a US man licking the doorbell of a stranger's home.  

The man has been identified by the Salinas Police Department in California as 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo.

He was caught licking the doorbell of the Dungan family's home on Saturday night between 2am and 5am (local time).

The cameras also caught Arroyo moving an extension cord to the front yard of the house and relieving himself, US news website KDVR reports.

Homeowner Sylvia Dungan told KDVR, "You kind of laugh about it afterwards because, technically, he didn't harm anybody."

She posted about it on Twitter, saying she's "embarrassed for his family".

"We had just installed our Ring doorbell just less than a month ago. It paid off," she said.

In another post, she said it "was quite disturbing when we first view [the] videos."

When police caught up with Arroyo on Monday, he declined to discuss the allegations against him including bizarrely licking the doorbell.

David Dungan, 67, said he and his wife saw the video on Saturday morning after returning from out of town.

They were alarmed because their children had been inside sleeping.

"This guy's getting some sick jollies off or something," he told local news website The Californian.

The incident garnered national attention and quickly inspired the hashtag #doorbelllicker on Twitter.

"When a doorbell gets more action than you," one person joked on Twitter.

Police have reportedly encountered Arroyo several times.