Customers wield golf clubs in livestreamed KFC rumble

  • 30/03/2019

Customers armed with golf clubs came to the rescue of staff at a KFC store in Queensland after a man allegedly held a knife to a teenager's throat.

The bizarre dinner-time showdown at the fast food restaurant in Marsden, Logan, was live-streamed on social media as an armed robber allegedly threatened workers.

"If you're hungry, grab a bit of chicken and get the f*** out!" one of the men with a golf club can be heard shouting at the robber in the footage.

Worker Peace Tombre revealed that after hearing a commotion, he turned around to witness his colleague in a precarious situation.

"I was working in the back and someone just came in and I heard him yelling and I saw he had a knife to one of my workmate's neck," he recalled. "He was asking for the till, to open the till."

As the attempted robbery unfolded, customers gathered on the other side of the counter with one man filming the drama.

Tombre said he and other colleagues were forced to escape through the drive thru window.

Witness Vai Lefau, who filmed the footage, said the men holding the clubs were "trying to be Tiger Woods".

But Lefau missed the moment the men struck the man, knocking him unconscious before officers arrived and arrested the man.

"By the time I looked back he was sleeping, he was on the floor," Lefau said.

The 40-year-old Park Ridge resident was meant to face a magistrate at Beenleigh court on Friday, but is still recovering in the mental health ward at Logan Hospital. His case has been adjourned until Monday.

The teenage employee escaped injury but is being offered counselling.

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