White supremacist flat-Earther graffiti artist arrested

The term 'flat white' has a whole new meaning, after the arrest of a Californain serial tagger.

Normally this wouldn't make headlines, but in this case he's been accused of spraypainting both white supremacist and flat-Earth messages.

Skyler Gene Butts, 34, was nabbed after a year-long investigation by San Bernardino County police, they said in a statement.

Nazi and flat-Earth messages began appearing in big, bright colours near Colorado River, which runs from the state it's named after, through Utah and Arizona and into southeastern California.

Some of Butts' work, as seen on his Instagram page.
Some of Butts' work, as seen on his Instagram page. Photo credit: Skyrydeinc/Instagram

The far-right tags showed support for the 'Rise Above Movement', which hate group monitor the Southern Poverty Law Centre describes as a "southern California-based racist fight club that first rose to prominence on the racist 'alt-right' rally scene in 2017, and is often photographed in bloody confrontations with protesters".

Several members of the group were charged following the infamous Unite the Right rally of 2017, during which an anti-far-right protester was killed.

Local news station KTLA5 said it was unclear if Butts had any formal connections to Rise Above.

The flat Earth movement has been growing in recent years, and was recently the subject of a Netflix documentary, Behind the Curve, in which members of the group accidentally disprove the bizarre theory.