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New Orleans/Audubon Zoo

Jaguar kills six animals after escape from zoo enclosure

Among the killed zoo mates were four alpacas.

The dangerously faulty hip replacement known as the ASR.

Glimmer of hope after years of pain for Kiwis sold faulty hip replacements

According to one lawyer, the company responsible for the dangerous devices was "laughing all the way to the bank".

Adam Bloom was accused of racial profiling.

US man jobless after 'racist' 911 call about black woman in pool

She was swimming with her child when he confronted her.

A baby raccoon.

US wildlife rescue ends in rabies treatment for 21

woman thought she was rescuing a baby raccoon, but got more than she bargained for.

The indigenous Yanomami tribe live in a remote area near the Venezuelan border.

Brazilian tribe at high risk of death after measles outbreak

"It is extremely likely that people will die unless medical care is provided urgently."


Police Taser unarmed black man

The incident was caught on camera.

Woman fleeing police falls through ceiling.

Woman fleeing police falls through ceiling

Police got the drop on the bumbling crook.


Trump calls out Jimmy Fallon - 'He messed up my hair'

"Be a man Jimmy!"

R Kelly.

R Kelly's ex-wife accuses him of domestic abuse

"I was no longer going to sit and be violated. What he did to me was criminal."

"Watch: 'Changeable' winter is expected for New Zealand this winter."

Scientists discover bizarre link between NZ and US weather

They say the new method of weather prediction is more accurate than ever before.

David Spade.

David Spade donates thousands following his sister-in-law's death

Fashion designer Kate Spade had been battling depression and anxiety.

Kim Kardashian West & President Donald Trump.

Kim Kardashian West won't rule out running for office

"Never say never."

Donald Trump.

Trump announces tariffs on Chinese exports

The move follows his belief the Chinese are stealing the US' secrets.

Barbara Nielsen's son, Damien welcomed her home from a business trip with the embarrassing sign.

Son's hilarious practical joke on Mum at airport

"Welcome home from prison Mom" his sign read.

Hazel Ramirez pictured with her husband Matt Silva and two children.

Deaf woman, service dog punched on flight - police

The victim's children were also pushed, witnesses say.

Lyft driver  asks gay couple to leave his car

Homophobic Lyft driver asks gay couple to leave his car

The duo have since been refunded for the ride.

Kanye Wst was ridiculed last week after a string of contentious twitter posts and claims slavery was a "choice".

Kanye West's antics: Have we all fallen victim to an elaborate ruse?

Some of the rapper's fans says his outbursts are simply "performance art".


New Zealand's 'inevitable' republic: Part two

Sir Geoffrey Palmer says "western democracy is in considerable peril" and that a New Zealand republic is essential.


YouTube shooter's family 'in absolute shock' over attack

Nasim Aghdam's relatives also tried to warn police she was a threat, they revealed.


The White House's revolving door keeps spinning

The current complete list of White House firings and resignations. Subject to change.