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Newshub feature: Why Austin, Texas is America's best kept secret for foodies.

Why Austin is America's best kept secret for foodies

Spicy BBQ, American diners and authentic Mexican cuisine - need we say more?

The boy was filmed on CCTV studying under a street light outside his home.

Businessman builds home for Peruvian boy who studied under street light

A viral video showed the boy studying on the streets because his home has no electricity.

The man was pronounced dead after an emergency landing in northern Mexico.

Japanese man dies mid-flight after swallowing 246 packets of cocaine

The passenger died on an Aeroméxico flight from Colombia to Japan.

Relatives of inmates react in front of a prison complex in the Brazil after prisoners were found strangled to death in four separate jails.

At least 42 dead in Brazil prison clash

42 prisoners in Brazil have been found strangled in four jails in the city of Manaus.

Aidee Mendoza was a student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

'The day is coming': Ominous note left for student days before she was killed

No one knows who shot the 18-year-old.

A man was abused for wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat.

Woman fired after abusing man wearing Make America Great Again hat

"Here's this racist here, he hates brown people, he's crazy, he's a Nazi."

Sean Gourley speaks with Finn Hogan for Newshub Nation.

Is society suffering from 'information diabetes'?

Kiwi tech guru Sean Gourley says more knowledge isn't always better.

Watch: Two alligator gar were fished out of Baiyun Lake.

Chinese park warns visitors not to swim after bizarre creature spotted

Witnesses said the sharp-toothed 'alligator gar' was up to 2m long.

Fuego has erupted several times this year.

Violent volcanic eruption forces thousands to evacuate in Guatemala

This is the fifth eruption from the volcano this year.


White US woman calls cops on black child over 'sexual assault'

Video of 'Cornerstore Caroline' calling the cops has gone viral.

Ljubljana, Slovenia - September 3, 2011: Close-up of McDonalds outdoor sign with  typical rounded yellow M letter against cloudless blue sky. Sign is positioned on the left side of image.

US teen sues Maccas for $2.4m after burns

The incident occurred when she was served a cup of hot water.


Limo in deadly US crash had failed a road safety test

Passengers had sent chilling texts about their safety before the crash.

Women confronted Republican Senator Jeff Flake over Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump grilled over 'scary time for young men' comments

His comments reiterated his support for Kavanaugh as he battles sexual assault claims.

Brett Kavanaugh

Yale classmate claims Kavanaugh has 'not told the truth' about drinking

He "has not told the truth".


'I thought it was a toy': Baby crawling across busy road rescued

The child was mistaken for a toy at first.


Explorers pinpoint location of Captain Cook's Endeavour

Researchers have released photos from their underwater expedition.

Watch: A The AM Show news report on Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Florence: Expect 'total devastation' close to shore

The hurricane is expected to bring life-threatening storm surges and high winds.

Watch: Scott Bainbridge looks into NZ's highest-profile missing cases.

US teen who hid after father's murder found a year on

Jacob Caldwell had been playing video games and watching TV in a basement for 12 months.


Heartbreaking video of immigrant son not recognising mum

The 3yo was separated from his mother for more than three months.

Undocumented immigrant families are released from detention at a bus depot in Texas, USA.

Immigrant families granted permission to reunite in the US

Over 2550 children have been separated from their parents.