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No risk of serious health problems from quarry dust in Christchurch 2 hours ago

Nuisance dust levels are high and strict protocols have been established.


Countdown switching to locally sourced, recycled packaging 2 hours ago

The change will save 177 tonnes of plastic every year from being imported to NZ


NZ stuntwoman Zoe Bell talks Tarantino and Taika Waititi

Not to mention, she's on a mission to save the ecosystem.


Tyre industry appealing for Govt support of recycling

More than 5 million tyres are thrown away each year and the industry now wants Government help.

An orangutan.

Scientists warn mass extinction of primates imminent

Planet of the no apes?

Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David Attenborough wants you to stop using plastic

Focus should be moved to a total plastic ban, not just recycling, he says.

Separated recycling.

The surprising items that can't be recycled

Ever leave a crust in the pizza box or the lid on a wine bottle? You're doing it wrong.

Antarctica is losing its ice three times faster than just six years ago.

If Antarctica melted, this is what will happen to NZ

Hamilton will be underwater, but don't celebrate just yet - your town might be too.


Call for warnings on coffee cups

The move would help combat climate change.

Ruper Stadler.

Audi CEO pulled into Volkswagen emissions cheating probe

It's been almost three years since the car manufacturer admitted to falsifying emissions tests.


The first-ever map of cities that have the worst pollution

It's the beginnings of showing cities how they can reduce their carbon footprints.

James Shaw.

Climate change debate: It's James Shaw's turn to listen

You won't be hearing the Climate Change Minister talk much about climate change over the next few months.

The Productivity Commission has been trying to work out how to transition to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050.

Low-income households could be hit hardest by Govt's climate change plans

The price of some goods and services will increase as we transition to a low-emissions economy.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Elena di Palma spoke to Eric Young following the Government's announcement.

Microbeads to be taken off shelves today

It is now illegal to manufacture or sell products that contain the harmful plastic beads.


Go green for healthy, rich cities - study

It does more than only help the environment, according to research

If National wants the Greens' support in a future Government, the blue team will have to "change a lot", its MPs say.

Zero Carbon Bill consultation begins

Find out how to have your say on what Jacinda Ardern called her "generation's nuclear-free moment".

A pile of crumpled plastic bags.

Govt flip-flops on plastic bags ban

But Newshub understands one is coming - eventually.

A kauri tree infected with the disease.

Humans blamed after 113 native plants added to threatened list

"How much more native vegetation can we afford to pollute?"

Countdown and New Zealand Post are among the NZ-based firms.

Greenpeace casts doubt on industry-led plastic waste pledge

The declaration is a "false solution for tackling the scourge of plastic pollution".


Government set to introduce single-use plastic bag ban

The ban could be announced in "the next few months".