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Some Aussies on the same street live in different timezones.

EU to scrap mandatory daylight saving

The European Commission says seasonal time switches are outdated and the benefits minimal.

Matteo Salvini

Italian Deputy PM calls African migrants 'slaves'

Ministers from other countries grew visibly angry as he spoke.

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama leaves for Europe from northern India.

'Europe belongs to Europeans', says Dalai Lama

He said refugees should return home to "develop their own country".

The aftermath of a bombing in Aden, Yemen, in 2016.

Spain to sell 400 bombs to Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Groups have denounced Western arms sales to Saudi Arabia.


Daylight saving could end in Europe

"Millions ... believe that summertime should be all the time."

The plans aims to ensure a lack of period products won't hinder students' education.

Scotland to make pads, tampons free for all students

The plans aims to ensure a lack of period products won't hinder students' education.


Rose Matafeo wins Edinburgh best comedy show

"Far out. Awesome actually."

The woman had been on the Norwegian Star, and fell overboard 95km offshore while the vessel was returning to Venice.

Woman rescued 10 hours after falling from cruise ship

The ship was 95km off the coast of Croatia when she fell into the sea.

It was a tragedy waiting to happen.

Lloyd Burr: On the ground in Genoa

In the face of heartbreaking adversity Genoa is showing its best side, writes Europe correspondent Lloyd Burr.

Watch: Lloyd Burr speaks to The AM Show about the bridge collapse.

State of emergency declared in wake of Genoa disaster

Thirty-nine people died when a motorway bridge collapsed.

Watch: Lloyd Burr speaks to The AM Show about the collapse.

At least 20 killed in Italy bridge collapse

There are reports of vehicles plummeting up to 45 metres.

Ridvan Zykaj.

Mass killer challenges PM to catch him

Ridvan Zykaj his great uncle, the great uncle's two sons and their wives and three others.

Three people have died in Europe's heatwave.

Experts warn Europe's heatwave could become the norm

"What we see now is a warning sign of what's to come... Human fingerprints are all over [it]."

France flag

France outlaws lewd catcalls

Individuals could face on-the-spot fines of up to $1300.

The whirlpool was spotted on July 18.

Green ocean whirlpool as big as Auckland

It's an incredible sight but not a good one, scientists say.

A previous European Galileo navigation satellite launches from French Guine in 2016.

Europe launches Galileo satellites

The satellites will be part of the EU's alternative to the US Global Positioning System, or GPS.

The #BeActive video encouraged viewers to participate in a 'Haka Challenge' and featured a man performing a messy version of the traditional Māori challenge.

European Commission regrets 'offensive' haka exercise video

A formal complaint was made after the haka was allegedly "treated as a joke".

Lloyd Burr talks about Trump's meeting with Putin on The AM  Show.

Finland trolls Trump ahead of summit

There's even a special edition beer called 'Let's Settle This Like Adults'.

Watch: Massey High principal Glen Denham defends teaching kids drug-use safety.

Shocking levels of meth revealed in NZ's wastewater

Auckland's meth levels are worse than European cities.

Donald Trump.

Trump warned to respect allies

"Appreciate your allies. After all, you don't have that many."