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A dog kept in small, squalid cage at the LPT facility.

Horror animal testing lab with shackled monkeys, injured dogs faces closure after raid

Disturbing footage of the inhumane treatment has been released online.

Police crime scene

Man shoots ex, her boyfriend and family - reports

The suspected murder of five people has rocked an Austrian ski town.

Watch: The annual Glacier Snowline Survey measured the melt-back and warned of a disturbing trend.

Huge glacier on the brink of collapse due to 'climatic factors'

The Planpincieux Glacier is sliding faster and faster.

Watch: The pair in court.

Elderly couple jailed over cocaine smuggling

British pensioners Roger and Sue Clarke were sentenced to eight years in prison.

Watch: Zelensky's comedic presentation opening has made it to the internet.

Ukrainian President trolls world leaders in WhatsApp presentation

"Perks of having a comedian as your President."

Nick Kyrgios, Laver Cup

Kyrgios blames Laver Cup loss on 'hot chick' in crowd

"I'd marry her right now."

Schumacher retired in 2012 but suffered a near-fatal brain injury a year later.

Schumacher 'conscious' after cutting-edge treatment

The Formula One legend's condition has been kept secret for six years.

Stefan Jagsch

Neo-Nazi elected mayor of German town after no one stands against him

Stefan Jagsch's victory has been met with outrage from German politicians.

The cable - all that remains.

Car-sized research station stolen from ocean floor

Divers sent to investigate what they thought was equipment failure discovered a much bigger problem.

UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Brexit chaos: London brought to a standstill during heated day of protests

Boris Johnson's no-deal Brexit plans came crashing down in a political blaze of glory.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis gets stuck in Vatican elevator

The head of the Catholic Church had to be freed by firefighters.

Measles diagnosis

'Worrying trend': Global measles cases three times higher than last year - WHO

"We are backsliding, we are on the wrong track."

The announcement startled many.

Petitions, protests, pandemonium: Fallout of Johnson's historic move

He's successfully requested the Queen suspends Parliament.

The economic summit has promised money to help fight the Amazon wildfires.

G7 summit battles over Russia, Amazon fires and wives

"I hope they will very soon have a president who is up to the job."

Boris Johnson.

EU warns Britain must fulfil financial obligations even if no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson has suggested otherwise.

Giuseppe Conte.

Italian Prime Minister stands down

His Government has been struck by internal conflict.

Policemen outside Paris pizzeria.

Waiter shot dead for not making sandwich fast enough - witnesses

The shooter is reportedly still on the run after the fatal encounter at a Paris pizzeria.

One bottle tested last year had more than 10,000 microplastics per litre.

The air is riddled with microplastics - study

Particles of nitrile rubber, acrylates and paints containing plastics have been found in the Arctic snow.

New Zealand's plastic bag ban was one of the biggest subjects children wrote to the PM about last year.

German Government to ban plastic bags

A timeline for the new law has not been released.

Princess Martha Louise of Norway and boyfriend.

Princess of Norway drops royal title to promote spirituality business

"I am simply Märtha Louise. Let's explore life and go on adventures together."