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Watch: Nigel Farage spoke to Newshub Nation last year.

Throwing milkshakes not a good way to counter hate speech

Hayden Donnell investigates other forms of political protest.

Watch: The Privacy Commissioner is no fan of Facebook.

Fake news and propaganda still rife on Facebook - report

"Millions... have been exposed to the lies, manipulation, and hate."

Watch: Farage spoke to Newshub Nation last year.

Farage hides on campaign bus to avoid milkshake protesters

He might not have had a spare suit on hand.

Viagra is part of the mayor's initiative to boost the local birth rate.

French village plans to offer free Viagra to boost birth rate

The Mayor is hoping it will spark local couples to get sexy.

German B&B hotel in Passau.

Two more found dead in connection to mysterious crossbow murders

More details have been released after the deaths of five people.


Police were 'not aware' of Christchurch terror attack info - Commissioner

Evidence of missed warning signs were recently revealed to Newshub.

The suspect confessed to murdering five foreign women and two girls in Cyprus, disposing of three bodies in a lake.  A number of vigils and tributes to the women have taken place.

Fifth victim of Cyprus serial killer found in suitcase

The self-confessed serial killer has admitted to seven murders.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy

Comedian claims Ukrainian presidency

He has no political experience and few detailed policies.


Why Notre Dame could look very different when it's rebuilt

"The popular view is to get it to look as close to it was... the problem is it'll look like it was built yesterday."

Europe Correspondent Lloyd Burr interviews Professor Anand Menon from King’s College London.

Newshub Nation's guide to Brexit jargon

Don't know your Irish backstop from your customs union? We're here to help.


Brexit a 'Rubik's cube with missing pieces' - expert

He says the one thing British people agree on is that their politicians are failing.

The Morden Mosque which UK man Stephen Bishop plotted to bomb.

Man jailed in UK for plotting to bomb mosque

The plot was an act of revenge for a Manchester Arena terror attack victim.


Flights to Europe for $550 on sale

It's cheaper than ever to fly to the other side of the world.

Steam is the world's most popular online gaming platform.

Game store Steam sued over geo-blocking

Game makers Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Koch Media and ZeniMax are also in trouble.

ABBA is reuniting for a virtual tour.

ABBA to release new music in 'September or October'

The two new songs will be part of the band's much-delayed "virtual tour".

Three men in a sauna

Naked arrest after cop recognises fugitive in sauna

The Swedish officer had just sat down in the steam room when he spied the wanted drug dealer.

In 2017, Max Key spoke about his dreams, regrets, career and being the former PM's son.

'Today is finally the day' - Max Key leaving NZ

"I'm excited, nervous and ready to take on the world," the former PM's son wrote.

Watch: Austria is considering dissolving its local chapter of the Identitarian Movement.

Who is the Austrian far-right leader linked to the alleged Christchurch gunman?

Martin Sellner received a donation from the alleged shooter.

Watch:Christchurch terror attack: Father's heroism confronting shooter

Turkish President used Christchurch shooting footage as a campaign prop

He also showed the alleged gunman's manifesto.

Auckland University Professor David Krofcheck discusses ITER .

A star is built: The race to nuclear fusion

Step inside one of the most daring science experiments on Earth.