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Watch: Butchers have suffered a spate of attacks from vegan activists across the UK and Europe.

Veganism causes 'mental retardation', doctor claims

One of Denmark's leading physicians is warning parents against the diet choice.


Theresa May delays Brexit vote

She’s back off to Brussels to renegotiate.


Brexit plan B? MP suggests copying Norway

Theresa May is adamant it's her deal, or no deal.

Watch: Auckland's underground lava tunnels were unveiled in a 3D exhibition.

Why humans are missing fingers in cave paintings

Archaeologists reckon there's a dark and gruesome explanation.

Protests in France have resulted in hundreds of arrests.

Arc de Triomphe damaged in Paris' worst violence since 1968 uprising

Cleaning the 19th-century wonder might result in permanent damage, officials say.

Protests are getting violent in Paris.

Paris in chaos: 170 arrested in latest 'yellow vest' protests

There are concerns violent fringe groups are taking advantage of the protest movement.

Theresa May.

EU backs Theresa May's Brexit deal

But will the UK parliament?

Italy is said to be pressuring the EU to help more on immigration.

Europe needs to cut immigration to stop rise of right-wingers - Hillary Clinton

She also fired shots at Donald Trump for exploiting the issue.

Aucklanders might not have as much time to evacuate in the event of a volcanic eruption as previously thought.

Historian reveals the worst year in human history

The dystopian 2018 we live in is nothing compared to the horrors humanity faced then.

Warwick Mitchell.

Hundreds of Kiwis commemorate Le Quesnoy WWI victory

"This place is like our second home... it stirs a huge emotion in me."

Gillian Triggs, former head of the Australian Human Rights Commission, talks about free speech.

Woman's conviction for calling Muhammad a paedophile upheld

She said it breached her rights to freedom of expression. The court disagreed.


Racehorse gallops through French betting bar

Panicked customers can be seen leaping out of the animal's way.


Gay penguins 'kidnap' chick from straight couple

They thought the baby's parents were being neglectful, zookeepers believe.

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama leaves for Europe from northern India.

'Europe belongs to Europeans', says Dalai Lama

He said refugees should return home to "develop their own country".

The aftermath of a bombing in Aden, Yemen, in 2016.

Spain to sell 400 bombs to Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Groups have denounced Western arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The plans aims to ensure a lack of period products won't hinder students' education.

Scotland to make pads, tampons free for all students

The plans aims to ensure a lack of period products won't hinder students' education.


Rose Matafeo wins Edinburgh best comedy show

"Far out. Awesome actually."

The woman had been on the Norwegian Star, and fell overboard 95km offshore while the vessel was returning to Venice.

Woman rescued 10 hours after falling from cruise ship

The ship was 95km off the coast of Croatia when she fell into the sea.

It was a tragedy waiting to happen.

Lloyd Burr: On the ground in Genoa

In the face of heartbreaking adversity Genoa is showing its best side, writes Europe correspondent Lloyd Burr.

Watch: Lloyd Burr speaks to The AM Show about the bridge collapse.

State of emergency declared in wake of Genoa disaster

Thirty-nine people died when a motorway bridge collapsed.