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Giuseppe Conte.

Italian Prime Minister stands down

His Government has been struck by internal conflict.

Policemen outside Paris pizzeria.

Waiter shot dead for not making sandwich fast enough - witnesses

The shooter is reportedly still on the run after the fatal encounter at a Paris pizzeria.

One bottle tested last year had more than 10,000 microplastics per litre.

The air is riddled with microplastics - study

Particles of nitrile rubber, acrylates and paints containing plastics have been found in the Arctic snow.

New Zealand's plastic bag ban was one of the biggest subjects children wrote to the PM about last year.

German Government to ban plastic bags

A timeline for the new law has not been released.

Princess Martha Louise of Norway and boyfriend.

Princess of Norway drops royal title to promote spirituality business

"I am simply Märtha Louise. Let's explore life and go on adventures together."

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Second eye-opening map: Former PM compares NZ and Europe again

She's caused the internet to become obsessed.

Related video: Hilarious clip of campaign to get New Zealand on world maps.

How does New Zealand's land mass compare to Europe?

A former Prime Minister has shed light on the issue.

Paris had record-high temperatures.

July breaks records as world's hottest month

Temperatures soared in the European summer.


July becomes the hottest month in history

The UN has issued a warning that immediate action is needed.

Two men became trapped in a shipping container full of cocaine in the Port of Antwerp.

Men trapped in shipping container of cocaine call cops on themselves

The pair were forced to call the police for help as they sweltered on Belgium's hottest day ever recorded.

Johnson was elected on Tuesday.

Johnson's Brexit strategy dismissed by EU

There's little consensus on his first full day as PM.

An unexpected development in a 36-year-old case.

New twist in 36-year search for missing Vatican teen

"It was intense, thinking those could be the bones of my sister."

Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker says Kiwis were hit hard by cyber crime in 2018.

UK police targeted in bizarre hack

The Met Police tweeted and emailed out called for rapper Digga D to be freed.


More heat waves on the way after hottest June worldwide

Latest figures show 157 million people were impacted.

The risky pastime has its dangers.

Airport runway in Greece alarming hotspot for 'plane-spotting' tourists taking selfies

The pastime killed a Kiwi in 2017.

Chernobyl is set to become a tourist attraction.

Site of Chernobyl disaster to become 'official tourist attraction'

"Chernobyl has been a negative part of Ukraine's brand. The time has come to change this."

One person has been killed in a volcanic eruption on the Italian island of Stromboli.

Tourist killed in volcanic eruption on popular Italian island

"These are events of great intensity and quite rare."

Watch: Moa footprints discovered in South Island for the first time.

Ancient bird was twice the size of the moa

Move over, moa - there's a new big bird in town.

Experts warned during a European heatwave in 2018 they could become a common occurrence.

European heatwave intensifies

"The worst is yet to come."

The Kiwi thrash metal group were warmly welcomed by heavy metal fans at a Danish festival.

Thousands of Danish heavy metal fans perform haka for Kiwi group Alien Weaponry

"I think I'm possibly in love with Denmark now."