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Pope Francis.

Pope compares abortion to Nazism

"Children should be accepted... as God allows, even if at times they are sick," he said.

The Secular Education Network says it hsa compiled 772 pages of evidence.

Bible in Schools battle on fast-track to the High Court

The Human Rights Commission says the Secular Education Network's case needs to be heard urgently.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Jeff Sessions.

White House officials cite the Bible in defence of border separation policy

Children are being kept in prison-like conditions, but the White House isn't apologising.

Images were averaged out to give scientists an idea of how many Christian's perceived God.

Is this the face of God? Some American scientists think so

A group of American researchers have accumulated different Christian ideas about what God may look like.

Jesus Christ

Dying like Jesus: Rare victim of crucifixion discovered

He was in his early 30s and lived 2000 years ago - sound familiar?

Gloriavale's new leadership is asking followers to sign away their souls.

Revealed: New document asks Gloriavale residents to sign away souls

But there's a resistance inside the sect that doesn't want to sign it.

Women in niqab are pictured after the Danish Parliament banned the wearing of face veils in public

Denmark adopts niqab ban

Denmark has banned the wearing of face veils in public.

St Patrick's/Twitter

'Homeless Jesus' stops out-of-control truck from killing pedestrians

Jesus saves.


Screaming, Bible-toting woman kicked off Jetstar flight

Twenty minutes into the flight, she began chanting - and it was all downhill from there.

James Ben-Canaan left Gloriavale and took his 11 kids with him.

Gloriavale's bizarre kindergarten photo albums

An ex-member was given books of their kids' childcare memories - with one strange difference.

The Irish government has indicated it's likely to change the law by the end of the year.

Abortion debate: 'Progressive' Ireland set to leapfrog NZ

Pro-choice advocates say Catholic-majority Ireland is leaving NZ behind when it comes to updating abortion laws.

Ireland votes unanimously to legalise abortion.

Ireland votes to legalise abortion in 'quiet revolution'

With results declared in just over half of the 40 voting constituencies, 67 percent backed the proposal.

Pope Francis

Pope picks more of the men who will pick his successor

Pope Francis says he will elevate 14 Roman Catholic prelates to the high rank of cardinal.

Oscar Romero

Bishop murdered by death squad to be made a saint

Bishop Oscar Romero was a champion of the poor who became a human rights icon in Latin America.

Patrick Gower spoke to The AM Show on Wednesday about the two potential leaders.

Gower: The two contenders vying to lead Gloriavale

Meet the two men who want to take over.

Founder Hopeful Christian loved KFC and often shouted feeds for the sect.

Why they wear blue: The most unusual customs from inside Gloriavale

All eyes are on the religious West Coast sect following the death of Hopeful Christian.

Patrick Gower spoke to The AM Show on Wednesday after Hopeful Christian's death.

'Battle for control' brewing in Gloriavale after founder's death

The race is on for Hopeful Christian's replacement.

Supporters of Alfie Evans' parents gathered to remember their son.

Sick toddler at centre of end-of-life debate dies

Alfie had a rare brain condition that left him with almost no brain function, but his parents didn't want him to die.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran calls on Muslim nations to 'stand united against America'

Iran's supreme leader says Tehran would never yield to its arch foe's "bullying".


'Holy' man jailed for life after raping teen

A self-styled Indian holy man who boasts 40 million followers has been found guilty of rape.