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The Irish government has indicated it's likely to change the law by the end of the year.

Abortion debate: 'Progressive' Ireland set to leapfrog NZ

Pro-choice advocates say Catholic-majority Ireland is leaving NZ behind when it comes to updating abortion laws.

The vote has been hailed as a "quiet revolution".

Ireland votes to legalise abortion in 'quiet revolution'

With results declared in just over half of the 40 voting constituencies, 67 percent backed the proposal.

Pope Francis

Pope picks more of the men who will pick his successor

Pope Francis says he will elevate 14 Roman Catholic prelates to the high rank of cardinal.

Oscar Romero

Bishop murdered by death squad to be made a saint

Bishop Oscar Romero was a champion of the poor who became a human rights icon in Latin America.

Patrick Gower spoke to The AM Show on Wednesday about the two potential leaders.

Gower: The two contenders vying to lead Gloriavale

Meet the two men who want to take over.

Founder Hopeful Christian loved KFC and often shouted feeds for the sect.

Why they wear blue: The most unusual customs from inside Gloriavale

All eyes are on the religious West Coast sect following the death of Hopeful Christian.

Patrick Gower spoke to The AM Show on Wednesday after Hopeful Christian's death.

'Battle for control' brewing in Gloriavale after founder's death

The race is on for Hopeful Christian's replacement.

Supporters of Alfie Evans' parents gathered to remember their son.

Sick toddler at centre of end-of-life debate dies

Alfie had a rare brain condition that left him with almost no brain function, but his parents didn't want him to die.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran calls on Muslim nations to 'stand united against America'

Iran's supreme leader says Tehran would never yield to its arch foe's "bullying".


'Holy' man jailed for life after raping teen

A self-styled Indian holy man who boasts 40 million followers has been found guilty of rape.

Pope Francis.

Pope hopes religion can end Middle East wars

The Vatican said a meeting of religious leaders would be an "ecumenical meeting for peace"

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Folau's comments don't amount to hate speech.

Folau a product of 'fire and brimstone Christianity' - Harawira

It comes as a south Auckland minister says he 'cringed' when he heard about Folau's 'hell' comment

Video: The AM Show's Duncan Garner says Folau was just quoting the Bible.

Tattoos and other sins that could send us all to Hell

Haircuts and shaving are both frowned upon in the Bible.


International cult claims Jesus is an alien from Venus

The Aetherius Society say they are a global religion with a global following

Something is going on with Justin Bieber this Easter, and we're not sure what it is.

Bieber bamboozles fans with Easter messages

One minute he's praising Jesus, the next he's making a bunny joke.

A still from the play.

Audience member tries to rescue Jesus during Easter play

He charged on stage mid-show, attacking another man who was playing a Roman soldier.

Pope Francis has condemned society for its shameless pursuit of "ambition and vainglory".

Pope Francis condemns Catholic ministers in Easter address

He said some have been deceived by "ambition and vainglory".


Bar owner wants Easter liquor laws changed

"Not everyone follows the same religion anymore."

A scene from The Exorcist.

Special exorcism course to take place after 'rise in possessions'

One priest says he's seen up to 500,000 requests a year in his area.

Chris is risen

'Chris is risen', church sign declares

Remember the Bible story about the time Chris spent three days in a tomb, before emerging alive?