Air New Zealand Cup

Air New Zealand Cup

Auckland fuel crisis: 1 in 5 Z stations out of premium petrol

More international flights are also expected to be cancelled by the fuel crisis.

Auckland, New Zealand - March 8, 2010: Air New Zealand Airbus A320 parked at Auckland International Airport being loaded with cargo and passengers

Navy tanker to help with fuel crisis

Air NZ says around 2000 passengers a day will be affected.

He joins the board on September 30.

Former Air NZ boss Rob Fyfe joins Air Canada board

He joins the board on September 30.

The plane was forced to turn back for an engineering check-up.

'Massive bang' as Air NZ flight struck by lightning

A passenger onboard the Auckland to Wellington flight said her mind "went to the worst-case scenario".

Air New Zealand Cup

High-flying Father's Day for sick children

A special Air NZ flight took more than 50 kids, superheroes and cartoon characters to the skies.

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A couple's Air NZ luxe getaway surprise? Invercargill

The pair were dismayed after shelling out for a "deluxe" weekend away.

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Drunk airline passenger sentenced to 12 months supervision

She spat in the face of a flight attendant on a flight from Auckland to Christchurch in May.

The airline posted its second highest result in its history.

Air NZ staff to get up to $1700 bonus after big profit

The airline posted its second highest result in its history.

New record low flights to Los Angeles have been released.

Flight price war to LA continues

A limited number of all-time low price flights are on sale.

Air New Zealand Cup

White-knuckle ride into Wellington during severe gales

The plane landed on its second attempt, while other flights had to turn back.

Air New Zealand Cup

US celebs star in latest Air NZ safety video

Kiwi singer Gin Wigmore got a special shout-out from one of the Hollywood stars.

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Air NZ 'racist' for questioning Tongan mum at Premium check-in

The airline has apologised for any miscommunication.

Air New Zealand Cup

Air NZ mocks Qantas with new Lions ad

It comes less than two years after the two airlines bet on the outcome of the Rugby World Cup final.

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The simple trick to finding cheaper flights

You could save more than $100.

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Flights around the world now cheaper than ever

Gateways to the world keep opening, bringing drops in the price of airfares.

Fog covers Christchurch, Christchurch.

Thick fog choking Christchurch

Fog has caused disruptions to some flights in and out of Christchurch.

Air New Zealand Cup

Air NZ releases super cheap winter flights

Flights to the US and Pacific Islands are an absolute steal.


John Key has a new job

Former Prime Minister John Key will become a director on the Board of Air New Zealand.


Jetstar rated worst airline in the world

More than a third of Jetstar customers say they experienced delays or cancellations.

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Air New Zealand rated as Australia's most reputable company

Is this payback after NZ band Crowded House were inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame?