Air New Zealand Cup

The plane circled above Tauranga Airport for an hour and a half.

Air NZ defends 'horrible' handling of stricken Tauranga flight

A spokesperson says pilots did keep passengers updated, all the while landing the plane safely.

Air New Zealand Cup

'It was horrible' - Passengers lash out at crew on stricken Tauranga flight

But the airline says pilots followed standard operating procedures.

Air New Zealand Cup

Circling Air NZ flight lands safely at Tauranga Airport

The aircraft had been circling the airport for around an hour.


How Air NZ will mark the royal wedding

Special service for lounge guests.

Air New Zealand Cup

Shane Jones launches another attack at Air NZ

The airline is hiking up domestic fares by 5 percent.

An Air NZ A320

Air NZ increases services to Dunedin

It's going to be operating five additional A320 services between the city and Auckland.

The plane was forced to turn back to Auckland.

Lightning strikes Rotorua-bound Air New Zealand flight

The plane was forced to turn back to Auckland.

AirNZ Newspaper Advertisement.

Air NZ gives Aussies a serve in newspaper ad

Air NZ is claiming more than just desserts across the Tasman

A 787-9 Dreamliner in flight.

Air NZ loses two planes to engine problem

Two of the airlines 787-9 Dreamliners' engines have to go to Singapore for maintenance.

AirNZ's engine issues explained.

Experts explain exactly what's happening with AirNZ's Dreamliners

AirNZ experts tell us exactly what's happening with their engines.

Air New Zealand and Qantas tails.

Australia's most reputable company is from NZ

Air NZ tops Aussie survey, but falls short in NZ.

Bombardier Dash 8 Q300

Haze in cabin forces Air NZ flight landing

Emergency services met the flight in New Plymouth.

Air New Zealand is working with engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce to resolve the issue.

Air NZ reschedules, cancels some flights due to engine checks

Around 6500 people are thought to be affected.

Air New Zealand engine being checked.

Unpopular airline 'Hi Fly' could be returning to NZ skies

Further issues with Rolls-Royce engines for Air NZ.

A total of 380 engines globally are impacted including the nine in the Air New Zealand 787 fleet.

Air NZ planes affected by engine issue

Nine Air NZ planes are affected by an engine issue where more frequent maintenance checks are required than the manufacturer first directed.

Laser light in cockpit.

Police probe after laser strike hits Air NZ flight

The incident happened in Kerikeri.

Boeing Dreamliner

Air NZ announces new Trans-Tasman routes

It comes just days after the airline's high-profile split from Virgin Australia.

Singapore Airlines A350

Trip Advisor releases best airline list - where does Air NZ sit?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Air NZ has flown high above most of its much larger competitors.

Air New Zealand 777-300.

Air NZ flight forced to return to Auckland

The flight was bound for LA.

Air New Zealand is parting ways with Virgin Airlines.

Air NZ, Virgin to end trans-Tasman alliance

A spokesman said our national airline has the clout to go out on its own.