Gay couple hugging.

Stonings and executions: Where not to travel as a gay couple

DeGeneres puts spotlight on same sex travel.


Mai tais, champagne and candles: What's the occasion?

These milestones are an example of growth in travel here and overseas.

Cute Puppy.

Puppy's plane death to be probed by US authorities

United Airlines has faced fresh backlash over a puppy that died in-flight after a cabin attendant ordered it stowed in an overhead bin.

Airbus A330 Hi-Fly aircraft.

Air NZ describe current fleet situation as 'challenging'

Aviation expert says Air NZ's service is so good, any drop in standards is noticeable.

A self-piloted air taxi is being tested in Canterbury.

World-first air taxi to be tested in Canterbury

There are hopes it could lead to a fully operational fleet in years to come.

The debate split the panel on The AM Show.

The worst people to fly with - recliners, bare-footers or farters?

The debate split The AM Show panel - take the poll.

Plastic waste in water near Bali.

Extent of human waste in oceans caught on camera

The video, filmed near Bali, shows just how bad plastic pollution has got.

Could Trump expand his empire to North Korea?

Five things Donald Trump can do in North Korea

North Korea is one of the least travelled places on earth. So what will Trump do when he's there?

Auckland skyline

The New York Times' gushing review of Auckland

"Auckland's personality, like New Zealand's, is laid-back and outdoorsy, but its sophistication shines."

Carnival Splendor at sea.

Carnival Splendor cruise to service Australian guests year-round

Over 800,000 Aussies have cruised with Carnival since they launched five years ago.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cafe meal.

Ever wanted to eat the very hungry caterpillar? Now you can

Hungry Caterpillar Cafe opens in Japan.


Hawaiian Airlines picks Boeing over Airbus

The Dreamliner will open up plenty of destination options.

Air NZ Economy Skycouch Infant Harness

Air NZ's kids-couch could make family flights a whole lot easier

A new 'infant pod' is also in the works.


Drone forces 20 aircraft to delay landing at Auckland Airport

One plane had to wait so long that it diverted to an Air Force base 500km away.


Naked passenger tied up and dragged from plane

After watching porn the man became aggressive at attendants on the Malaysian flight.

Panoramic view of La Paz from Tupac Katari Mirador

The top five things to do in La Paz, Bolivia

From cholita wrestling to witches markets, it's no wonder the city is one of the planet's hottest new travel destinations.

United Airlines 737-800

Blind passenger put in wrong plane

A blind American woman has finally been reunited with her daughter after airline mix up.

Are we sick of novelty safety videos?

Have we reached peak safety video madness?

Is it time to go back to basics with safety on-board airplanes?

Customs Cafe on Ghuznee Street

Wellington's five best coffee spots

New Zealand's capital city has dozens of amazing cafes - here are the best of the best.

Maraetai coastal walk at sunrise.

Five walks that'll make you see Auckland differently

You don't need the Waitakere Ranges to enjoy an amazing walk in Auckland.


Weather chaos grounds thousands of passengers in the UK

More than 500 flights have been cancelled across England and Scotland.

Obama will be visiting New Zealand soon.

The O-bar-ma crawl: Nine bars Barack should visit to see the real NZ

We asked our staff where he should go for a true Kiwi night out while he's here next month.

From dishes to the mile high club.

How to keep your flight attendants on side

If you want better service in the sky, here's what not to do.

How much?! Avoid expensive roaming charges.

How to avoid a shocking roaming bill

We've all heard horror stories, but it's easy to avoid a monster bill from your mobile company.

Pack light or pay the price.

The most important thing to know before checking in

The number one most complained about air travel cost is also the easiest to avoid.


Calls for 'insensitive' safety video to be withdrawn

Even some of those involved in the video's creation are uncomfortable with it.

Emirates launching a Auckland-Bali-Dubai route in June.

Emirates launching Auckland-Bali-Dubai route

The airline says it'll be the only year-round flight between Auckland and Bali.