Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters

It all comes down to this.
It all comes down to this. Photo credit: Newshub.

With nearly 200 people working in 17 live locations across New Zealand, Newshub's live election coverage is bigger than it's ever been before.

All of this will come together on this page, where we'll have the highs and lows of the night, as well as the biggest breaking news as it happens.

As it happened - this live updates article is now over.


11:55pm: And with that, we're wrapping up our Decision 17 coverage. As Newshub's Patrick Gower put it: "It's now become Negotiation 17."

Special votes have yet to be counted and Labour and the Greens remain hopeful it could have an edge for them and their numbers.

But until then, it's Winston's game and Winston's choice. He won't say who he's going with tonight and the only thing he'd be drawn on is that he'll make a call by the time the final results are released.

Tune in again on Sunday morning for Newshub's coverage on what happens next, with this volatile election clearly still having some surprises left in it.

11:50pm: 99 percent of the votes have been tallied and it's down to Winston.

National needs him, and Labour and the Greens need him. Winston Peters may have just 7.5 percent of the vote, but he holds the power and he knows it.

National's on 46 percent, Labour on 35.8 percent and Greens are on 5.8 percent.

By seats, National has 58, Labour 45, the Greens seven. NZ First has nine - enough to tip either across into the 61 needed for a majority.

Special votes, including those who enrolled and cast an advance vote at the same time, and overseas votes have yet to be counted, leaving the Greens' James Shaw hopeful they could still drag up some extra seats.

But Mr Peters has told people to be "patient" and won't commit to a coalition partner tonight.

11:45pm: In his first interview after his speech tonight, Bill English has said it was great to give a speech after a "good result for National".

He said his next move from here is to get in touch with Winston Peters, reiterating he's trying to find "common ground" with the NZ First leader.

He said he hasn't spoken with Mr Peters yet and wouldn't be drawn on what the negotiations might result in.

"He's indicated he doesn't want to be rushed, we don't want to be rushed," Mr English said.

"[The result is] a mandate for some change."

Mr English was clearly tired after a long and exciting night, slurring his words and often stumbling over his sentences.

11:40pm: The party appears to be over at the Labour HQ, shortly after Bill English made his speech at the National HQ.

Despite five remaining attendees enjoying themselves with a rousing dance party, the music and lights cut off abruptly just after Jacinda Ardern left the building.

The five dancers let out "a loud gasp" when it was shut down, Newshub's Daniel Rutledge says.

Meanwhile at the National HQ, people have begun filtering out slowly.

"But [there's] still a great mood in the room," Newshub's Emma Hurley says.

'Let's Get Together' began playing again after the speech finished.

11:24pm: "The voters have spoken and now we have the responsibility of working to give... a strong and stable Government," Bill English has declared.

"Just short of half of all New Zealanders have voted for National and 10 percent more than our nearest rivals."

In his speech, Mr English said the next step will be decided through negotations.

"The voters have given New Zealand First the role of forming the next Government. In the next few days we'll begin discussions with New Zealand First."

He said he would try to find "common ground" with Winston Peters.

"Being in Government is not about us. It's about delivering for New Zealanders. It's about delivering for every New Zealander. It's about our mission to strength the economy and change lives one by one."

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

11:16pm: With 97.5 percent of the vote counted, Bill English has arrived at the National Party HQ.

His party is sitting at 46.1 percent - earning 58 seats.

11:13pm: Labour's HQ is filled with people and the mood is still bright.

During Jacinda Ardern's speech, there was one enthusastic attendee who screamed and at one point called: "Yes Queen!"

This was not her, but another cheerful attendee - a famous drag queen known as Miss Ribena.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

11:09pm: Winston Peters has re-appeared at the NZ First HQ, glass of wine in hand and clearly in a good mood.

"He's grinning ear to ear and joking with supporters," Newshub's John-Michael Swannix says. At one point he paused to sign a large cardboard cut-out of himself.

He's back after heading out about half an hour ago, after a speech warning people to "be patient" when it comes to which party he'll side with to form a Government.

He's currently behind in his Northland electorate, which has been neck-and-neck with National throughout the night.

With 87 percent of the vote counted, he's more than 1000 votes behind. He could still surge ahead and claim victory if he manages to win a decent chunk of the remaining votes to be counted.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

10:59pm: Jacinda's just delivered her speech and now Bill English is making plans for his own.

Sitting on 46.2 percent, he tweeted a simple message, alongisde an image of him looking at a speech.

"Ready," he said.

He's expected to make his way to the National HQ shortly.

Meanwhile former Prime Minister Sir John Key maintains it was a good call for him to step down this year, leaving Mr English to take the reins.

"Bill's run a tremendous campaign," he said, adding he was very happy with the results so far.

10:53pm: Jacinda Ardern is making her speech, and the vote counter has just ticked over 95 percent.

Using a rugby analogy, she said she's "come off the field knowing we've gave it our all".

National is on 46.2 percent, Labour on 35.7 percent, NZ First on 7.5 percent and the Greens on 5.9 percent.

"Bill English and National have gained the largest number of votes," Ms Ardern said, adding that she had called him and told him so.

She said the final outcome will be decided by MMP, saying: "I cannot say at this point what decision other leaders will make."

One particularly enthusiastic supporter can be heard shouting during Ms Ardern's speech, at one point calling out: "YES QUEEN!"

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

10:47pm: Jacinda Ardern has arrived to a chorus of cheers and chanting at Labour's Auckland HQ.

It's cramped and crowded, with a horde of media and voters attending - pure pandemonium.

"This is mindblowing for Jacinda Ardern. At the beginning of the year, she was a list MP. Remember that," Newshub's Duncan Garner says.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

10:36pm: Green Party leader James Shaw has taken the stage with some tough words and a slightly bizarre take on things.

Despite National holding a significant lead, Mr Shaw said it's actually Labour and the Greens who have come out triumphant.

He said once special and overseas votes are counted, NZ First, Labour and Greens will have the majority.

"New Zealanders have voted for change!" he declared.

He said he and Jacinda Ardern will "discuss pathways for a new Government" and agreed he has "some things" in common with NZ First.

Mr Shaw also said he was pleased with the 5.9 percent result they've secured, with 92 percent of the vote counted.

The party plummeted in the polls after Metiria Turei's benefit scandal and subsequent resignation, and at one point it looked as though they wouldn't make it back in Parliament.

"This has been the fight of our lives, but we're still here," Mr Shaw said.

On the current count, a Labour-Green-NZ First coalition secures 61 votes - just enough for a majority.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

10:32pm: Winston Peters held a surprisingly early speech tonight and it doesn't appear to have been planned much ahead of time.

In fact, he borrowed Newshub's John-Michael Swannix's notepad in order to plot out his notes.

In the end, Mr Peters didn't reveal many details in his speech, instead saying people will have to "be patient" to see which party he might align with.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

10:29pm: Ninety percent of the vote has been counted and the future is looking blue.

National's maintained its lead at 46.2 percent, with Labour more than 10 points behind on 35.7 percent.

NZ First's on 7.5 and the Greens on 5.9 percent.

By seats, National's got 58, with its partner ACT securing its single seat, Labour on 45, NZ First on 9 and Greens on 7.

They need a majority of 61 seats to form a Parliament and if things keep steady, National won't be able to govern without either NZ First or the Greens.

10:25pm: Jacinda is almost at the Labour HQ and a massive media scrum has gathered to welcome her.

As well as locals, at least 50 international media flew in to attend, Newshub's Jenna Lynch says.

10:22pm: Mana's Hone Harawira says he probably won't run again if he loses the Te Tai Tokerau seat.

He's currently trailing by more than 880 votes, with 67 percent counted, to Labour's deputy leader Kelvin Davis.

Mr Harawira has battled to score a deal for the electorate, which he used to hold, as Mr Davis is virtually guaranteed to enter Parliament anyway as a list MP.

However Mr Davis wasn't keen, at one point accusing Mr Harawira of trying to enter Parliament on "Labour's mana".

10:19pm: Former Labour leader Andrew Little says there's still a chance for Labour, despite the party trailing.

It's behind by more than 10 percentage points at the moment, with 87 percent of the vote counted.

He said special votes still have to be counted, which he says often tend towards the left.

Mr Little stood down as leader after Labour dropped to an historic low in polls, clearing the way for Jacinda Ardern to take over as boss.

10:11pm: Jacinda Ardern has headed out from her Pt Chevalier home to go to Labour's HQ.

The party is currently at 35.6 percent, with 85 percent of the vote counted.

"Obviously we hope for better," she told waiting media.

She said they weren't going to talk to Winston Peters until later.

And just before she headed out, Ms Ardern could be heard thanking several young children for the cookies they gave her.

Ms Ardern only picked up the leadership job seven weeks ago, and has already promised to stay in the job after the results are out, win or lose.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.
Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

9:54pm: Winston Peters has wrapped up his campaign tonight but he's not saying whether he'll back National or Labour in Parliament.

At 7.4 percent, NZ First has still managed to lock its entry into Parliament - but while he's still holding the 'kingmaker' position, he's not committing to who he'll back tonight.

"We may not have all the cards, but we do have the main cards... The decision we'll make is not going to be a premature, but we'll make a decision in the interest of all New Zealand, and New Zealand First," he said.

He said he'll talk to his board, supporters and MPs before making any decisions.

He did promise there will be a decision "well before" October 12 and asked people to be patient.

Mr Peters is in a tight race for his Northland seat, trailing by around 40 votes behind National's Matt King with 42 percent of the vote counted.

After his bullish speech, Mr Peters made his escape, pursued by media.

"Winston Peters is literally being chased by media out," Newshub's Sarah Templeton says.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

9:48pm: Mana is on just 0.1 percent and trailing in the Māori electorates, but things are light at the HQ in the Far North.

As the results keep pouring in, leader Hone Harawira and his whanau have had a sing-along.

9:41pm: Two-thirds of the vote counted, and the Māori Party could be on its way out, while National is only just shy of enough seats to let it govern alone.

Consistently sitting on 46.6 percent, National would get around 58 seats. ACT would bring it up to 59, then only two more seats would be needed to form a Government.

As the vote count continues, Labour has slid in the polls. After a valiant effort it's now down to 35.5 percent. Combined with the Greens, which is on 5.9 percent, they're still trailing National.

As it stands National will still need a coalition partner to form a Government - likely NZ First, unless the Greens take Gareth Morgan's words to heart and shift to the right.

Newshub is live on Facebook at National's election party - watch the video below.

9:31pm: The Opportunities Party's Gareth Morgan has called for the Green Party to side with National in the upcoming Government, as he made his concession speech.

The party, founded just last year, has only managed to pull together 2.1 percent of the vote, with 63 percent counted.

During his concession speech, Dr Morgan said his party has been able to "awaken the young people" and says a number of their votes won't have been counted yet as they will have cast special votes, enrolling while advance voting.

"I'm ever hopeful and I've got to be hopeful," he said, as laughter broke out across the room.

He called for the Greens to join with National instead as that's what TOP would've done if it made the threshold.

"I'm going to lay down a challenge to the Green Party. I want them to do what we would've done... and say to National, 'We will work with you. We want to work on the environment no matter who the Government is'," he said.

"The question I'm asking the Green Party, is are you actually green? From where I stand you're only green part time and that's not good enough for New Zealand."

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

9:24pm: John Key's old electorate of Helensville is sure to remain blue, with candidate Chris Penk taking out an incredible 6500 vote lead over Labour's Kurt Taogaga.

The results brought out a cheer at National's HQ, where Mr Penk hasn't been able to attend as his wife only just had a baby.

Instead, he's being represented by a cardboard cutout - and attendees have been pleased to pose with it.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

9:16pm: Halfway there and National is widening its lead over Labour.

Labour's fallen back to 35.5 percent, with National still sitting at around 46.7 percent.

With NZ First on 7.3 percent and Greens on 5.9 percent, Labour's running out of chances to form a Government.

When it comes down to seats, Labour, the Greens and NZ First only make up 60 seats - just shy of the 61 needed to form a majority.

"This election so far looks like it's National's to lose," Newshub's Patrick Gower says.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

9:09pm: 42 percent of the vote has been counted and the Greens are sitting on 6 percent.

It's not as high as they polled earlier in the year, but still they've managed to claw back after co-leader Metiria Turei's resignation. At one point it looked like they wouldn't make the 5 percent threshold.

The result's just high enough for newcomer and Auckland mayoral candidate Chlöe Swarbrick to come into Parliament as a list MP, while other high-flier Golriz Ghahraman would just miss out, along with Mojo Mathers, who was New Zealand's first deaf MP.

At the Greens' HQ in Auckland, the energy is "buzzing", Newshub's Scott Palmer says.

"But no one seems super happy except Chlöe, Golriz and their supporters. No one watching the live polling updates is smiling," he says.

9:02pm: With the gap widening in Northland, Winston Peters has finally reappeared at his own party after vanishing around an hour ago.

But his disappearance hasn't upset his supporters. Sixty-five-year-old Barry Goodey took the opportunity to thank NZ First's leader for the Gold Card.

He said he was a "staunch supporter" of Mr Peters and his wife Christine was in agreement.

She told Newshub he's been doing a great job and NZ First is to be admired for "fighting for what they believe in and fighting for the older people".

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

8:59pm: A major battle is going on in the Hutt South between Labour and National.

It's neck and neck in the Wellington electorate and could easily swing either way.

With 32.8 percent of the vote counted, there's only 133 votes separating Labour's Ginny Anderson and National's Chris Bishop.

8:56pm: While things are getting brighter at the National HQ, the same can't be said over at Labour.

While things started pretty "upbeat and party-like", it's starting to get gloomier, Newshub's Daniel Rutledge says.

"Gradually it's quietening down and getting more serious, with less frequent cheers over results," he said.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

8:52pm: With a third of the vote counted, things are looking good for National.

It's sitting on 46.4 percent, with Labour on 35.9, NZ First on 7.2 and Greens on 6.2, and the latest Newshub update brought cheers from those at National's HQ.

By seat count, National still hasn't managed to muster up enough to govern alone. Even with ACT's help, it's still only got 58 seats out of the 61 needed for a majority.

It'll need NZ First's help to make it over the line - but the same goes for the Labour-Greens coalition.

Mr Peters has repeatedly said he'll be negotiating with who he wants to, not which party gets the most votes first.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

8:45pm: Things are heating up in Auckland Central - the seat Jacinda Ardern couldn't win.

She may be Labour's leader now and sitting comfortably in the stronghold of Mt Albert (currently 5000 votes ahead of her National competitor, with 30 percent counted), but last election she was battling for Auckland Central.

There's a pitched battle raging in the electorate now and the race is too close to call.

With 23 percent of the vote counted, National's Nikki Kaye is digging in and holding on with a mere 250 vote lead over Labour's Helen White.

Coming in third is the Green's Denise Roche, almost 2000 votes behind Ms Kaye.

As the count keeps going, the lead is constantly changing. Who will claim the seat remains to be seen.

8:36pm: Winston Peters is at risk of losing his Northland seat, but you wouldn't be able to tell if you were at the NZ First HQ in Russell.

Newshub's John-Michael Swannix says the mood is "jubilant" and people are "pretty stoked".

"They're optimistic it's going to get better for them," he says.

Northland had been a National stronghold before Mr Peters claimed victory. This election it's tight. With 15 percent of the vote counted, National's Matt King is leading over Mr Peters by around 100 votes.

Mr Peters' brother and the party's Northland electorate chairperson Jim Peters wanted to remind Newshub it's previously been a strong National seat.

"To retain the seat in full election mode was always going to be tough," he said.

With 28 percent of the vote counted, NZ First is sitting at 7.1 percent. Both Labour and National still need its help if they're to form a majority.

"The final fight at midnight will still be in the hands of New Zealand First," Jim Peters said.

8:23pm: There's a DJ setup at Labour's HQ, but will Jacinda Ardern be spinning some tracks?

Phil Twyford remained mum when asked by Newshub.

"Her influence is very pervasive," he said.

Even though Labour's trailing 10 points with nearly a quarter of the vote counted, Mr Twyford still thinks the election has been a good experience.

"It's the decision that New Zealanders have made. That's the really exciting thing about democracy," he said.

It's certainly been an exciting election for Labour. After reaching a record low in the polls this year, it soared back up when Ms Ardern took the reins.

Even though Labour's behind National at the moment, at 36 percent that's still higher than it polled with Andrew Little at the helm.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

8:15pm: The Young Nats have arrived by busload to National's HQ in Auckland, and they're excited to see what happens tonight.

Youth voting has been a key discussion point of this election lead-up but its president says young voters are just like the older ones.

"Young voters don't want to grow up in a country which is burdened with debt and high taaxes, no different to any other voters," he told Newshub.

Things are looking for National, currently holding a 10-point lead over Labour with 22 percent of the vote counted.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

8:09pm: National's Denise Lee holds 5223 votes with 27.9 percent of them counted in Maungakiekie - while Labour's Priyanca Radhakrishnan has claimed 4528 votes thus far.

Young rising Greens star Chloe Swarbrick has only 1137 votes at this stage. If the Greens win 5.6 percent of the party vote, Ms Swarbrick, 23, will enter Parliament as a list MP, becoming the youngest MP in 42 years.

Whoever wins Maungakiekie will become new MP - and the electorate is considered a bellweather seat which reflects a general mood of the nation as a whole.

Labour held the seat between 1999 - 2005, before National claimed it and has held it since. 

8:01pm: Gareth Morgan isn't too surprised by his party's low results, saying he'll move on.

But while he claims he's not that affected, he's hit out quite brutally at New Zealand voters during a live chat with Newshub.

"I'm incredibly disappointed. They're screwing the younger generation. You bet they're selfish," he said.

Twenty percent of the vote has been counted, TOP has been consistently sitting at 1.9 percent - well below the 5 percent threshold.

When asked, Dr Morgan said it could be a landslide victory for National.

"Well it looks like it, doesn't it," he said.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

7:55pm: Things are looking good for National to retain its Helensville seat, despite former Prime Minister John Key quitting earlier this year.

Its new candidate, Chris Penk, is holding an impressive 4300 vote lead over Labour's Kurt Taogaga, with 20 percent of the vote counted.

National's also sitting pretty in Clutha-Southland, despite incumbent Todd Barclay resigning after it emerged he had secretly recorded a staff member in his office.

The scandal doesn't appear to have shaken his electorate though, with replacement Hamish Walker holding a more than 5000 lead over Labour with 27 percent counted.

7:49pm: The rooms are filling up as young voters start to arrive at both the National and Greens HQs.

Maybe it's the carbon-neutral wine drawing attendees to the Greens.

Meanwhile at the National HQ, there's a subdued atmosphere. The room is slowly filling up, with a busload of Young Nats expected to arrive shortly.

Seventeen percent of the vote has been counted with National on 46 percent, Labour on 36.6 percent, NZ First on 7 percent and 6.1 percent.

7:41pm: A huge cheer has been heard in Labour's Auckland HQ as the Auckland Central results came up on screen.

It was the biggest cheer of the night, showing a large, surprising lead for Labour's Helen White, with 12.3 percent of the vote counted. 

She's battling National's Nikki Kaye for the seat - who beat now-leader Jacinda Ardern for Auckland Central in 2011.

Current results have Ms White on 1166 and Ms Kaye on 996, followed by Green's Denise Roche on 281.

A second cheer was heard with the Christchurch Central results, showing Duncan Webb over Nicky Wagner.

7:36pm: Newshub's Lloyd Burr and Sarah Templeton are live on Facebook at the NZ First event in Russell.

They say it's a real "party atmosphere".

They were able to briefly chat with Mr Peters on air but he wasn't keen to hang around - potentially heading off to talk with Dame Jenny Shipley instead.

Apparently, he wasn't happy to see her.

Watch below.

7:33pm: Gerry Brownlee looks set to take the central Christchurch electorate of Ilam.

Mr Brownlee, National's fourth-ranked minister, has held the electorate since 1996.

With 13.9 percent of the vote counted, the 61-year-old has 4854 votes to independent candidate Raf Mani's 2417.

Mr Manji was expected to provide the Minister for Civil Defence with his toughest competition, while Labour's Anthony Rimell is further back on 2044.

7:31pm: 10 percent of the vote has been counted, so how does that actually translate to seats?

National's on 46.5 percent, Labour 36.4 percent, NZ First 7.1 percent and Greens on 5.9 percent.

In seats, that makes 58 for National, 45 for Labour, 9 for NZ First, 7 for Greens.

With those numbers, NZ First is still needed to turn the tides for either National or Labour to form a Government with a 61-seat majority.

7:25pm: Gareth Morgan's made his appearance - at the bar Meow, in Wellington.

It's an interesting bite of humour for The Opportunities Party's leader, who is notorious for his feelings towards cats.

With 8.8 percent of the vote counted, he's sitting at 1.9 percent - nowhere near the 5 percent threshold to enter Parliament without an electorate.

Dr Morgan has maintained his party will get a better result than has been seen in the polls thus far.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

7:19pm: Five percent has been counted and National is creeping ahead, but Labour's not giving up without a fight.

Combined with the Green Party, the two still have a chance.

National's on 45.9 percent, Labour on 36.4 percent, NZ First on 7.2 percent and Greens on 6.2 percent.

The hosts of Newshub's Election Special have shared their own thoughts about what the final results will be.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters

7:14pm: Over at the Greens' HQ in Auckland, things are kicking off with some lovely "carbon-neutral" wine.

There's also some nice bread and cheeses for people to nibble on.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

7:10pm: Live on Newshub, Mr Peters said his early arrival wasn't a sign of his confidence, but respecting the fact a number of his supporters spent several hours travelling to visit.

He wouldn't speculate on the night's results.

"I'll leave it all up to you guys, you're the experts," he said.

Unusually though he hasn't spent much time talking to his supporters, instead he's been spending most of his time with the media and his brothers

7:07pm: We're now at 1 percent of the vote counted and things are incredibly close.

National's on 43.7 percent, Labour on 38.5 percent, NZ First and Greens very close on 6.9 percent and 6.3 percent respectively.

7:05pm: The first of the provisional results are in and Labour and National are neck-and-neck.

Both are on 42.3 percent - but it's changing all the time.

Newshub election live updates: 99 percent counted and it's all down to Winston Peters
Photo credit: Newshub.

7:02pm: Winston Peters has turned up unprecedentedly early for his party's event.

Mr Peters was there just after 6:45pm, for a drink and some family time, he said.

Mr Peters could end up holding the balance of power in this election - current polling shows both National and Labour need him to get enough seats to form a Government.

But his election day hasn't been very busy.

"I've been doing domestic duties today, washing windows and the floors," he said.

There was also a surprise visitor in Russell - former Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley, who famously had a falling-out with Mr Peters several decades ago.

She said she was just out for dinner.

7:00pm: The polls have just closed and it's time to kick off the election night coverage.

More people have early-voted this election than ever before - almost a million people. Results are set to come in early.

The Electoral Commission estimates all early votes will have been counted by 8:30pm, so keep checking in for more updates.