Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal discuss the 'amazing, difficult' achievement of All of Us Strangers

The Hollywood awards season is in full swing and charming red carpets and reporters from LA to London are Irish actors Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, promoting their film All of Us Strangers.

With a love affair on-screen and a loving friendship off-screen, the two Irishmen have been winning hearts across the globe.

Mescal broke out in the book to screen barnstormer Normal People before his Oscar-nominated outing in Aftersun.

Scott is forever burned into the heathen hearts of Fleabag fans everywhere as the hot priest.

The two play lovers Harry and Adam in All of Us Strangers and their fans couldn't be more delighted.

"Already, one thing we do know is that the audiences who have seen it are bowled over by it and have had such an emotional and cathartic reaction to it," Scott told Newshub.

From acclaimed British filmmaker Andrew Haig, All of Us Strangers is a beautiful, bewitching ghost story with an intimacy borne of the production itself.

"This film felt like, for all intents and purposes, a student film. I don't really remember there ever being more than four or five people in the room," said Mescal.

"When filming something in this day and age it's rare to do it with that degree of intimacy. I don't mean in terms of the content of the film, I mean in the actual process of making something. It makes you so close."

The pair recommend Kiwis see this film on the big screen.

"You go and see it as a collective experience. People say they're really aware of the other people in the cinema with them, because they can hear them laughing so much, but more than that they can hear them audibly crying and being shook," said Scott.

"That's really amazing and a difficult thing to achieve."

There are plenty of red carpet events to come for these two men as their film has been nominated for a swathe of awards at the upcoming Independent Spirits and BAFTAs.