MAFS Australia: Ridge Barredo slammed for immature wedding day behaviour

New Married at First Sight Australia groom Ridge Barredo has been slammed for his wedding day behaviour with commenters saying he and his groomsmen were "as mature as 10-year-olds".

Barredo was married to single mother Jade Pywell in one of the surprise final weddings of the latest season, which is streaming on ThreeNow.

However, his comments before the wedding ceremony are being sharply criticised by online commenters, many of whom were less than impressed at his antics and choice of language.

"I need to be attracted to her. Cause, at the end of the day, I'm not gonna get hard for her personality," he said before his nuptials.

"I don't need her tellin' me how good lookin' I am. I tell myself that every day."

The backlash has been swift against the 27-year-old, with his antics being labelled by one Australian news site as the behaviour of someone who "watched too many re-runs of Entourage".

But his bride-to-be had warned show producers: "If he's cocky, I will not be able to hide my facial expressions."

"So you telling me of all the men you can find, you thought Ridge was the man suitable for a woman with a kid? OK," one said on the Married at First Sight Australia Facebook page.

"Ridge & his groomsmen are bloody ridiculous, clearly they have no self-awareness," another commented on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Others were surprised at Barredo's day job.

"How does someone as juvenile and as self-absorbed as Ridge become a psych nurse? Doesn't that actually require empathy, selflessness and respect," one said.

"He seems lovely but with his mates he is either immature or is trying really hard to be funny. I was very shocked considering he is a psychiatric nurse," another said.

But some fans have said they "actually like him".

"Life's serious enough. I think he's cute and funny," one wrote.

It is not the first time this season the behaviour of the groomsmen has come under fire. In the first episode of the current season, participant Tim Calwell's best man's racy speech was widely condemned as "incredibly disrespectful" and "disgusting".

Relationship expert John Aiken told Newshub he "cringed like everyone else" at the speech. 

"When I heard that best man speech, I thought the way it began was appalling. And then it just got worse," Aiken said.

"My biggest worry was, well, this guy is going to blow up this match that we've spent months making because the bride is going to look at this best man and go, well, if he's who you hang around with, maybe you're not the right person for me."

Full episodes of the current season of MAFS AU are streaming on ThreeNow and airing on Three at 7pm Sunday-Wednesday.