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Listen: Sam Whitelock talks about his involvement in the Farmstrong mental health programme.

'Everyone's got a story to tell' - All Black's mental health crusade

Why Sam Whitelock wants to get farmers talking about their mental health.

Watch: There have been 300 reported suicides among construction workers in 10 years.

'It just exploded': Canterbury man shares depression struggle to inspire others

Like many men who suffer, he didn't open up straight away.

Watch: There have been 300 reported suicides among construction workers in 10 years.

Researcher interviewing 500 men to understand suicide in building industry

He hopes it will inform industry leaders.

Aziz - Age of Outrage: The 'harden up' mentality is detrimental to society

Men, we're killing ourselves

It's about time we started caring about our own lives, writes Aziz Al-Sa'afin

Urologist Dr Andrew Williams joined The AM Show in 2017 to discuss Blue September.

Living with prostate cancer: Support is available

"Prostate cancer doesn't mean a death sentence."

Raymond Meadows and his guide dog died after being hit by a car on Sunday morning.

Blind man and dog run over and killed

Police said there weren't any street lights and the driver didn't see them.

Watch: There have been 300 reported suicides among construction workers in 10 years.

Report reveals alarming rates of construction worker suicide in New Zealand

The findings reflect broader trends associated with male suicide in the country.

Otago researchers have made a surprising discovery which could improve survival rates for people who suffer a heart attack.

Why women are less likely to receive CPR

Research shows bystanders shy away from helping women in distress.

Tom Ray lost his limbs after contracting sepsis in 1999.

Trip to the dentist leads to UK man losing his arms and legs

"It is not the life I wanted for my children."

He was treated by micro-surgeons at Xiangya Hospital.

Man has penis chopped off during night on the town

He woke up with it hanging by "a bit of skin".

penis man

Penis enlargement surgery 'wrong on every level' - study

Be happy with what you've got, men.

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'Casualisation' of menswear blamed for Munns closure

The suit, like the tie, is going downhill quickly, the retailer says.

Lime scooters were temporarily banned in February, due to safety concerns.

Australian man dies after crashing Lime scooter in Brisbane

It's understood he is the first Australian to die on an e-scooter.

Stephen Smith.

Man denied benefits despite 'appalling' physical condition dies

Images of his thin body went viral earlier this year.

Bearded men and their dogs.

Hairy dog owners return fire at dirty beard study

It showed every sampled beard was crawling with bacteria.

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Calf implants on the rise for men

A top plastic surgeon says he gets weekly interest from "self-conscious men".

Mens Health

Revealed: The number of cigarettes in a bottle of wine

A new study has equated the cancer risk of alcohol to smoking.


Smoking big cause of pancreatic cancer - study

It's not just lung cancer you can ward off by quitting.

Watch: German shepherds Frieda and Levi are putting their noses to work.

Watch: Meet New Zealand's first cancer-sniffing dogs

Frieda and Levi love nothing more than a good sniff.

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Patrick Gower reveals 'embarrassing' reason for doctor visit

This "first-world problem" is apparently quite common.