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Watch; Finance Minister Grant Robertson discusses the baby's name with The AM Show.

Jacinda Ardern and baby to leave hospital on Sunday 20 minutes ago

She gave birth to a daughter on Thursday.

A personalised onesie is popular gift for expectant parents.

All the baby gifts Jacinda and Clarke have got so far

From Theresa May's political statement, to Hillary Clinton's slice of Kiwiana.


As it happened: PM announces birth

Jacinda Ardern has given birth to a healthy baby girl.


The definitive Newshub list of brand-new baby advice

Our newsroom mums and dads laid out the definite dos and absolute don'ts.

Women of faith protest outside the US Customs and Border Protection headquarters in Washington.

Kiwi mums organise rally against Trump's border policy

"This hits hard for everyone, but especially for parents."

Neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis says if parents seek to control their kids when they're little, those children grow up to be not very resilient.

How to spot over-protective 'helicopter parents'

A new study says they could be doing their kids actual harm.

Methamphetamine use is on the rise among young Kiwi mothers.

How meth is creating NZ's latest wave of mumpreneurs

Ex-inmates need a career choice that can match the returns and flexibility of a criminal life, writes Annah Stretton.

Methamphetamine on the rise with young mothers.

Mothers smoking meth more than ever during pregnancy

Meth-smoking mums are delivering life-long problems for at least one P-addicted baby every week.

Child Psychologist Emma Woodward told The AM Show in April that one in four children in New Zealand are reporting bullying.

Kiwi mums care more about kids fitting in than grades - report

New Zealand has some of the worst school bullying in the OECD.


Are bikinis appropriate for toddlers?

A mother has sparked a heated debate online

'Sideline spies' will keep an eye on abusive parents at children's rugby games.

'Sideline spies' to red card aggressive parents at kids' rugby

The South Canterbury Rugby Union says adults have to stop abusing young refs.

My mum: bad ass working woman since 1987.

The awesomeness of working mums

Jacinda, my mum, me and millions of others. Here's to all the late-night outta-sight hard-working ladies, writes Maggie Wicks.

"Welcome to the real world, lads," Duncan Garner says.

Garner slams gendered parenting roles

"Welcome to the real world, lads."

New dad Josh Thompson explains five things you're not doing right as a parent of a newborn.

It's 2018: Can we stop sanctifying men for basic parenting?

No matter how well-intentioned, articles about dads doing what they ought to don’t help anyone, writes Angela Cuming.


Video of man pushing boy over sparks debate online

Who do you think was in the right?

Ms Dehmlow's obituary.

Absent US mother savaged by her kids in obituary

She left her husband for his brother in 1962 - and the kids definitely aren't over it.

Krechelle Carter says people need to mind their own business.

Mother of 6 sick of being criticised for how many kids she has

She says people need to mind their own business.

Fellas - need to change your baby? Tough luck.

The subtle sexism of men's toilets

A heads up to Clarke Gayford: Need to change your baby? Bad luck.

A baby.

Don't wrap your babies in polar fleece - Plunket

The synthetic material can cause little ones to overheat.

The Human Rights Commission says working mothers deserve more from their employers.

Mums deserve better - Human Rights Commission on wage gap

It's recommended a host of changes to address the pay disparity.