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father and little daughter go to school or daycare, education

Why does my five year old have homework?

"As a parent I feel shamed if I don't do it."

The baby's muddy fingers.

Baby left on US roadside because it was 'heavy'

It was found face down, buried under a pile of sticks.


Fast food advertising targets young and disadvantaged - study

Youth are "easily influenced" and "ripe for marketing".

Jacinda Ardern filmed a Facebook Live video about the Families Package with baby Neve on her lap.

Melinda Gates praises Jacinda Ardern over parental leave

"This is what leadership looks like," says Bill Gates' philanthropist wife.

The mother-of-two has copped her fair share of criticism over her parenting.

Chrissy Teigen's comeback to breastfeeding photo criticism

The model and mother-of-two didn't take the nasty comments lying down.


Hot Insta-Mom vs Good Insta-Parent: Chrissy Teigen's dilemma

"Should I post the one where his head looks unsupported but my face looks good?"

Published in Fairfax newspapers on Monday, Mr Nisbet's cartoon responds to the government's family package, which came into effect yesterday.

Controversial cartoonist under fire for offensive cartoon

Al Nisbert accuses poor parents of milking the government's family package.

The PM interrupted her maternity leave to update the nation via Facebook.

Jacinda Ardern, baby in hand, shares 'a few thoughts from the couch'

The PM interrupted her maternity leave to update the nation via Facebook.

An AA survey has revealed the hazards Auckland parents face when walking, driving, and cycling their kids to school.

Why parents don't let their kids walk to school anymore

An AA survey reveals why fewer Kiwis do than they used to.

Paid parental leave is going up to 22 weeks.

Paid parental leave boost kicks in on Sunday

But some are saying it's too little, too late.


Father praised for heartwarming response to daughter's 'D' report card

She cried when she brought the report home.

The judge took into account the mother now suffers PTSD as a result of the incident.

Mum whose baby swallowed meth gets lenient sentence

The judge took into account she now suffers PTSD as a result of the incident.

Children sit on the floor next to a bookshelf.

Grave warning for parents as toddler crushed by falling furniture

"If the furniture's not secured... it doesn't take much for that to topple."


Livestream: Jacinda Ardern exits hospital after giving birth

The Prime Minister gave birth to her first child on Thursday.

The video has shocked viewers online.

Priest filmed slapping baby forced to retire

Father Jacques Lacroix violently hit the crying infant.

Jacinda Ardern's mother gushes over the new baby.

'Such a little cutie' - grandmother of PM's baby

She says the baby looks much more like her father.

A personalised onesie is popular gift for expectant parents.

All the baby gifts Jacinda and Clarke have got so far

From Theresa May's political statement, to Hillary Clinton's slice of Kiwiana.


As it happened: PM announces birth

Jacinda Ardern has given birth to a healthy baby girl.


The definitive Newshub list of brand-new baby advice

Our newsroom mums and dads laid out the definite dos and absolute don'ts.

Women of faith protest outside the US Customs and Border Protection headquarters in Washington.

Kiwi mums organise rally against Trump's border policy

"This hits hard for everyone, but especially for parents."