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father and little daughter go to school or daycare, education

The surprising reason kids cry when picked up from kindy

A child psychologist explains why it's normal.

Kate Hitchens breastfeeding on the train, her baby out of frame.

Breastfeeding mother complains after having to stand through train journey

Only one person offered her a seat, but it was stolen by another passenger.

Over 18 years, Kerry fronted up $64,000 in payments.

Man seeks return of child support for kid who wasn't his

Over 18 years, Kerry fronted up $64,000 in payments.


Thousands of nappies quietly donated to needy families

Plunket is celebrating a major milestone - providing half-a-million nappies.

Grandmother and granddaughter on father's day

Celebrating Father's Day without a father

For some it's not all brunching and gifts of power tools.

Baby London surrounded by the needles used to conceive her.

'I never anticipated so many needles': Baby's beautiful IVF photoshoot

"4 years, 7 attempts, 3 miscarriages and 1,616 shots."

Watch: The AM Show discusses Ms Genter's ride to hospital.

Julie Anne Genter announces birth of baby boy

She made world headlines by cycling to hospital for her induction.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern speaks to The AM Show.

Ardern reveals the extent Neve has changed her and Gayford's sleep

Things are very different now.

A baby wearing a nappy.

Experts call for an end to 'disposable' nappies

"Let's face it, a so called disposable nappy is a plastic bag filled with something."

Brad Lewis in hospital.

Aussie dad cracks skull after falling off balcony to save son

Brad Lewis plummeted off a balcony after trying to stop his son from falling.

Tua Fa'avale and his baby daughter Tahani.

Wellington dad kicked out of mall parents' room by irate mother

After being yelled at, Tua Fa'avale was forced to fetch his wife to change their baby daughter.

A sandwich.

Fill Their Lunchbox scheme closes

But others have swept in to take over feeding hungry kids.

Pregnant woman

67yo woman pregnant with twins, doctors want her to terminate

"Having a child means everything to me."


'How To DAD' takes on breastfeeding in public

"Any mum around the world should be able to chuck a boob in their baby's mouth whenever and wherever."

A rainbow flag.

Petition to ban gay conversion therapy to be presented to Parliament

Members of Parliament will accept the petition on Wednesday.


Beyoncé has a 'mommy pouch' tummy and she loves it

"I'm in no rush to get rid of it. I think it's real."

Watch: Patrick Gower and Amanda Gillies speak about the column.

Patrick Gower lashes out at 'clickbait crap' column

An op-ed told parents to stop sending their children to "factory farm" day care facilities.

Lucia was choking on a chicken nugget.

Officers save baby choking on chicken nugget

A mother's worst fear played out before her very own eyes - and a CCTV camera.

Bread - should be fortified with folic acid, scientists say.

Folic acid will save babies' lives, should be in bread - report

Ten lives a year could be saved.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has returned to Parliament.

Gayford the 'most important' stay-at-home dad in the world

A British daddy blogger says he's "carrying a torch for stay-at-home dads".