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father and little daughter go to school or daycare, education

What can we do to prevent our kids being bullied?

We need to start the conversation and intervene before it's too late.

boy eating frog cake

Dad slams supermarket for 'pathetic' frog cake

He and his wife were "mortified" when they opened the box.


School choice really matters, study finds

Researchers found some schools really do reduce the risk of kids taking up drugs and skipping classes.

Kids eating sugar on Halloween

What's really scaring parents on Halloween?

If we can let go of feeling we need to control our child's eating, we can actually enjoy the celebration with them.

Trick-or-treating kids on Halloween.

Tips to keep your kids safe on Halloween

Excited kids running around the neighbourhood can be a recipe for disaster.

Vic's Cafe shot to fame on the AM Show earlier this year, when host Duncan Garner made it his mission to help them sell 100,000  cream horns.

'So damn PC': Kiwi café slams men's changing table suggestion

"We endeavour to create an atmosphere of times gone by, when mums changed their babies."


Mother's sunscreen warning to parents

Her son's body turned red, irritable and itchy just hours after using the cream.

Nadia Lim with River.

The cutest Kiwi pregnancy announcements from 2018

A symbolic picture on Instagram is the way stars make the big announcement.

Breast cancer survivor and Kiwi label to create mastectomy-friendly swimsuits

'No breastfeeding zone' - Cancer survivor's powerful hospital sign

Meghan Koziel physically can't breastfeed and doesn't want to be asked about it.

Simon Bridges has vehemently defended his comments about Asian candidates.

Simon Bridges' mum says he 'wasn't brought up' to swear

Another MP's mum has waded into the National Party omni-crisis.

Get up close to the animals at Ambury Farm this long weekend.

What to do with the kids this long weekend

Are your wallets empty after the school holidays? Nevermind, here are five free activities for families.

Five-month-old Cleo Hammil-Girling died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Infant dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome after rolling onto her front

The UK mum was told she is not at fault.

children's birthday party

Shocked mother charged $51 for daughter to attend birthday party

She's turned to other mums for advice, and they're not happy.


Would you give your baby a tag to ward off strangers?

Parents have started labelling their babies to keep them germ-free.


Parents worse off without smacking - Garner

"It's much harder to discipline your kids now... and they run rings around you."


Smacking prosecution likely result of 'over energetic' police officer - expert

A Picton father was taken to court for smacking his 4yo.

Nadia Lim

Kiwi chef Nadia Lim opens up about dramatic home birth

The Kiwi chef gave birth to her new son on a plastic backpack liner on the floor.

Ritchyrd and Jess Hirst (not pictured) are sticking to their guns.

Snot, vomit and broken scissors: Auckland salon digs in on child price hikes

An online uproar hasn't deterred HAiR Salon from charging kids the same as adults.

The difficult adoption process is pushing infertile Kiwi parents overseas.

Toni Street calls for adoption law overhaul

The broadcaster and her husband are not legally considered parents of their biological son.

An autopsy discovered the druag in his system.

Parents arrested after baby ingests meth

An autopsy discovered the drug in his system.