Parenting News

The difficult adoption process is pushing infertile Kiwi parents overseas.

Woman's adopted kids turn out to be siblings

And now she plans to take on a third baby from the same birth mother.

Toilet training toddlers can be a daunting task.

Mum's genius potty training hack goes viral

Some have called her method "extreme".

Vaccines work - but many don't trust them.

The ridiculous hoaxes parents keep falling for

These fads actually put children's health at risk.

WATCH: Chang proposes to Victoria at Mount Smart Stadium in 2015.

Chang from The Edge announces he's got a baby on the way

A stadium proposal, a Vegas wedding - now, a new addition to the family.

Mummy blogger Abby Plested speaks out about getting rid of dog to "take the stress out" of her life.

Mummy blogger refuses to stop writing about child, despite pleas

"Promising not to write about her anymore would mean shutting down a vital part of myself."

ACT leader David Seymour says prisoners can't just "jizz in a cup" and expect to become fathers.

Woman meets boyfriend decade after he fathered her children

Their first daughter was born in 2005, but they didn't meet until much, much later.


Video shows adult 'fat-shaming' toddler

"What they need to do is stop feeding you."


Family-friendly ways to spend New Year's Eve

Spending New Year's with the little ones? Here's what's on offer.

Jacinda Ardern talks to RadioLIVE.

Jacinda Ardern's lowlight of 2018 was politics

One guess what her highlight was.

Watch: 'Elsagate' involved popular children's characters in disturbing videos.

YouTube faces new wave of fetish videos

Mothers are monetising their children with disturbing content some say is exploitative.

Watch: Jesse Mulligan says we need to take ownership of what porn's doing to NZ kids.

Parents, don't be embarrassed to talk to your kids about porn

Amanda Hargreaves shares her top tips on discussing the taboo topic.

Santa on his sleigh pulled by 8 reindeer in front of a large moon and fog.

Why you might spot Santa flying in his sleigh tonight

Okay, it's not actually him - but your kids don't need to know that.

The difficulties of dating while Transgender.

UK primary school to teach that boys can have periods

It's part a new, non-gendered sex education programme.

Watch: Duncan Garner bashes Nelson's Māori Santa.

The age kids give up on Santa revealed

A new study's pinpointed the exact age most kids realise they've been lied to their entire lives.

Female, senior adult doctor, latin descent little girl patient in pediatrician's office, medical clinic or hospital.  The doctor gives the child a vaccine.

Mother rages after unvaccinated daughter uninvited from party

She couldn't understand why, even though a child with leukaemia was going to be there.

Jeanne Snelling on The AM Show.

'Morally wrong' not to use GE in some cases - Kiwi expert

A bioethics professor thinks Chinese scientist He Jiankui went too far, but there is a good case for genetic engineering.

Children sitting in front of a window.

Mother's ridiculous babysitter requirements mocked online

She had a 14-point list of necessities for prospective applicants.

Newshub's children's panel reviews the top toys of 2018.

The most popular toys this Christmas

Looking for the perfect pressie for your little one? Look no further.

Matt Cox follows his daughter on her walk to school.

Father makes 10yo daughter walk 8km to school as punishment for bullying

Kirsten had to make her way to school in freezing Ohio temperatures on foot.


Blocking porn from kids only part of the solution - Chief Censor

David Shanks believes it's yet to be seen whether proper regulation of porn is achievable.