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How to talk to your kids about terrorism

"Children will be going to school this week where some of their classmates might not be there."

The Project host Jesse Mulligan delivered a clear message to so-called anti-vaxxers.

Not vaccinating your kids is a form of child abuse

Stupidity is not against the law but parents who don't vaccinate should be held accountable, writes Mark Longley.

A hand holding a cigarette.

Smoking during pregnancy linked to obesity, shorter height

The more mum smokes, the bigger the risks.


How to raise resilient children

Sometimes parents' efforts to keep children safe are detrimental in the long run.

Donna Awatere Huata speaks to The AM Show.

School Strike 4 Climate 'not a day off'

The Māori climate commissioner says they're "actually making a stand".

WATCH: Porn study reveals Kiwi teens 'uncomfortable' with what they see.

Mums make porn for kids after being 'horrified' by online videos

The UK mothers star in new TV show, Mums Make Porn.

WATCH: Vegan to walk the length of NZ barefoot in protest of landlord's decision on cow's milk.

Vegans angry after health service offers free cow's milk to new mothers

They've dubbed the 'Healthy Start' programme "discriminatory".

Watch: 'I'm a mother, not a superwoman,' Jacinda Ardern tells UK media

Ardern on living up to the 'weight of expectation' in her role

She also spoke to NEXT about motherhood, and said the PM "isn't allowed a chest".

WATCH: Napier woman Chrystal Alatasi told The Project she saved two babies from a sweltering car after finding them "crying and distraught".

Mum slammed for leaving 5yo home alone with oven on

She argues he was "perfectly capable" of fending for himself.

Watch: The world's biggest video-sharing site was flooded with disturbing videos featuring child favourites in 2017.

A week without the YouTube Kids app

A week without the YouTube Kids app


Matilda Green shares ultrasound image of first baby

"It has a head! And limbs!"


Outrage over 'cheesing' internet trend

Because it's 2019, parents are chucking cheese at their kids' faces for fun.

Video of the incident.

Watch: Australian mum cops hefty fine for driving with child on roof rack

She reached speeds of up to 100km/h.

Watch: Gillette's latest ad was labelled the latest attack in a "war against men" by some.

'Nurture your boys': Kiwi survivor's plea to 'stop the cycle' of sexual assault

"All perpetrators were once victims. If we want to eliminate perpetrators, we must first heal victims."

There were fears an unvaccinated student may start a measles outbreak in Dunedin last week.

Measles case puts hundreds of Aucklanders at risk

The health authority is contacting patients who may have been exposed.


The mental load mums carry is exhausting

One person is expected to make the household tick - and I'm exhausted, writes Rhonwyn Newson.

A child sleeps in a bed, wearing pink pyjamas.

Parents' sleep still disrupted by children six years after birth - study

Mothers were found to lose the most sleep.

WATCH: Parents told to worry less about their children's screen time.

People with children live longer than those without - study

And surprisingly, it's because of all those germs.

Children's charity Variety New Zealand says back to school costs are limiting Kiwi kids' future success.

Thousands of Kiwi kids struggling to lead a happy life - report

It found many experience racism, discrimination and violence.

Watch; Auckland University professor Dr Bodo Lang discusses the science behind toy fads

Aussie mum ridiculed for being outraged by toy lion having a penis

"She's had five kids surely she can't be offended by a willy?"