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Watch: Simplicity managing founder Sam Stubbs spoke to The AM Show about the Reserve Bank's proposal.

Reserve Bank proposal would hit mortgages, academic warns

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says it's about "striking a balance".

Watch: It's not hard to make more money in KiwiSaver.

Kiwis running out of time for Government KiwiSaver top-up

A basic mistake means people could miss out on a $521 rebate.

Mark Hollingsworth on The AM Show.

Kiwis are more suspicious of salespeople than they used to be

A new survery has found growing distrust in salespeople and protections for buyers.

Watch: The Reserve Bank announces the cut to the official cash rate.

Exactly how much you could save on your mortgage with the OCR cut

It could be thousands of dollars.

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell says those with money in KiwiSaver shouldn't "mess" with their accounts.

The $500 a week reason KiwiSaver is better than Lotto

You're far more likely to have a decent retirement if you do the boring thing and save.

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How to avoid the financial stress Christmas brings

One in five Kiwis can't afford Christmas, the Salvation Army revealed.

It's not hard to make more money in KiwiSaver.

The common KiwiSaver mistake that could cost you a fortune

It could cost you anywhere between $300,000 and $1 million. Luckily, it's easy to fix.

Diane Maxwell on The AM Show.

Don't mess with your KiwiSaver - Retirement Commissioner

KiwiSavers are being urged not to panic in the face of market drops.

The chances of winning lotto are very slim.

$7.2m Lotto win still unclaimed a week on

The winner of last Wednesday's Powerball prize remains none the wiser.

PaySauce hopes it will stop payday lenders burying people under debt.

New service lets you spend your salary - before payday

PaySauce hopes it will stop payday lenders burying people under debt.

He has one simple piece of advice for how to protect yourself.

Rich Dad Poor Dad author warns 'biggest crash' hurtling towards us

He has one simple piece of advice for how to protect yourself.

Would you take financial advice from a robot?

Robot investment advice arrives using Kiwi technology

Would you take financial advice from a robot?

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Getting control of your spending

Finance guru Hannah McQueen spoke to The AM Show.

Investing in tech start-ups can be extremely lucrative if you hit the jackpot.

Get Rich or Die Tryin': Personal finance expert's top tips

Invest in unicorns - but watch out for AIDS goats.

Diane Maxwell on The AM Show.

Most 65-year-olds don't want to retire - Retirement Commissioner

Diane Maxwell says we need to stop thinking about 65 as the 'retirement' age.


Bright light linked to bad financial decisions

Could this be why shoppers at malls are bathed in a constant, bright white light?

Raise kids who know how to budget like a boss.

How to raise rich kids - even when you're not

You need $12 a week and a F**k Off Fund.

A NZ house in Auckland

Housing debt risk to NZ economy

Moody's has reaffirmed NZ's AAA credit rating, but warned falling house prices could undo it all.

An elderly woman (iStock)

Grey Power slams calls to raise superannuation age

Grey Power says calls to raise the superannuation age are "reprehensible".

Diane Maxwell (The Nation)

'No-brainer' to lift retirement age, tighten eligibility - Retirement Commissioner

The Retirement Commissioner says increasing the age of superannuation is a "no-brainer", but the Government's adamant there's no need to do anything.

Feeling richer? You might just be working longer (Getty)

Longer hours at work boost pay packets

Pay packets are rising at their fastest rate since 2007, but it's partly because we're working longer hours.

The survey found a majority of working females experience stress for more than half of their week (file)

Cost of living, housing stressing out young Kiwis

A survey has revealed at least 60 percent of us stress out at least once a week over finances, heath and job security.

Encourage your children to think about how their savings will compound over time (Getty)

Tips to get your kids saving money

It is Money Week. Here are three tips for helping your kids to become smarter about saving and the value of a dollar.

Personal Finance

How to save money and still have fun

It is Money Week, so here are some tips for ways you can save some cash without taking all the fun out of your life.

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Retirement: How much will I need?

There is no one answer to the question of how much we need to save for our retirement. It all depends on what sort of retirement lifestyle we hope to have.

Personal Finance

Harmoney to admit Fair Trading Act breaches

Peer-to-peer money lender Harmoney is being charged with misleading consumers into thinking they had been pre-approved for a personal loan.

Paula Bennett (Simon Wong/Newshub.)

Motel rooms a 'prison' for homeless kids

Darryl Evans, chief of the in-demand Mangere Budgeting Services, says it's time to stop "throwing stones" at parents struggling to feed their kids.

Opposition parties and NGOs have heaped scorn on Paula Bennett's plans (Getty)

Few homeless able to take up offer - expert

The Government's being told there's no point in paying homeless people $5000 to leave Auckland if there's no support available to them where they end up.

Among those surveyed, 55 percent reckoned they will need $400 to $600 a week, after tax, to live on (Getty)

KiwiSaver goals unclear for most - survey

Do you know how much you will have actually saved by the time you stop working? A new survey suggests many KiwiSavers have no idea whether they are saving enough.

Ms Connors has been bankrupt, battled with depression and endured domestic violence

Staying fabulous in the face of failure

Nikki Connors, the self-crowned queen of the New Zealand property market, wants others to know how she bounced back from bankruptcy and depression.