Scribe gets support from King Kapisi

  • 20/11/2011

Rapper Scribe is getting tweets of support from fellow hip hop musician King Kapisi after his weekend arrest in Wellington.

But Scribe's claims that his arrest was racially motivated and triggered by loud rapping in the street are being challenged by police who say the singer was aggressive and threatening.

Scribe, whose real name is Malo Luafutu, was arrested for disorderly behaviour in Courtenay Place early on Saturday morning and was later released with a warning.

He took to social media after his arrest, writing on Facebook that he'd been "arrested illegally tonight for rapping".

Echoing the case of Tiki Taane - the rapper who was arrested for singing "F**k the Police" in front of officers but was later had charges against him dropped - Luafutu implied police had overreacted.

"I was dissing the police in my freestyle and their ego couldn't handle it," he wrote.

"The cop tried to stop me from rapping. I said: 'Your eyes are dilated and you're chewing that gum hard out. Have you been smoking P?'

"Nek munnutt ... I'm under arrest and they arrest my cousin who was protesting against it. Half an hour later they let us go ..."

Kapisi has come out in support of the rapper, posting on Twitter: "WTF?? Now our peoples @scribe are getting arrested 4 Freestyling??" This is some Stoopid ignorant Sh*t!"

He added: "ARREST ME NOW!I freestyle everyday!"

But police are standing by claims the arrest was triggered by more than his freestyle songs.

Acting Wellington area commander Detective Inspector Stephen Vaughan said Luafutu "was heavily intoxicated and his behaviour was aggressive and threatening".

"I can understand people making excuses for their behaviour, but I am really disappointed that Mr Luafutu has raised allegations of racism, which was certainly not the case," he told The Dominion Post.


source: newshub archive