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Game of Thrones season 7 trailer

"If we don't put aside our enmities and bound together, we will die - and then it won't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne."

as Donatella Versace in American Crime Story

Penelope Cruz in hot American Crime Story pic

The first image of TV show about Gianni Versace's murder... is quite something.

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The Bachelor's saddest moments

Bel's tears, Claudia's sobs, Nina's cries... get the tissues ready.

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Was this The Bachelor NZ's cattiest moment?

A nasty, previously unseen argument between the women.

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It was 'weird' seeing Lily kiss Zac - Viarni

"You don't get together on a Friday and say, 'Let's watch each other pash each other's boyfriend'."

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It was always going to be Viarni

Zac admits she was the only girl he could see himself falling in love with.

Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer, 2008

NZ meth cooks going 'Breaking Bad' in camper vans

Police are finding fewer clandestine laboratories in houses.

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Bachelor final recap: This is the end

Zac made his choice and handed Viarni the ring, choosing to let Lily stay free.

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Bachelor winner predictions: Viarni or Lily?

Ranking who's better looking, who's funnier... and who will get the final rose.

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'Incredibly shocking' teen rape drama sickens viewers

Some had to turn the "heartbreaking" and "devastating" BBC show off.

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Claudia responds to fan theories on why Zac ditched her

Was it lack of Harry Potter knowledge or elephant trickery that led to her coming third?

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The best and worst of the Bachelorettes' loved ones

From Viarni's full-on dad to Lily's claws-out mum, Zac's encounters with family have been power ranked.

The cast of Arrested Development (Netflix/supplied)

Bateman signs up for more Arrested Development

There's always money in the banana stand - and more episodes of Arrested Development, it seems.

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First look: Top of the Lake season 2

The trailer gives us a look at Nicole Kidman and Gwendoline Christie in their new roles.

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Riots, drama and joy in new Orange is the New Black trailer

The prisoners have suffered enough abuse and rise up in the intense clip.

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Hannah 'can't see' The Bachelor picking Claudia

She, like Lily, doesn't understand what they have in common.

The cast of Friends (NBC)

Still on a break: Friends hoax fools thousands

A social media post shared 300,000 times suggested the hit comedy was coming back next year.

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Twin Peaks teaser out ahead of reboot

The show's cult following finally has something to salivate over ahead of its return this month.

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I'm not 'a prize to be won' - Bachelor Zac

He says despite 19 girls vying for his affections, he's got as much skin in the game as they do.

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The Bachelor's Bel responds to last night's brutal decision

She also has plans for another cat.