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prem baby

The minute that could save a prem baby's life

Dozens of Kiwi babies could be saved every year, new research has found, with a simple change.

Watch: Duncan Garner has apologised to the kids he bullied at school.

Auckland school 'doing nothing' to stop boy's bullies - stepdad

He says his stepson has been bullied for over two years and the school has failed to stop it.

The 'Kelvin' tattoo.

Child's name changed to match tattoo typo

The tattooist laughed and offered her a refund - but she had a better idea.

There are loopholes in NZ's parental leave laws.

Men should take more paternity leave - report

It could help to close the gender pay gap.

Sad teenager. Problems at school. Grief boy

When to intervene on a parent disciplining a child

A child psychologist gives advice on when and how you should step in.

The Little Bistro restaurant went child-free after numerous complaints from diners and an incident where a child injured a staff member.

Akaroa bistro bans children from restaurant

The move came after complaints from diners and an incident where a child injured a waitress.

After sending three-year-old Lachie to his room for time out, Ms Gribble realised he had jumped out the window.

Kiwi mum calls police over son's tantrum

After sending him to his room for time out, she realised he had jumped out the window.

They've even interviewed Newshub's very own Mike McRoberts.

'Rad Dads' building online community for Kiwi dads

Being a parent can be tricky business - so the pair are putting together a community for other dads.

The UK says four is an appropriate age for sex education to begin.

Controversial Aussie sex education book splits parents

Is this really appropriate to put in a children's book section?


Mums worse off after divorce - report

A whopping 73 percent of mums end up worse off after a break-up or divorce.

Many working parents need flexible work hours or to work from home during school holidays.

Parents need flexible work hours to cope with childcare

A new survey shows more than a third of businesses allow staff to work away from the office.

The Parenting Place's Dave Atkinson on when parents should talk to kids about sex.

How to have the sex talk with your kids

It shouldn't be 'the talk' so much as a topic of on-going discussion, writes Louisa Woods.

Onehunga War Memorial Pool has already closed 29 times this year due to poo and vomit-related incidents.

Auckland's poo and vomit-ridden public pools revealed

The worst-hit were Onehunga War Memorial Pool and Pakuranga's Elsmore Pool.

Jenner's hair for Coachella.

Kylie Jenner shamed for attending Coachella

Her daughter Stormi was born two months ago.


Yellow Wiggle pulls out of tour with endometriosis

She's headed to hospital to have surgery for the chronic condition.

The spider.

Aussie mum's reaction to finding a huge spider in her car goes viral

"Kids, we need to go out of the car. We need to burn this car."

Peanut butter and jam. Bad?

Internet mums savage child's peanut butter sandwich snack

A mother gave her child a sandwich in public, and there was outrage.

Adam Robb

Struggling father gets surprising response to vulnerable moment

"Never thought I'd ask this and wish I didn't have to, but does anyone know any single dad groups?"


Mum gets apology after being told she can't breastfeed in mall

The Porirua mall manager says she's "incredibly sorry".

The makeup set had been labelled "harmless" and "non-toxic".

Toddler suffers severe allergic reaction to cheap makeup

The makeup set had been labelled "harmless" and "non-toxic".