Parenting News

"Frilly undie crowd: put your pad and pens down," Richardson said.

'Motherhood is not a job' - Mark Richardson

"We raise children on this planet. Don't call it a job."

The baby.

Baby found crawling in middle of busy New York road

Footage of their discovery has now resulted in the mother's arrest.

Bryan Thornhill took a video from inside his car of his 10-year-old son running outside in the rain on the way to school.

Father makes son walk to school after he bullied kids on school bus

"Teach your kids. Don't be a friend - be a parent. That's what children need."


Difficult adoption process pushing infertile Kiwi parents overseas

Adoptions have dropped here by 98 percent in the last 30 years.

Ms Arroyo with three of her newly-discovered siblings.

Daughter of sperm donor tracks down 40 siblings

She's even discovered two sisters in New Zealand.

Transgender health is a relatively new frontier for scientific research.

Transgender woman breastfeeds baby in world first

She used a breast pump to stimulate production.


Man leaves 5yo son in car in 40degC to play pokies

A passing parking attendant noticed the boy, gave the car a ticket and moved on.


Child rescued from inside claw machine

He really wanted that toy.

The Schwandt family.

Michigan couple expecting 14th child after 13 boys

The Schwandts have 13 sons but are waiting until the birth to find out the sex of their 14th child.

A principal has condemned parents smoking weed while they wait for their children at the school gates.

Primary school principal condemns parents smoking weed at school gates

She sent a stern letter home when she learned parents were passing joints in the playground.


Toilet humour triumphs at London Toy Fair

The poo-themed toys are taking the market by storm.

Judith Collins has some tips for Jacinda Ardern.

Collins' 'motherly advice' for Ardern

The PM will be "constantly striving to be perfect" - but she doesn't have to be.


If uniforms are compulsory, should they also be free?

Fitting out a year 11 boy at one Auckland school could cost $674.

The text Macie sent to O2.

Girl's desperate plea to cell phone provider for more data

Her provider responded, but not in the way she was hoping.


Woman dies before meeting baby, carried by best friend

Her husband will now raise their son alone.


Kids create enormous 'bubble igloo' in bath

And science is here to tell you how.


Advice for Clarke Gayford on how to be a stay-at-home dad

First and foremost, let's stop calling it 'stay-at-home', says Mark Longley.

The research found that vitamin D deficiency rates were "very high" evident in 65 percent of mothers and 76 percent of infants.

New Zealand women and babies at risk from lack of vitamin D

Deficiency rates much higher in the South Island, research finds.

Jacinda Ardern's interview with More FM may have revealed a little more than she expected.

Did Ardern let slip the sex of her baby?

The PM may have accidentally given up the country's biggest secret.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has hit back at a UK columnist who said she's betraying voters by being pregnant.

Ardern defends herself against columnist's stinging pregnancy attack

"All we can do is prove that this job is incredibly important to us."