Parenting News


'Special' Kiwi grandparents raise disabled teen

Thousands of Kiwi grandparents are having to step up and raise their grandchildren.

Rebecca Bredow says it's her choice not to have her son vaccinated.

Mum jailed for refusing to get son vaccinated

She said it was against her religious beliefs, but the court said too bad.

School kids

Parents want life skills taught at school

Two-thirds of NZ parents want life and social skills taught at school, a new study has found.

Watch as the man pulls up outside Rechelle Haigh's home in Manchester.

Creepy footage shows 'suspicious' man in van offering girls doughnuts

A mother has posted footage of the alarming incident.


Mum attacked online for asking what to make husband for lunch

She was called a 'slave' and '1950s housewife'.

Father playing with baby boy

Kiwi fathers encouraged to stand up to shamers

Rad Dads founder insists they should continue to use parenting rooms until that's considered normal.

Fathers shouldn't be shamed when they parent their kids

Fathers shouldn't be dad-shamed for parenting their kids

Parenting should be about both mothers and fathers, Mark Sainsbury writes.


Boy's vision impaired by obscure diet of meat, potatoes and Cheerios

The Canadian boy also ate apples and cucumber.


School threatens to ban parents

The Auckland school's board of trustees doesn't want parents badmouthing them on social media.


Policewoman breastfeeds suspect's baby

The baby was causing a disturbance in the court while the mother was on trial for fraud.

The study found a connection between the production of prolactin and parental instinct.

Study finds hormone triggers motherly instinct

The hormone which stimulates milk production has also been found to trigger motherly instincts.

Close-up of a woman holding a bowl with freshly harvested vegetables

NZ study says home life key to fighting obesity

It says healthy habits learned in the home can help fight obesity.


Labour promises 100 extra nurses for vulnerable families

An extra $10 million a year will be targeted at 18,000 families.


Toddler forced to smoke marijuana by teen parents

Video shows the little girl swaying, apparently intoxicated.


World's first 'Muslim Barbie' wears hijab, recites Quran

The doll, called Jenna, is designed to help girls learn about Islam.

Sunday is Father's Day.

Nine years on from the infamous Father's Day call

It was a radio competition that became a legend.

National's spokesperson for women Paula Bennett says the policy recognises the role of both parents.

Labour hits back at National's parental leave policy

National would increase paid leave to 22 weeks, but Labour wants it to be 26.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg welcomed her second daughter to the world with an open letter.

Zuckerberg welcomes second child with open letter

His wife Priscilla Chan gave birth to their daughter in August.

The father denounced the 'sexist' signs in a supermarket car park.

Canadian father denounces 'sexist' supermarket signs

He says it's "blatant sexism".

DiGeronimo covered her ears as her daughter screamed.

How young is too young to pierce a child's ears?

An Australian reality television star has been blasted after piercing the ears of her 3-month-old daughter.