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Adorable little boy, sitting in a book store, looking at books

Why are NZ children struggling to read?

Literacy rates for Kiwi kids have plummeted in global rankings.

One in four Kiwi teenage girls were asked for naked pictures in the last year.

Quarter of Kiwi girls asked for nudes in last year

New research into NZ teen ‘sexting’ habits reveals asking for naked pictures is common.


Kiwi mum leaves children home alone to travel overseas

She told her pre-teen girl through a text that she was leaving.


Australian tribunal had to name baby girl after parents couldn't agree

Both parents wanted her to have only their last name.


NZ mothers fall short of breastfeeding guidelines

Kiwis aren't meeting the international guide for the length of time babies should be breastfed.

Car driver

New father killed in crash after sleepless nights

A coroner suspects he may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Elsa features in many of the disturbing clips alongside Spider-Man, the Hulk and the Joker.

Elsagate: The sick YouTube videos targeting your kids

Violent, sexual and disturbing videos starring Spider-Man, Peppa Pig and Elsa have flooded the site.


Mum offers son up to work for free as punishment

She took action after he was suspended from school.

A father has been criticised by users on a parenting forum for taking his daughter into the women's bathrooms.

Dad slammed for taking his daughter into women's loo

Parenting forum users said fathers should take their daughters into the men's.

Cherrilee Fuller is an inspiration.

Kiwi mum focused on the future

Cherylee Fuller has set up her own photography business while bringing up her tamariki - on her own.

Close up of elementary student typing text message on smart phone while sitting at the desk in the classroom.

Warnings of paedophilia on apps marketed at children

There is nothing to stop adults joining the apps.

Baby Robin Keefer (left) was killed and her father (right) has been charged by police over her death.

Toddler finds gun, shoots and kills baby sister

She found her father's gun under a bed.


Kiwi woman looking for mothers to donate breast milk to 'Wet Fridge'

The project aims to help low income mothers who cannot breastfeed.

people, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, gay and love concept - close up of  happy lesbian couple holding hands over rainbow flag background

Discrimination harms children, not same-sex parents - study

A new comprehensive review proves that same-sex parents harming kids is just a myth.


'Special' Kiwi grandparents raise disabled teen

Thousands of Kiwi grandparents are having to step up and raise their grandchildren.

Rebecca Bredow says it's her choice not to have her son vaccinated.

Mum jailed for refusing to get son vaccinated

She said it was against her religious beliefs, but the court said too bad.

School kids

Parents want life skills taught at school

Two-thirds of NZ parents want life and social skills taught at school, a new study has found.

Watch as the man pulls up outside Rechelle Haigh's home in Manchester.

Creepy footage shows 'suspicious' man in van offering girls doughnuts

A mother has posted footage of the alarming incident.


Mum attacked online for asking what to make husband for lunch

She was called a 'slave' and '1950s housewife'.

Father playing with baby boy

Kiwi fathers encouraged to stand up to shamers

Rad Dads founder insists they should continue to use parenting rooms until that's considered normal.