Parenting News

DiGeronimo covered her ears as her daughter screamed.

How young is too young to pierce a child's ears?

An Australian reality television star has been blasted after piercing the ears of her 3-month-old daughter.

The AM Show discusses if it's OK to ask Jacinda Ardern about her baby plans.

'Ignore the sexist attack and get on with the job'

Helen Clark says the "sexist" questions about Jacinda Ardern's baby plans have to stop.

Amy Fabbrini is fighting to get custody of her kids back.

Low IQ parents lose custody of kids

A US couple has been deemed not intelligent enough to look after their own children.


Mum under fire on Facebook for piercing baby's ears

People are calling it "cruel" and "barbaric".

Beth Houlbrooke.

ACT deputy suggests waiting until 40s to have kids

Can't afford babies now? Wait until your late 30s or early 40s or get those eggs frozen, says ACT's deputy.

Second-born children are more likely to be troublemakers.

Second-borns are troublemakers - study

Younger siblings are more likely to misbehave than their older brothers and sisters - but why?

David Seymour says too many children are being born into poverty.

People who can't afford children shouldn't have them - ACT

The party says Labour's Best Start scheme is "paying people to have babies".

Talk to children first, Dr Anna Martin says.

Ask 'naughty' kids for their side of the story - expert

She says parents shouldn't discipline at all without first hearing their child's version of events.

Child getting smacked

Many Kiwi parents still smack their children - study

One in 12 mothers also frequently "exploded with anger" at their children.

Kori Doty and their baby Searyl.

Could this be the world's first 'genderless' baby?

The baby's parent wants the infant to make its own decision about its gender.

Reena and Sandeep Mander will now be looking to overseas adoption agencies, and taking their case to court.

UK Sikh couple told they can't adopt white baby

They were turned down due to their "cultural heritage".

Snap Map in action.

Snapchat's 'Snap Map': How to stay safe

Police are warning parents to disable Snapchat's scarily accurate mapping feature in their kids' phones.

Cape Town, South Africa,Young school girl gets her hair messed around by high school female bullies against locker

What to do when your child is the bully

It's every parent's worst nightmare. Here's how to deal with it.


Meet NZ Police's new mother-daughter cop duo

Imagine catching criminals - with your mother.

A child is put in time out.

The simple parenting mistakes that will give you a spoiled brat

A family therapist says what kids need is a taste of reality.

The graphic cartoons have been spotted on the YouTube Kids app. (Getty)

'Sinister' cartoons leak onto kid's YouTube app

Graphic videos disguised as children's shows are now circulating on a 'family-friendly' platform.


'The odds are stacked against us' - the support group for dads

The group has become a window into the sometimes-acrimonious world of divorce.

Little girl with curly hair sits on grass and cries into her arms.

Bedwetting a genetic problem - research

A new survey suggests children whose parents wet the bed are more likely to be bedwetters themselves.


Greens make election pitch to parents

It'll include a $220/week payment and a free baby pod for newborns.


Parents, please don't share your birth photos

The trend of sharing photos of you and your baby after birth is gross