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A Paris flat was left in a state of disrepair after she let it out on Airbnb to a Canadian renter.

Paris flat 'trashed' by Airbnb renter

The renter reportedly left rubbish everywhere and even used the bed as a toilet.

Authorities discovered the bomb near a university campus in the city centre.

Huge WWII bomb defused in Frankfurt

About 60,000 people were ordered to leave the city.

Record-low Emirates fare to Europe.

Record-low Emirates fare to Europe

The increasing number of Kiwis travelling to Europe will be thrilled.

The supermarket said it wanted to confront racism.

German supermarket removes all international products for a day

The Hamburg supermarket said it wanted to confront racism.

German police have seized around 5000 ecstasy tablets shaped like US President Donald Trump's head.

German police seize 5000 ecstasy pills shaped like Trump's head

The little orange pills had a street value of more than NZD$63,000.

At least 11 were killed and 35 injured when the tree fell on Tuesday.

Falling tree kills 11 at Portugal festival

The tree toppled into worshipping crowds during a religious festival.

Eggs are packed to be sold at a poultry farm in Wortel near Antwerp, Belgium.

Contaminated eggs now in 17 countries

Insecticide fipronil is used to get rid of fleas, lice and ticks in animals - it's not supposed to be eaten.


Brits in Europe might lose freedom to travel

The EU has proposed only allowing Britons living in the bloc to remain in their country of residence.


UK prepping for £40 billion Brexit payout

Sources say they're prepared to pay that much, but the EU apparently wants more.

People having fun playing with a water sprinkler in Krakow's Main Square

Heat wave leaves Europe sweltering

It's fanned forest fires, triggered weather warning alerts and damaged crops - and left two dead.

Legal experts say the overhaul violates the constitution.

Huge protests sweep Poland

The government is facing accusations of authoritarian rule.

An excavation in Australia has discovered humans arrived 65,000 years ago.

Humans arrived in Australia much earlier than first thought

New evidence shows humans arrived 65,000 years ago.


Two die after 6.7 quake hits Aegean Sea

Greek and Turkish officials reported the deaths.

Kate, William and Angela Merkel.

Royals accused of trying to 'smile Brexit away'

Prince William and his wife Kate have met German Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of the Brexit move.

Donald Trump ecstasy pills hit Europe, promising to make partying great again

Donald Trump ecstasy pills hit Europe

The MDMA tablets "make partying great again", according to a dark web advertiser.

 People hold a poster showing the image of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish leader promises return of death penalty

A defiant President Tayyip Erdogan has stepped up his attack on the European Union.

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel.

Brexit inspired Merkel to fight for Europe

European Union membership is one of Germany's biggest strengths, she said.

Second-born children are more likely to be troublemakers.

Second-borns are troublemakers - study

Younger siblings are more likely to misbehave than their older brothers and sisters - but why?

Trump and Putin went well over time during their one-on-one meeting.

G20: Putin glowing over US-Russia ties

Putin was confident Trump accepted his claims Russia did not meddle in the US election.

EasyJet plane generic

Pilot takes vote on whether to fly with a faulty engine

Passengers cried, vomited and had panic attacks.